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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec. 17th and 57 degrees=Ride Ginger

Today was a great day.  The wind was pretty mild, and it was time to get Ginger out and give her a spin.  Tom called and we met him at Pop's.  Sat around for awhile and decide to ride to the Leather Shop that is in Arcadia.  I don't understand why that little area couldn't make it that used to have the restaurant, but it didn't and now it is just wasting away.  The leather shop didn't have anything we needed, but the guy that runs it was really nice.  Wonder how long he will be able to stay in business.
Tom leads us into Guthrie via Sooner Road.  As we are almost back into Edmond, I am trying to zip my jacket on up, and  the darn zipper breaks.
 This really makes me mad, as I had just bought this jacket.  The main reason I even bought a new one was that the Harley jacket that I have been wearing for the last 4 yrs. had the same thing happen.  I was trapped in it, and I just don't do that very well.  Making a stop at Braums in Guthrie, I tell Chuck about my zipper.  The more I thought about it, I was getting a bit uncomfortable thinking I might be stuck in this jacket forever.  Tom goes out to his bike and finds a piece of metal, and Chuck is able to unzip the jacket and get me out of it.  With the jacket off, Chuck is able to get the rest of the zipper pull out of the area that he needs to put the piece of metal.  What a mess.  I am just not supposed to be able to zip my jacket I guess.  I wore my new chaps that Chuck got me while we were in Galveston.  First pair of insulated ones.  They are really nice.  Kept my legs quite warm.
 As we turn down Highway 4 towards home, there is a really nice sunset so I had to take a picture.  Just another bonus to a nice afternoon ride.  So glad we were able to get out today.  Wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not.  Chucks work was about to drive him crazy.  So glad they were able to get the problem fixed without him having to drive to Duncan.
We also met Jennifer earlier today and picked up the ham for the people we are helping for Christmas.  That finishes up everything for them, so tomorrow Patty & Stan will come over and pick it all up and deliver to her mom.  Christmas is almost here!!!
And with that said, I have one last thing to post on here for today.  Was getting ready to go to the shop to get on the bike, and looked over at a plant, and it is blooming.  The weather this summer has been so hard on everything.  Seems like the plants are as mixed up as all of us.  I have honey suckle blooming also.  I had to take a pic of the little clematis.  Crazy year of weather.  Wonder what 2012 is going to have in store for us?

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