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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas Moles, Oh Christrmas Moles! 12-2-11

Chuck ask if anyone would be interested in helping out a family for Christmas.  The idea was a hit, and Patty says her mom can help us find a family to help.  Since the tornado hit Piedmont so badly, we thought there would probably be a family that could use a little help this year.  Plans are in motion, and Patty's mom came through with a family that we all felt fit the criteria for help.  The family has lost everything in the tornado, and are all living in a small trailer on their property.  The father is on medical leave from his job.  They have been able to pour the foundation for the home, and have purchased the lumber, but since the house was under insured, he will be the one building it back.  They have 4 children, ranging from 11, 7, 5, and 2. They are all girls except the 2yr old.

Our FNDR tonight is to Baluu's as we thought it would be a perfect place for us to get some serious Christmas plans in order.  The decision of the group was to give $50 per person, and with the funds, we can go and purchase some of the things that are on the wish list of the kids.  Had no idea that this would happen all in one night.  What better time to go and shop.  The guys go to "Mole Nation" and we go to Walmart.  Now tell me if that isn't a perfect storm or what!
Patty, Diana, Jennifer and I head to Walmart....Look out Mole Elves on a mission.
Equipped with our wish list, we hit the door running.  Amazing how much fun it is to spend money and know that we will be able to touch a family with a little love.  We girls are really professionals at this shopping thing.  Was so much fun to pick out something and then get a general consensus and then put it in the shopping cart.  It really didn't take us that long to get all the kids items picked out.  Even more amazing was the amount that we spent on this little shopping extravaganza.  The total bill was $220.  As we stood in line to check out, there were two little boys in front of us.  They were really checking out our basket.  According to their reactions, I think we have hit on some good items.  :)  With our purchases in hand, we head over to "Mole Nation" to sit and have a little margarita and discuss what to do next.  We have to wrap the presents, and Patty's mom says we need to have them to her a week before Christmas.  Heck, that is no problem for us Elves.  Looks like we are going to have a wrapping party at Chukadi Acre on Sunday.  We discussed getting gift cards for the parents, and then Jennifer suggested we just give them the cash, so they could spend when and where they wanted to.  Our hopes are they will take some of the money and be "Santa" for the kids.  I failed to mention at the beginning of this page that Patty and Stanley went out and bought 4 coats and gloves for the kids, as we have some cold weather heading this way, and they didn't want the kids to not have coats. Jennifer and Steve are donating a spiral cut ham to them also.  As we talked earlier in the evening, Wendy ask about making Stockings for all the children.  She makes a really cute denim stocking, and we all loved the idea.  Looks like she is going to be sewing up a few.  Just hope we can make a difference, even for just a day for this family.  I can't say enough wonderful things about this group of people that we share a whole lot of dinners with, and quite a few miles of riding with.  Wonderful people, and so glad to be able to call them all my friends.
Thanks to everyone that donated money and their time to make this all happen.  I for one am really excited to be doing this.  Seems we talk about doing something like this every year, and then it just doesn't happen.  Chuck was the one that got the ball rolling on this, and so glad he did.

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