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Friday, December 16, 2011

FNDR 12-16-11 Ingrid's

We have a small group of 10 for dinner tonight.  The place is pretty busy and we got our order in just in time to beat the rush.  I had the beef stew and sandwich and it was really good.  Chuck had the salmon.  Food was OK....I got a cupcake for dessert, and it was terrible.  It was so hard I think I could have used it for a weapon.  LOL  Note to self,  just eat the cookies.  We all sat around and talked.  Allen downloaded the Facebook app & we now have him officially on Facebook.  He says we will have to help him, and I bet we can do that.  As we are saying our final goodbyes, I tell Allen to be sure and not "poke" someone on Facebook.  Well, you can imagine all the laughs and comments that got.  Going to have to get him up to speed.  Allen tells us he has come up with his "mole" name.  So guess we will call him Mole-rider.
We leave Ingrid's and Chris and Diana and Chuck and I got to the Tao's.  This is the tea place we went to last Friday night.  She acted like she was glad to see us.  We all tried something different.  Chris even went out on a limb and tried Peach Tea.  Diana and I had cold tea and jelly.  I think I had raspberry tea and don't remember the jelly that was in it.  It was really good.  Diana had rose tea, and mixed jelly I think.  She said it was really good too.  Chuck did the hot Earl Grey.  He liked his.  We are going to have to bring the group over here and let them try it out.  Had a really great evening, and between the "poke" and  "bear cub" comments, I have laughed my quota for this week.
PS...Diana got me the Steve Jobs book, and I am so excited to read it.  Even thought I am not a "reader" per say, I think I will enjoy this book.  Will let you know later when I finish it...Oh but wait, I said I am not a reader, so this may take awhile to get through.  Another note to self, read the book!!!   :)