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Sunday, January 8, 2012

1-7-12 Ride to Guthrie

Last night over tea, the guys decided we would ride today, cause the weather is supposed to get into the 60's.  Plans are to meet at the Biggs house at 12:30 and ride to Guthrie and have lunch at The Stables.  Patty and Stan were sporting new helmets, and they looked really fine in them.  I know they are going to love them.  Ride to Guthrie was a bit cool, but had on enough clothes and leather that it was a comfortable ride.  We had a great lunch and had some laughs at the restaurant.  Food was good.  I got my usual, rib end basket.  The greasy onion rings we GREAT!!!  It has warmed up even more by the time we finish lunch, and that made the ride homeward perfect!!!  We rode towards Mulhall and then took Hwy. 51 back towards 74.  Had to cut the ride a little short cause Stan & Patty had plans for the evening, and had to get back to get ready to go to Cattleman's.  We get back into Piedmont about 4:30, and turn towards home.  Stan had told us about a Mexican food place in the City, and the Biggs are coming to the house so we can go and try it tonight.
We drive to Abel's Mexican Food on McArthur and 50th.  Very colorful place.  Very busy too.  We get seated pretty quickly, and was amazed to see the waiter that used to wait on me at the ill-fated Nino's was our waiter.  So nice to see him there.  Food was good, and we will be back again.  Good spot to take the group for a FNDR...Great day...amazing that here we are in January and having weather in the 60's.  Can't get much better than that.

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  1. Never thought full face helmets would be enjoyable, but it is amazing how much difference they make, Not fight wind in your face etc... Nice ride to Stables for some onion rings and ribs. Abels has my vote. Great day