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Sunday, December 18, 2011

12-18-11 Ride to Weatherford

Diana text me this morning and ask if we wanted to ride since we are supposed to have another mild day. Of course we are up for it. They get to the house about 11:45 and we are off.   I have wanted to check out an antique store in Weatherford so we head there.  Lunch is first thing on our things yo do.   We head to Benchwarmers to eat.  The ride to Weatherford was OK. We have a pretty stiff wind out of the south, and we have a lot of cloud cover, so I thought it was a bit cool. Have to say the heated seat is really nice. I just should have worn my electric gloves. I heard on the radio it was 54 degrees but it was a cold 54. Lunch was OK, but as Diana and I were talking as we walked out, I don't think I would get the fajitas again. All I can say is " suspicious meat". LOL We head over to the antique store and walk through it. Glad I got that out of my system. Really had some cool stuff, but nothing I felt needed to come home with me.  Back on the road and we are going to stop at the tea store and have some tea to finish our day.  We walk into Tao and Pei is happy to see us. She'd seen the bikes as we came down the street and she wondered if it was us. I tried strawberry milk tea this time. It was good. We get home a little before 5 I think. Had a good time even if it was cold.  Thanks for the invite Diana.  :)

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