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Saturday, January 14, 2012

1-14-12 Saturday ride

I text Diana today to see if they wanted to ride to Washington, OK. to eat lunch at Althea's Vault.  They were up for the ride, so around noon, they were in your driveway ready to go.  The wind is pretty light today.  It is out of the north, but supposed to get to almost 60.  Taking advantage of this beautiful weather.  We ride I-40 to 35, and we got to ride on the new I-40 crosstown.  It is really a nice road.  Such an improvment from the crumbling bridges and road that we have had to endure while they build the new road.  They only have the east bound side open at this time, but supposed to have the westbound in about 4 weeks.  What a wonderful improvement to Oklahoma City.  Sounds silly to be talking about a new road, but for those of you that travel it, and or choose not to travel it, you know what I am talking about.
We get to Althea's about 1pm.  They close at 2, so we have plenty of time to eat.  Chuck orders a turkey sandwich, and they are have to realize this is a little place, so I guess they just have so much, and then it is gone.  LOL  Hamburger I got was good, and Diana said hers was good, but Chuck said his Chicken sandwich was not good.  No chicken.  :)  Chris wasn't too excited about his burger either.  Hmmm, you think Diana and I were just hungry, and anything would have tasted good...just sayin!  Of course I had to get a brownie, and get a few to take home.  Really good brownies.
We ride back to the City, and stop at the fairgrounds, cause Chris was wanting to get another flash light from the guy at the Gun show, and we were successful with part of it.  He wasn't able to get one, but the guy says he might have one there tomorrow.  That works for us.  On to the mall to pick up Chuck's glasses that are ready.  We got really good parking spots at Penn Square.  Chuck says we got quite a few people looking at us....have no idea why they are looking at us.  We have on all our leather, chaps included.  There are a lot more stranger looking people at the food court that we could ever be.  One guy have pink feathers coming out of his lighter pink hair.  And they think we look strange.  At least we don't look like a peacock.  Between guys about to loose their pants because they are sagging so much, and the peacocks we saw, I just don't think anyone had any reason to look at us like they did.  LOL  Time to get back on the bike and get home before the sun goes down.  Great day with some great folks.  We have so much fun together.  Very lucky to have such great friends.  :)

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  1. I haven't been to the mail this much in forever! Enjoyed the ride to lunch, my burger was good, It could be all the add ons to the burger!!!! Enjoyed the day.