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Sunday, December 11, 2011

FNDR 12-9-11

We are supposed to meet at Nino's on the south side tonight and eat some Mexican Food.  Diana & Chris come by the house and we ride together to Nino's. (in the cage, as it is Cold!!!) We pull into the parking lot and there are no cars, and it is dark inside the restaurant.  I get out of the car and there is a sign on the door saying they are "closed".  Nino's has been around forever, and I am totally shocked.  I failed to call and make a reservation, but didn't think it was really necessary.  We are sitting there discussing the situation, and Keven and Wendy pull up.  I am on the phone looking up another place to eat via Urban Spoon.  There is supposed to be another place to eat across the street.  We drive over there, and I call Tom and Frank to let them know of our new game plan.  Get hold of Tom, and left message with Frank.  Diana has posted to Facebook so if anyone else is coming, maybe they will get the message.  Well, plan "b" isn't working either, as there is no Mexican food place across the street.  This is getting to be down right funny.  I remembered that there is a large restaurant on the corner of SW 59th and Western.  So we round up Keven and Wendy, and I call Tom again, and tell him of our change.  I also called Frank to tell him of the change, and again I had to leave a message.  We get to the restaurant, and it is a Cosina de Mino's.  They have really good food, so this should work out fine.  As we pull up to park, Tom is right behind us.

The restaurant is really nice, and the food was good.  Just totally amazed about Nino's not being there.  Diana even called the one on the North side and the phone just keeps ringing. Never do see Frank.  Hope he gets the message.  I had a hat for Keven for his birthday, and he is quite proud of it.  He is sporting his official Mole hat in the restaurant.  Says he is going to wear it all weekend.  LOL.   Wendy brought the 2 barbie dolls for our kids we are buying Christmas for.  She also brought the stockings she made for them.  They are so cute.  She really did a wonderful job on them.  The kids should really be happy with them. We will have to come back to this place to eat again, as it was a good 3rd choice.  LOL

Later that night, Chuck sees he has missed a call from Frank.  Seems he and Arleta had gone to Nino's and didn't see us, and he had forgotten his phone, so they went back home.  Feel really bad, but I did try to get in touch with him.

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