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Sunday, January 1, 2012

12-31-11 Final Ride for the Year

We take advantage of the warm weather and ride to eat some breakfast with Diana & Chris.  We go to Cracker Barrel over on I-35.  Food was really good, and so was the company.  Diana had brought Ryland with her as they were going to a birthday party today at noon.  The wind is blowing 20-40 mph today out of the south, and the weathermen say it will change to the north later in the afternoon.   From there we ride to Edmond and stop at the Harley store.  They didn't have anything that I needed, so we make another stop to get something for Chris's trailer at Tractor Supply.  As we are walking around the store, we see Mike Morgan.  I wanted to go and ask him if he could do anything about the wind, but I know he can't.  LOL  We ride on out to Kingfisher and make a stop at Atwood's.  Finished with that place, we take Hwy. 33 to Chris & Diana's house.  The guys are checking out Chris's trailer to see if the bikes are going to fit for our trip to Florida in March.  Better take care of the details now as the weather is being cooperative.  Looks like we will be taking the larger trailer since we are a bit scrunched on the smaller one.  Diana comes back from the Birthday party, and we make a shopping run to Gordman's to find a much needed couple of stars for her new window treatment.  The guys have to make a run to the house and see if Chuck can find some clamps for the mufflers that he is selling Stanley.  Stan ends up finding the clamps, and we are going to meet the guys at Twin Peaks for a late lunch.  Food was good.  We end the fun filled day at our house, and we are all so tired, Diana & Chris head home a little after 9:30, and I am in bed shortly after that.  Didn't even see the New Year in....Oh well, that is the way it goes sometimes.  Great day, and had to get some rest cause we are riding tomorrow for the New Year.
This is the final post for 2011.  Hopefully I will be able to continue the blog for 2012, and also hope there are many more rides and fun places that we get to explore for 2012.
Happy New Year....  :)