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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1-29-12 Just One Click Away

Over dinner Friday night we talked about riding Sunday because the weather was supposed to be riding weather.  Sunday is here, and yes, we are riding.  Meet the Biggs at the Braums in Yukon at 10:30, and on to Bricktown to meet up with the others.  As we get to I-40 and Mustang Road, Chuck has to decide what debris field he wanted to go through.  A truck and a semi had a bit of a fender bender, and from the looks of the truck, he got the worst of it.  The poor driver of the truck looked like he had lost his best friend.  Felt kind of bad for the guy.  Think it was probably his fault.
As we get to the new part of I-40 the traffic is almost to a stand still.  They had all the lanes closed down but one, as they were busy putting up the new signage on the road.  We pull into the Conoco to meet up with the rest of the group.  Allen is there, and he introduces us to Judy.  Just hope she can handle this group.  :)  Tom must have gotten a different email from the rest of us, as he was at BassPro as we drove by.  Poor Tom, I know he isn't a morning man.  We get our gas, and much to my surprise, here comes a bike that we all recognize.  The Alvey's have come to ride with us.  So nice to see them.  Since Steve had his knee and foot operated on, wasn't sure when he would be able to make it back on the bike.  So glad they could make it.
It is a about 11:20 by the time we pull out, and we have a nice looking group of 5 bikes.  We ride down Rt. 66 for awhile and then we start going north.  It is a little cold, and the wind is actually blowing more than I thought it would be.  Just nice to be able to get out and ride.  I snapped a shot of the weather page shortly after we started out.  It is supposed to get to almost 60 today.  We will see if that happens.  Pretty non eventful ride until we are about 16 miles out from Pawnee.  This red car is in front of us, and can't seem to keep his or her car on the road.  Pretty hilly, and there isn't enough room to pass, and if we would try, not sure if they wouldn't take us out as we pass.  The person was brushing their hair, and would actually end up in the oncoming lane while doing this.  We finally come to an area that looks like a long stretch to pass.  As we go by, the idiot actually starting curving over towards us.

We get by, and everyone else made it by safely.  Seems like there is always someone out to try to spoil our fun.  As we pull into Pawnee, looks like there are quite a few cars at Click's.  I go in and give them our name, and the girl says it will be a while.  We are used to that, but it really wasn't a very long wait at all.  Got to check out those awesome pies as we walked by on our way to our seats.  They have an "all you can eat" on Sunday, and we opted for that.  It was great as usual.  As we sat and talked, that red car came up in conversation.  Everyone was so busy making sure they weren't getting run over by it, and none of us ever looked at the driver.  Still have no idea if it was a guy or girl.  Food was really good, and we had a great time talking and laughing.
Time to start heading back South.  Gas station is across the street, and we find out, if a pump is being used, the other side doesn't work very well.  Find another station a couple of blocks on down, so we head there to finish up gassing up.  Great ride back towards Oklahoma City.  It has warmed up to 57 as we drive by a bank in Pawnee.  The wind is still pretty brisk, but it was a really nice ride.  Our last stop is at Guthrie, to say our goodbyes.  We are standing there talking and this man and his wife pull up on their bike, and before we know it, "the question" comes up.  Who is riding that bike??? and points to the Spyder.  Well, Chris is captured...once again.  As we are all standing talking we witness a car crash.  Two trucks collide.  Looks like everyone is OK, but the trucks don't look too good.  Man, this has been our day to see accidents.  OK, so that is enough excitement for us.  Just glad it wasn't any of us.  Last time we stopped at this station, they closed the road, and had a medivac helicopter land, as there had been an airplane crash.  Maybe we need to find a new place to stop.  Not that I am superstitious or anything.  LOL.  What a great day to ride with some really good people.  Was really nice to have Steve and Jennifer in the 2nd bike position.  Nice to see that red bike back amongst us.  (not to say that we don't enjoy the Biggs in that position, it just means we had a few more bikes)  We branch off and head towards Yukon, and now we have the Spyder behind us.  Chris had gone to Cuba, Mo. this week and got new shocks and tires and lights put on Spydi....They are really nice lights.  Think we will see him coming and going now for sure.  The new shock has stopped them bobbing around.  They don't flash us anymore.  Spydi is acting like a totally new bike.  Love that Spyder  :)  

Tom posted that we rode around 200 miles today, so I will use his mileage.  I always say this, but I really do enjoy our times with these people.  Let's do it again really soon.

The Biggs and us ended up at Tao's for some tea.  Sat there and drank some bubbles.  Pei wasn't there today, but we enjoyed the time to talk.  As we head home I got a couple of pics of the sunset.  It was really pretty tonight.  Looked like the sky was on fire.  Great end to the day we had.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

1-14-12 Saturday ride

I text Diana today to see if they wanted to ride to Washington, OK. to eat lunch at Althea's Vault.  They were up for the ride, so around noon, they were in your driveway ready to go.  The wind is pretty light today.  It is out of the north, but supposed to get to almost 60.  Taking advantage of this beautiful weather.  We ride I-40 to 35, and we got to ride on the new I-40 crosstown.  It is really a nice road.  Such an improvment from the crumbling bridges and road that we have had to endure while they build the new road.  They only have the east bound side open at this time, but supposed to have the westbound in about 4 weeks.  What a wonderful improvement to Oklahoma City.  Sounds silly to be talking about a new road, but for those of you that travel it, and or choose not to travel it, you know what I am talking about.
We get to Althea's about 1pm.  They close at 2, so we have plenty of time to eat.  Chuck orders a turkey sandwich, and they are have to realize this is a little place, so I guess they just have so much, and then it is gone.  LOL  Hamburger I got was good, and Diana said hers was good, but Chuck said his Chicken sandwich was not good.  No chicken.  :)  Chris wasn't too excited about his burger either.  Hmmm, you think Diana and I were just hungry, and anything would have tasted good...just sayin!  Of course I had to get a brownie, and get a few to take home.  Really good brownies.
We ride back to the City, and stop at the fairgrounds, cause Chris was wanting to get another flash light from the guy at the Gun show, and we were successful with part of it.  He wasn't able to get one, but the guy says he might have one there tomorrow.  That works for us.  On to the mall to pick up Chuck's glasses that are ready.  We got really good parking spots at Penn Square.  Chuck says we got quite a few people looking at us....have no idea why they are looking at us.  We have on all our leather, chaps included.  There are a lot more stranger looking people at the food court that we could ever be.  One guy have pink feathers coming out of his lighter pink hair.  And they think we look strange.  At least we don't look like a peacock.  Between guys about to loose their pants because they are sagging so much, and the peacocks we saw, I just don't think anyone had any reason to look at us like they did.  LOL  Time to get back on the bike and get home before the sun goes down.  Great day with some great folks.  We have so much fun together.  Very lucky to have such great friends.  :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

FNDR 1-13-12

Sent out an email to see if anyone wanted to go to Friday, and we had some takers.  We went to Baluu's.  I stated in the email that it was the Year of the Dragon, but we all know it is the Year of the Mole.  Had about 12 brave soles come and eat with us.  Had a really nice time.  We got to meet Allen's daughter and a friend that she brought with her.  The Alvey's had their son with them.  Poor Mai was so busy tonight.  Felt sorry for her, as she was the only one there.  She called her son in to help.  We had a great time as usual.  We always have to read our Fortune Cookies out loud, and always finish off with "in bed".  
Allen got the funniest one of the night.  We suggested to him to carry it with him always.  Chuck got a picture of it, so of course I had to share in my blog.  Had a great evening with friends.  Planning on riding somewhere tomorrow, cause the weather is supposed to be good.  More to come.  :) 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

1-7-12 Ride to Guthrie

Last night over tea, the guys decided we would ride today, cause the weather is supposed to get into the 60's.  Plans are to meet at the Biggs house at 12:30 and ride to Guthrie and have lunch at The Stables.  Patty and Stan were sporting new helmets, and they looked really fine in them.  I know they are going to love them.  Ride to Guthrie was a bit cool, but had on enough clothes and leather that it was a comfortable ride.  We had a great lunch and had some laughs at the restaurant.  Food was good.  I got my usual, rib end basket.  The greasy onion rings we GREAT!!!  It has warmed up even more by the time we finish lunch, and that made the ride homeward perfect!!!  We rode towards Mulhall and then took Hwy. 51 back towards 74.  Had to cut the ride a little short cause Stan & Patty had plans for the evening, and had to get back to get ready to go to Cattleman's.  We get back into Piedmont about 4:30, and turn towards home.  Stan had told us about a Mexican food place in the City, and the Biggs are coming to the house so we can go and try it tonight.
We drive to Abel's Mexican Food on McArthur and 50th.  Very colorful place.  Very busy too.  We get seated pretty quickly, and was amazed to see the waiter that used to wait on me at the ill-fated Nino's was our waiter.  So nice to see him there.  Food was good, and we will be back again.  Good spot to take the group for a FNDR...Great day...amazing that here we are in January and having weather in the 60's.  Can't get much better than that.

FNDR 1-6-12

This is the first post for the New Year.  I am really excited for the new fun rides we will be having in the future.  I also ordered my blog to be printed in book form, and can't wait to receive it.
Although the weather was just too cool for us to ride, we all met at Dan's Old Time Diner on the South side of OKC tonight.  We had a whopping 14 people show up.  This is the place that Wendy is working, and she had suggested we try it.  Have to say it was a really good we all know what that's not Healthy!!!  The diner is decorated with Coca-cola antiques.  Was fun checking them out.  There was a really old shopping cart in the corner that I would have loved to take home, but I think they would have caught me taking it.  :)  The "factoid" of the night revolved around the shopping cart, and the fact that the gentleman that invented it was from Oklahoma.
Enjoyed seeing everyone tonight.  Lots of good laughter.  Love this group.
After we ate, we headed back towards Yukon, and the Nance's followed us to Chao's.  We had some great tea and more laughs.  Great evening.  Plans to ride tomorrow cause the weather is supposed to be wonderful.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day Ride 1-1-12

Meeting at Bass Pro at 11am to ride our New Years Day ride.  We have 5 bikes and 8 people for today.  The weather is pretty good for a January.  The temp is supposed to be close to 50, so we make our ride to the Capitol building and get our annual pics.

 The Christmas tree is still up, so it makes our pics look so festive.  The wind was out of the north and we were buffered from it due to the building.  Made it really nice for photo op.  Pulled out the Mole hats so we girls could get our pic with them on.  What a group!!!   :)   Think we are all hungry, so we head back down to Bricktown and get to Abuello's, and actually have to stand outside for a few minutes, as they aren't opening until noon.

 Oops, I didn't check that....oh well, just gave us more time to talk.  Food was wonderful, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  The conversations ranged all over the place today, and I think we covered about every topic.  Always so much fun to socialize with such great people.
Our tummy's are full, and the day is just too good not to ride a little more, so I suggest riding to Pop's in Arcadia.  Everyone is up for it, so Tom leads us there.  Pop's is pretty busy, as usual, and we find ourselves walking outside to sit and talk a little more.  Tom got some root beer called Rat Bastard, and of course I had to take a pic of it.
Think he looks like Santa with his red on.  LOL  We had a couple of "Factoids" thrown out today that I had no idea about.  Shari informs us that in Tulsa, on Boston Street somewhere, is the middle of the Universe.  Had no idea!!!!  Then we got to talking about Woody Harrelson the actor, and Brent says that he thought his dad was in Dallas when President Kennedy was assignated.  Said he thought he was questioned extensively.  Diana googles it and gives us a little more facts about his dad.  He was in organized crime and was a hit man.  Had no idea.  See, you just never know what you might find out with this group.
Seems to be getting a little cooler, and there are some clouds covering the sun, so we all pack up and head home.  Great day to start the New Year off.  Enjoyed the group that was able to make it today.  Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

12-31-11 Final Ride for the Year

We take advantage of the warm weather and ride to eat some breakfast with Diana & Chris.  We go to Cracker Barrel over on I-35.  Food was really good, and so was the company.  Diana had brought Ryland with her as they were going to a birthday party today at noon.  The wind is blowing 20-40 mph today out of the south, and the weathermen say it will change to the north later in the afternoon.   From there we ride to Edmond and stop at the Harley store.  They didn't have anything that I needed, so we make another stop to get something for Chris's trailer at Tractor Supply.  As we are walking around the store, we see Mike Morgan.  I wanted to go and ask him if he could do anything about the wind, but I know he can't.  LOL  We ride on out to Kingfisher and make a stop at Atwood's.  Finished with that place, we take Hwy. 33 to Chris & Diana's house.  The guys are checking out Chris's trailer to see if the bikes are going to fit for our trip to Florida in March.  Better take care of the details now as the weather is being cooperative.  Looks like we will be taking the larger trailer since we are a bit scrunched on the smaller one.  Diana comes back from the Birthday party, and we make a shopping run to Gordman's to find a much needed couple of stars for her new window treatment.  The guys have to make a run to the house and see if Chuck can find some clamps for the mufflers that he is selling Stanley.  Stan ends up finding the clamps, and we are going to meet the guys at Twin Peaks for a late lunch.  Food was good.  We end the fun filled day at our house, and we are all so tired, Diana & Chris head home a little after 9:30, and I am in bed shortly after that.  Didn't even see the New Year in....Oh well, that is the way it goes sometimes.  Great day, and had to get some rest cause we are riding tomorrow for the New Year.
This is the final post for 2011.  Hopefully I will be able to continue the blog for 2012, and also hope there are many more rides and fun places that we get to explore for 2012.
Happy New Year....  :)