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Sunday, February 12, 2012

CA Run 2-12-12 Not!!!

Well, guess what...we didn't ride the CA ride today.  The weather is absolutely freezing, and we are supposed to have snow later tonight.  They are reporting on the news that ODOT is going to start coating bridges with the salt brine, and with that said, we just aren't going to get the bike out to mess with that stuff.  I for one, was not in the mood to freeze my ass off.  Don't think it hurt any of the other guys feelings either.  We ended up driving over to Harley World and getting our pre-paid packets, and ran into Allen there.  He was going to ride and Tom Black was with him.  Got to see the Websters too.  Yes, we were Candy Asses today, and I am very proud of it.  :)  Tom and the Alveys were there too, and they had driven their cars, so we ran over to Cattleman's to eat some breakfast.  Have to say, it was really good.  They had a breakfast bar set up, and it filled the bill for all of us.  Talked to Jennifer later in the afternoon, as they had gone to the Casino for the final drawing and to see who won the money, and guess they came out empty handed.  Oh well, there is always next year.
It is almost 6pm, and still haven't seen a snowflake.  Said it is knocking on our door, so we will see what happens.  We have had such a mild winter, and hate that this weekend had to end up like this, but that is just the way it goes sometimes.

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  1. Have to say that was the best CA run we have ever done. It was too cold to be out in this. The breakfast was great and then on to shopping at Bass Pro, and they say women are bad. Oh my Tom, Chuck and Chris, I think every inch of the store was covered. Anyway we had a good day!