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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ride to Stillwater 2-19-12

The weather was just about perfect today to get out and ride.  We have had the dreary grey days last week, and was really nice to see the sun this morning.  Diana & Chris came by the house and we headed downtown to meet up with The Alvey's and Tom.  We got to the crosstown, and today they have opened the west bound lanes, so the new stretch of road is officially open.  As we pull into the gas station, Tom is already there and waiting.  Got a text from the Alvey's and due to an dog malfunction, they will not be joining us today.  Felt really bad for Jennifer as it sounds like a real mess.  Tom is going to lead us to Stillwater.  As we get on the highway to head north, you would not believe the backup of cars on the west bound side.  Not sure what is going on, but I told Diana maybe they were trying to get $100 per car to pay for the new crosstown.  We pass 3 bikes on I-35 around Hefner, and the last bike has a guy riding with just his short sleeves on.  No gloves, helmet, just short sleeves.  It is probably in the 40's.  He did have a white polar bear on the back of the bike.  Guess he was doing a Polar Bear Ride??  Not sure what got them in gear,  but they decided to put the hammer down, and they passed us.  We rode with them for awhile, and they kept going faster, so they were out of site pretty quickly.  I noticed they pulled off at the Mulhall Rd. exit.  We make our way into Stillwater.

Tom leads us to some "personal" motorcycle parking spots, and we have a 45 minute wait to get in.  They are busy.  We go to the store and check out the Eskimo Joe clothing.  Tom got Norma a shirt. Gave Diana and I time to take a couple of pics.  LOL   The wait wasn't that bad, and we got to sit upstairsto eat.    Tom ask why they were so busy, and the girl tells him that they are having wrestling matches going on.  Food was reallyy good.  Time to get ready to head back home.  Tom has to take a detour to check on his daughters house, so we just follow him like he knows where he is going.  He had told us earlier, if it looks like he doesn't know where he is going, he could be lost.  Seems like he drove right to it.  Well, that taken care of, so we head back to City.  Tom leads us home.  We make a stop at Pop's in Arcadia.  There were a lot of bikes there.  Poor Chris got side tracked by some guys asking about the Spyder.  We went inside and got some stuff, and as we are leaving, here comes Chris.  Seems like everyone always captures him to find out "if he likes his bike".  I think it is so funny.  He really needs to get that information packet set up on that bike.  Have to say this was a really nice day to ride.  Glad we were able to get out for a little bit of clean air.
We were trying out the new headset that Diana & Chris had gotten.  We have a set of the Scala blue tooth systems, and we liked them alot.  They got theirs, so we were trying to figure out how to communicate with each other.  Amazing how clear they are.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the blue tooth part, since we don't have to mess with any cords.  Talking on the phone is crystal clear too.  These are really going to be nice to use on our way to Florida.  You know, we aren't that far from the day we leave.  March 8th will be here before you know it.
Great day for a ride with great friends.  Around 175 miles.  :)