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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1-29-12 Just One Click Away

Over dinner Friday night we talked about riding Sunday because the weather was supposed to be riding weather.  Sunday is here, and yes, we are riding.  Meet the Biggs at the Braums in Yukon at 10:30, and on to Bricktown to meet up with the others.  As we get to I-40 and Mustang Road, Chuck has to decide what debris field he wanted to go through.  A truck and a semi had a bit of a fender bender, and from the looks of the truck, he got the worst of it.  The poor driver of the truck looked like he had lost his best friend.  Felt kind of bad for the guy.  Think it was probably his fault.
As we get to the new part of I-40 the traffic is almost to a stand still.  They had all the lanes closed down but one, as they were busy putting up the new signage on the road.  We pull into the Conoco to meet up with the rest of the group.  Allen is there, and he introduces us to Judy.  Just hope she can handle this group.  :)  Tom must have gotten a different email from the rest of us, as he was at BassPro as we drove by.  Poor Tom, I know he isn't a morning man.  We get our gas, and much to my surprise, here comes a bike that we all recognize.  The Alvey's have come to ride with us.  So nice to see them.  Since Steve had his knee and foot operated on, wasn't sure when he would be able to make it back on the bike.  So glad they could make it.
It is a about 11:20 by the time we pull out, and we have a nice looking group of 5 bikes.  We ride down Rt. 66 for awhile and then we start going north.  It is a little cold, and the wind is actually blowing more than I thought it would be.  Just nice to be able to get out and ride.  I snapped a shot of the weather page shortly after we started out.  It is supposed to get to almost 60 today.  We will see if that happens.  Pretty non eventful ride until we are about 16 miles out from Pawnee.  This red car is in front of us, and can't seem to keep his or her car on the road.  Pretty hilly, and there isn't enough room to pass, and if we would try, not sure if they wouldn't take us out as we pass.  The person was brushing their hair, and would actually end up in the oncoming lane while doing this.  We finally come to an area that looks like a long stretch to pass.  As we go by, the idiot actually starting curving over towards us.

We get by, and everyone else made it by safely.  Seems like there is always someone out to try to spoil our fun.  As we pull into Pawnee, looks like there are quite a few cars at Click's.  I go in and give them our name, and the girl says it will be a while.  We are used to that, but it really wasn't a very long wait at all.  Got to check out those awesome pies as we walked by on our way to our seats.  They have an "all you can eat" on Sunday, and we opted for that.  It was great as usual.  As we sat and talked, that red car came up in conversation.  Everyone was so busy making sure they weren't getting run over by it, and none of us ever looked at the driver.  Still have no idea if it was a guy or girl.  Food was really good, and we had a great time talking and laughing.
Time to start heading back South.  Gas station is across the street, and we find out, if a pump is being used, the other side doesn't work very well.  Find another station a couple of blocks on down, so we head there to finish up gassing up.  Great ride back towards Oklahoma City.  It has warmed up to 57 as we drive by a bank in Pawnee.  The wind is still pretty brisk, but it was a really nice ride.  Our last stop is at Guthrie, to say our goodbyes.  We are standing there talking and this man and his wife pull up on their bike, and before we know it, "the question" comes up.  Who is riding that bike??? and points to the Spyder.  Well, Chris is captured...once again.  As we are all standing talking we witness a car crash.  Two trucks collide.  Looks like everyone is OK, but the trucks don't look too good.  Man, this has been our day to see accidents.  OK, so that is enough excitement for us.  Just glad it wasn't any of us.  Last time we stopped at this station, they closed the road, and had a medivac helicopter land, as there had been an airplane crash.  Maybe we need to find a new place to stop.  Not that I am superstitious or anything.  LOL.  What a great day to ride with some really good people.  Was really nice to have Steve and Jennifer in the 2nd bike position.  Nice to see that red bike back amongst us.  (not to say that we don't enjoy the Biggs in that position, it just means we had a few more bikes)  We branch off and head towards Yukon, and now we have the Spyder behind us.  Chris had gone to Cuba, Mo. this week and got new shocks and tires and lights put on Spydi....They are really nice lights.  Think we will see him coming and going now for sure.  The new shock has stopped them bobbing around.  They don't flash us anymore.  Spydi is acting like a totally new bike.  Love that Spyder  :)  

Tom posted that we rode around 200 miles today, so I will use his mileage.  I always say this, but I really do enjoy our times with these people.  Let's do it again really soon.

The Biggs and us ended up at Tao's for some tea.  Sat there and drank some bubbles.  Pei wasn't there today, but we enjoyed the time to talk.  As we head home I got a couple of pics of the sunset.  It was really pretty tonight.  Looked like the sky was on fire.  Great end to the day we had.