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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day Ride 1-1-12

Meeting at Bass Pro at 11am to ride our New Years Day ride.  We have 5 bikes and 8 people for today.  The weather is pretty good for a January.  The temp is supposed to be close to 50, so we make our ride to the Capitol building and get our annual pics.

 The Christmas tree is still up, so it makes our pics look so festive.  The wind was out of the north and we were buffered from it due to the building.  Made it really nice for photo op.  Pulled out the Mole hats so we girls could get our pic with them on.  What a group!!!   :)   Think we are all hungry, so we head back down to Bricktown and get to Abuello's, and actually have to stand outside for a few minutes, as they aren't opening until noon.

 Oops, I didn't check that....oh well, just gave us more time to talk.  Food was wonderful, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  The conversations ranged all over the place today, and I think we covered about every topic.  Always so much fun to socialize with such great people.
Our tummy's are full, and the day is just too good not to ride a little more, so I suggest riding to Pop's in Arcadia.  Everyone is up for it, so Tom leads us there.  Pop's is pretty busy, as usual, and we find ourselves walking outside to sit and talk a little more.  Tom got some root beer called Rat Bastard, and of course I had to take a pic of it.
Think he looks like Santa with his red on.  LOL  We had a couple of "Factoids" thrown out today that I had no idea about.  Shari informs us that in Tulsa, on Boston Street somewhere, is the middle of the Universe.  Had no idea!!!!  Then we got to talking about Woody Harrelson the actor, and Brent says that he thought his dad was in Dallas when President Kennedy was assignated.  Said he thought he was questioned extensively.  Diana googles it and gives us a little more facts about his dad.  He was in organized crime and was a hit man.  Had no idea.  See, you just never know what you might find out with this group.
Seems to be getting a little cooler, and there are some clouds covering the sun, so we all pack up and head home.  Great day to start the New Year off.  Enjoyed the group that was able to make it today.  Happy New Year!!!