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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dinner ride with the Wild Banchee's 3-28-12

I am going to give a little back ground before I tell you about our ride this evening.
Chuck and I were in the yard last Sunday and our neighbor "Fast Eddy" came by on a little scooter with his granddaughter.  Fast Eddy owns the House of Kawasaki that is in Oklahoma City.  He lives around the corner from us.  He told Chuck that they were starting up their dinner rides on Thursday again, and he would text him the information and would like us to come and ride if we can.  OK, with that said, Chuck got a text and we are riding with them tonight.
Diana & Chris are with us, and we make it to the dealership a little after 6pm.  Several bikes are there, and we see Eddy and he introduces us to his dad.  His dad is in his 80's, and still does some motorcycle racing.  Eddy's son is also a racer.  Chuck introduces Eddy to Chris and Diana as "fast Eddy, and Eddy proceeds to say that you can take the "s" out of that and he was more like "fat Eddy" now.  Everyone is very friendly, or at least the guys were.  Diana and I mentioned later, that not one woman said anything to us. 
As we are waiting to leave, a black Spyder comes rolling in.  Eddy says he is an old guy, and that he has had the bike for quite a while.  Glad that Chris would have someone to talk Spyder talk to.  There is another Harley that shows up, and the rest of the bikes are Kawasaki's and other types.  I can't really tell the makes of them.  Not that familiar. 
It is 6:28 and in true form, you start seeing people go to their bikes...Chuck and I learned from last time we rode with them, that is THE sign to get on your bike and get ready to ride.  Sure enough, they pull out like a wild crazy group, some going straight down 10th street and then some turning at the street next to the dealership.  We choose to go with the ones turning on the street next to the store.  Looks like to me we have about 12 bikes.  As we come to the first stop sign, everyone is just stopped.  Someone pulls out, and takes the lead and we are off again.  Pulling onto Council was actually a breeze.  There were no cars and we all got out very easily.  We are behind the man on the Spyder, and Chris and Diana are behind us.  The four of us are connected together via our blue tooth headsets, and we are talking.  I told Chris to look in front of us, cause that is what he looks like going down the rode.  The man on the other Spyder I have called Black Widow, but a little later we decide that his name needs to be Papa Spydi.....Oh my, we haven't even been riding for more than 10 minutes, and we have already starting branding people with our very own nicknames.  Yes, we are bad.  Our first stop light is so funny, cause there is already some jocking around for positions in the pack.  We hold fast with our spot, and that is where we will stay.
  Our destination is La Luna Mexican Rest. over by Newcastle.  We head south on Council and go towards Mustang.  As we get to Hwy. 92 in Mustang, all of a sudden, everyone is turning into the 7-11.  Someone needs gas....Oh my, don't they know the rule on that???  Full tank, empty bladder.  By the time the guy gets his gas, the other 6 bikes show up that had left out and went the other direction.  Hear one guy say they got lost...really?  LOL 
Ready to head out, and Fast Eddy comes up to Chuck and say, if you want to go around Papa Spydi just go around him.  Chuck told Eddy he didn't want to hurt the old guys feelings....Eddy assures Chuck it is fine.  As we pull out, Papa Spydi hasn't gotten his bike started so this was our chance to get in front of him.  We jumped for that chance, and headed out...full blast.  Chris was being his courteous self, and was behind a few bikes.  I notice a bright yellow helmet behind us and I ask Chuck if that was Papa Eddy.  Yep, sure is.  Seems to be a really good rider.  More than I can say about some of these banchees.  We ride to Union City, Minco, and then turn back east towards Blanchard.  Through all the passing and moving around, we are now behind a man on his Gold Wing.  He slows and goes...Then he gets a bee in his bonnet, and drives 80 then he backs off.  Chuck rides his usual ride.  Strong and steady we go, and papa Eddy is right with us all the way. 
We make it to the 4 lane portion of the road to Newcastle, and here we go....start to see a lot of swapping of lanes and positions.  I think this kind of reminds me of car racing.  LOL  Papa Spydi is in the left lane, and he passes us several times, and then we pass him.  By the time we get to the light at Hwy 4 the Harley has made his way up and is in front of us.  How did he do that....One thing about it, there is never a dull moment on these rides.  It is close to 8pm,  I think,  when we pull into the restaurant.  People better look out cause they might get run over by the biker gang.  Not a lot of parking spaces as they are pretty busy, and the bike parking area is filling up quickly.  We opt to just find a spot and park. 
We enter the restaurant and they have an area set up for us.  Amazing enough we have one waiter taking care of this whole group.  I never counted how many people we had, but I am thinking with 17 bikes and some are riding two up, we had about 25 or more people.  As we sat there and the guy took our order for drinks, Chuck and Chris say that this could be a very long evening.  Amazingly enough, the guy had it all together, and moved around and got all our orders taken.  The food came out very quickly too, and the other staff members finally came over and helped him get the food handed out. 
Every time we would give someone our names all evening, they would get a kick out of Diana and Diane, and Chris and Chuck.  The guy that sat at our table got a kick out of the Double D comment that I think Chuck threw out.  We really did have a good fun filled evening.  Got to laugh and meet some nice people.  I talk about the way the group rides, but they seem to be pretty safe.  It is just so different than what we are used to with the Harley group.  Dinner is over, and bill is paid, so it is time to get ready to head home.  Chuck and I are out by our bike, and Papa Eddy comes walking up, and he ask if he was riding behind us on the ride over here.  Chuck tells him yes, and he said, he though so, and was sure glad he was behind a stable rider....none of the flipping lanes, and positions.  Nice to know that he even noticed.  We make it home a little after 10pm, and can truly say it was fun.  Riding with the Banchee's was an experience.  Enough said. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

3-18-12 Sunday day 10 of New Calizona Vacation

We wake up to a cloudy sky, and the wind is pretty brisk.  The weather reports has shown that the winds would only be about 20mph in the mornings, but I think they are all on crack, as it is really blowing.  The wind seems to always blow across the panhandle of Texas.  About the only thing that happened today on the ride home was the wind.  I truly don't know how Chuck and Chris can keep the bikes in the lines.  Passing trucks is a chore all in its own.  I was having helmet lift off, and had on my full face.  It was sure nice to see Yukon.... It was so nice to see the Redbud's blooming as we get closer to home.  Glad to be able to finally go North and get some relief from the wind.  Seems like everything has really greened up a lot since we have been gone.

I have to say this trip was a very interesting one as far as weather goes.  I am not sure that March is a good time to take out on a bike, but according to Arizona, it is the best time to visit, so I guess we did good in that respect.  We experienced snow, cold, warmth, sun, and wind, but we didn't have to deal with rain.  I think we all shall remember this trip for a very long time.  Sedona Arizona was a really nice unexpected fun spot.  Think we will have to revisit that area again sometime soon.  Some really good memories.  I am so glad I didn't loose my pictures this time from the Grand Canyon.  :)
Our mileage was 3080 and Spydi registered 3013....Oh what a trip!!!   :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

3-17-12 Saturday day 9 of New Calizona Vacation

Packed and ready to get moving at our usual time of around 8, we are heading towards Amarillo today. The sun is shining, and it is a bit cool, but really a nice morning.  We are riding the road towards Roswell, and I nudge Chuck as I don't see Spydi behind us.  We make a u turn and there they are about a mile back. Spydi decided she didn't like the curves I guess, cause she went into limp mode.  By the time we get to them, Chris has already got her started again, so we just keep on moving.  We make it to Roswell to get gas so we can head on to Clovis, and then Amarillo.

The wind is blowing like crazy, and the dust is kicking up quite a bit.  The smell in the air around Hereford Texas is really strong.  Makes a person want to be a vegetarian...or at least it does me.  I feel so bad for all those cows.  We stopped in Clovis and get gas and pick up a Subway for lunch.  I really have to say we have had such a nice bunch of people about everywhere we have gone.  Seems like they are very glad to have you there, and just very helpful.  Arizona was the same way.

Just more wind as we make our way to Amarillo.  The wind didn't let up one bit.  The weather has been nice and warm, and we have been watching the up and coming weather event, and we should be able to get home before the rain is expected.  Has been so nice to have some sun, but as it usually goes, we have to have the darn wind with it.  We make it to Amarillo and decide to try the hotel that is next to Tripp's HD.  Had wanted to check it out and see if it would work for the Red River ride we are doing over Memorial weekend.  We get a room, and don't think it will be someplace we will be wanting to stay.  Don't get me wrong, it was clean, no bugs, but just hasn't been updated in a long time.  The beds are pretty old.  I think we have stayed in worse, but just not that great.  Won't be staying there again.  Oh well, you have to try it out to know.

 Dinner is at Blue Sky, and the food was really good as usual.  We find a liquor store, and get some margarita mix, so we head back to the motel, and pull our chairs out, and sit and do what we do best, talk......
We had so many fun things happened during the trip, and we have been able to laugh about all of them.  Just a very fun trip, and lots of memories have been made.  Time to get some sleep, as we need to be up and out of here early, so we can beat those storms.

Friday, March 16, 2012

3-16-12 Friday Day 8 of New Calizona Vacation

Our night at Deming New Mexico was pretty uneventful, and we are up and ready to head easterly. Chris has found a Spyder dealer in Las Cruses so he is leading us to the dealership. As we are pulling into Las Cruses, there is a sign for Barnett HD, so Chris pulls in for us to check it out. Nice store but the big Barnett's is in El Paso. We make it to the Spyder dealership, and Diana & Chris actually find some cool clothes. Was worth the trip. :-)  

Next stop is the El Paso, and Chris has been breaking out with the song about the Rio Grand....oh my. (El Paso City! By Marty Robbins) As we pull into El Paso Lupi tries to take us through Ft. Bliss Army Depot. She kept telling us to take Sergeant Major Ave. We did and guess is the road to get into the base. Thank goodness there was a u turn area, so we took it and corrected our oops. Lupi actually took us to the dealership and once again, its not the right place. Finally make it to Barnett's, and have to say, it is really a big place. We make our purchases and have to say Diana found one of the cutest t-shirts from there. It is pink, and I got one, and she didn't. She may regret this, cause I know when I wear it, she will be wishing she had gotten one.
We find something to eat at the local Furr's and man the food was different. It was really good. Had some different things to eat. It is warm here, and we have been shredding clothes since Las Cruces. Nice to have some sun. Sure has been a mix of temperature. 
Next stop is Alamogordo. You will not believe all the trains we have seen on this trip.  They are really long and are loaded double decker.  We stop and get gas and go ahead and put our leather back on, cause we are getting ready to start back through the mountains to get to Ruidosa for our stop for the night.   
Cloudcroft is pretty busy, and amazed to see all the snow still on the ground. As we climb into the mountains, the white stuff is still pretty thick. We get to Ruidosa and I for one am so happy I have my leather on, cause it was a brisk ride. Chuck pulls into the Walmart in Ruidosa, and Diana and I are really excited, since we haven't been in one for over a week, and we are having with drawl. It was so nice to give Wally world some of our money :-) We drive through Ruidosa looking for a place to stay. We drive by the cabins we stayed at with Roger and Linda and Diana & Chris during one of our trips up here. Brings back some good memories of some really nice people we miss. OK, so we make a u, and drive back towards a motel that I spotted. As we pull up and look closer at the place, I think I have made a wrong selection. This little old scrunched up lady comes out, and I ask her if we can look at her rooms. We proceeds to tell us that she will let us have them for $45 per bed. She opens the door, and a silent gasp was felt by all who looked. Chucks eyes were save, as we got out of the room rather quickly. It was so old...the carpet was ancient, and made me wonder about the beds. I told the little lady we were really wanting king size beds, and she tells me she would let us have the room for $40. Poor thing, she was quite lonely, and proceeds to tell me she was 98 yrs old, and she had lived in Ruidosa for 65 yrs. She had two husbands and they had both died. I am sure she is a very wealthy little lady, as the property her motel is on is probably worth a small fortune. Finally was able to break away from her, and Diana and I got to laughing about the little lady and her ancient place. It would have scared us to death to even think of spending the night there. We all just wanted to give her the money and just leave. She was a funny little lady, and I am sure she had stories to tell. She told us about the illegal gambling, and the prostitution that had gone on in the early years of Ruidosa. 

On down the road we find a motel that has new beds and newly decorated. Well, have to say it was much better, and we settle in for the night. The Biggs room has some issues, as the toilet won't flush...get that fixed and then they have no heat. The owner takes care of everything, and we get some sleep. Tomorrow we head to Amarillo. We are trying to stay ahead of a front that is coming in behind us.

These two pictures were taken at the motel we staying in for the night. Love the bear pic, and as usual Diana was hoping to see a bear in the mountains...this is as close as she got.
If you read above, the Biggs had an issue with their toilet in their room. The second pic was taken to the right of our room. Told Chris he could always use this one if his didn't get fixed. Never saw Chris out there, so I am thinking that theirs was up and running quite nicely. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3-15-12 Thursday day 7 of New Calizona Vacation

We are up and on the bikes early as we have some miles to make back towards Oklahoma. Cool morning, and the leather feels really good. We leave Sedona, and head towards Jerome. The ride is great, and the road leading up to Jerome is amazing. The town was once a copper mining town, and according to Doug (remember our jeep tour guy), by 1929 Jerome's population was over 15,000 and Arizona had become the nation's leading copper producer. By 1950 there were less than 50 people left in the town. Jerome reminded me a lot of Eureka Springs, AR. We just rode though it, and it was fairly early, so didn't get to check it out. The rodes were very curvy and extremely narrow through town. 
The ride over the mountain was just another beautiful bit of Arizona that we get to enjoy today.  There was still snow in some areas.

Amazing how the scenery can change so quickly. Coming out of the mountains into the valleys, and seeing all the towns that are scattered around is pretty cool. Prescott is a nice looking town, and is really pretty large. We make our way through numerous mountain ranges, and stop in the Phoenix area for gas, and a quick lunch. Diana and I are in amazement of all the cactus that we are seeing as we come into the Phoenix area. They are called Saguaro cacti. They are thick as can be. She does a little reading about them and these things have to be old. Takes 85 yrs. to grow arms. They are actually on the endangered plant list. They seem to only grow in this region, along with Mexico, and one part of California. One cool cacti is all I can say. Diana tells us if you have a saguaro cactus that is a foot and a half tall, it would be 10 yrs. old. The cacti collect rain during the rainy season, and swell up, and that is how they live during the very hot times.
We make our way to Deming New Mexico and decide it is time to find a place to sleep for the night. We find a little place, and pull the bikes up to the rooms, and go and get something to eat at the local restaurant that is next door in another hotel. The daylight savings time is strange, as Arizona doesn't observe it. We had no clue what time it was in Arizona, other than our phones would change according to the time region we were in. Kept us guessing all the time.  
I had no idea we were so close to the Mexico border either. Saw signs on the roads and it would say where the next town was and would show a Mexico town also. Some were only 5 miles away.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-12 Wednesday day 6 of New Calizona Vacation

Breakfast at the motel was good, and we talk to the front desk and go ahead and stay one more day.  Too cool of a place not to check it out,  and this way we don't have to pull the trailers around, we can leave at motel.  We stop at the Catholic Church on the way.  We were told it is a must see.  Have to agree with that.  It was inspired by Frank Loyd Wright and it was absolutely wonderful.  Perched on the side of a mountain with all the natural landscape around it.  Really glad we got to see it.  On the bikes and on our way to the town center, we get to go around the "round abouts" again.  Pretty  cool idea, and it really does seem to keep the traffic moving on this very busy two laned road.  The mountains are breathtaking, and people are hiking, biking, running, offroading and any thing else you can think of.
 Quite an outdoors kinda place.  We park and start doing some retail therapy.   Diana needed to pick up a charger for her camera and we find a place they had advertised on the local TV station.  Nicest people and they had exactly what she was wanting.   Chuck finds a very good looking white pearl handled knife, and I get it for him, as he has a birthday on the 21st.  He is really hard to buy for, and I am happy to get him something that he likes.
Diana and I picked up some postcards to mail to the grand kids, and Diana got her sister something at the church and wanted to get it in the mail to her, so we are looking for the post office.  After a couple of peoples directions, and Chuck leading us, we find it.   All downhill and this will be an interesting walk back up the hill.  We make it back to the center of town without any problem.  More shopping, and time for lunch.

 We stop at a Mexican food place that has outdoor seating.  We sit outside and have a jalapeno margarita.  It was great, and the food we have was really good too. Refueled and ready to shop a little more, we make our way back to check on the bikes.  All is good, so we leave our purchases and go back to the shopping area.  The guys have been talking about doing one of the Jeep tours.  They have a pink jeep tour, and a couple of others.

 We walk into this one jeep tour , and ask if they have any leaving pretty soon, and we sign up for the extreme jeep tour.  We didn't have to wait long, and Doug, our driver comes out to get us.  Really nice guy and he gave a really good tour.  We learned a lot about the area, and the plants from the area.  They have a really large sink hole and we were up close and  personal to it.  Very interesting, and like I said before...Doug was a really good tour guide.  Enjoyed the ride.  Doug tells us that we have to go see the sunset.  So guess we will be doing that today also.

We get directions on where everyone meets for the sunset, and we stop at the rooms and get our leather as it will get cold  as soon as the sun goes down.  We get to the "spot" to watch the much talked about sunset, and experience this with a few hundred other people.  OK, sun has set, and there is a scramble to get back down the mountain.  Maybe some people never see the sun and it setting in the sky,  but other than the mountains, I think ours rates a lot higher on the scales of sunsets.   By the time we get our chaps on, the crowd has cleared out, and we head back to the motel.  Beautiful day in a totally awesome place.  So glad to get to experience Sedona, AZ.
Doug our tour guide says we have to ride to Jerome, AZ.  A bit out of the way, but we have to do it.  We will check it out tomorrow.  Did I say that the weather was "beautiful"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3-13-12 Tuesday day 5 of New Calizona Vacation

We get packed up and leave Vegas. Today's plan is to ride to California. We had wanted to go to the coast, but the weather is going to be cold, and we just aren't too excited about ocean and 50 degrees.  

We ride about 30 miles into California and buys some of the over $5 gas, and use their bathroom. I say this about the bathroom because the guys pointed out that's they had a waterfall to pee in. Chris opens the door for me to check it out, and sure enough, there was a waterfall in their bathroom. Strange, very strange. :-)  

We head back to the east and Sedona Arizona is the town we are heading towards. Off the highway, and onto a two laned road, we are winding our way through what looks like a forest. We reach an area and it says steep grade next several miles. Had no idea what we were about to see. Have to say, it was a beautiful ride down to Sedona. Place is really crawling with people, and we find a place to stop. Diana gets on the phone and we are having no luck at finding rooms in the town. Chuck gets on his, and finds us 2 rooms on down the road a little. It is starting to cool off, and the sun is setting, so was a perfect to to find the hotel and chill. The girl at the front desk tells Diana there is a nice restaurant within walking distance, and we head out to eat. We find it to be a nice place, and the food was really good. Well, this day is over and we have plans to go to the town of Sedona tomorrow and explore.

Monday, March 12, 2012

3-12-12 Monday day 4 of New Calizona Vacation

We are up and heading to breakfast at the IHOP that is just less than a block away. While sitting waiting for our order Diana notices a guy sleeping at the side of the building. We eat our breakfast and notice the lady in the booth behind us, takes the homeless guy some food to eat. What a sad and terrible life. There are a lot of homeless people on every corner. Since it has only been a few months since we were here, we think we are pretty much old pros at getting around. We now know, the monorail is not far from the hotel, so we go and get our day pass and ride to the shopping areas.

My rule for this trip is "no kiosk purchases" since Chuck and I had an issue with something we got there in October. We walked and rode, and walked some more. Lots of people due to it being Spring Break. We had bought a refillable cup for our margaritas, and we go back to the rooms and get them. Find a seat and just chill and watch people and drink from our cups. After the guys have a brauts, and we have a piece of pizza we go back to the casino floor, and attempt to make our first million. I am here to tell you, we are not millionaires. :( had a lot of fun with several machines, and was able to get ahead, but you know how that goes, We ended up giving it all back to them. Have to say it was really fun....just wish we could have come home with a big ole bag of money. Oh well, there is always next time :-) 

Looks like Lizzy was able to sneak in my purse, so guess she is enjoying the life in Vegas too. Hope she is a lucky rock :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

3-11-12 Sunday day 3 of New Calizona Vacation

We are up and heading towards the Grand Canyon this morning.  Clear skies, and windy.  We have a little over 50 miles to ride to get to the Canyon. The entrance to the Grand Canyon isn't real busy when we pull up to pay our $24 to enter.  The guy taking the money was a very friendly chap, not!!!  I nick named him "smiley". By the time we get parked and get ready to walk to the observation area, we realize it is pretty darn cold, and the wind is blowing like crazy.  Chris still has on his one piece riding suit, and Diana and I start laughing because when he walked he makes a swishing noise.  He proceeds to tell us his bikes hisses, and he swishes.  Well, alrighty then...guess we have that all figured out.  Well, it didn't take too long for us to decide we have seen the big hole in the ground, and it is time to get out of this place and head somewhere warmer.  Not sure if we can find it  but we are sure going to try.  At least it is dry today.

 We make it Seligman, AZ and pull into the Roadkill Restaurant.  It is right across the road from the place Chuck and I ate a couple of years ago.  Lunch finished, it is time to ride some Rt 66.  We take 66 to Kingman, AZ.  Was a really pretty ride.  So glad we got to experience it.  We make a gas stop as we get to Kingman.
Our next stop is the  Hoover Dam. 
The new road is really nice, and we get to see some very pretty mountain ranges.  Chuck points up and I finally see what he is pointing at.  It is a big horn sheep, and he is loosing his footing on the side of the mountain, and he is kicking up dirt like crazy.  Never saw one of those guys so closely.  Of course I didn't have my camera out.  :(  The new highway is really nice, and the new bridge going over the dam is nice as well.  Only thing we can see wrong is you can't see over it, to get a look at Hoover Dam.
 We pull off at the entrance to the Dam and ride the old road down to the spillway.  There is a check  point that you have to go through , so we pull over.  The officer ask us to open the trailers.  They didn't even really check them, and we were on our way.  Lots of people and we find a parking spot and get off a few pics of the dam.  Photos have been taken and venture towards Las Vegas.  We are there in no time.  We are staying at the Stratosphere this time.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                              Our rooms are on the 18th floor.  We are looking down the strip from our windows.  Very nice rooms, and we can watch the people repelling down the tower.
Unpacked and ready to explore the casino, we venture downstairs, and have a nice buffet dinner and feed the slots a little.  Nice day, and the weather is getting warmer all the time  We will explore the strip more tomorrow. Daylight savings time is great!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-10-12 Saturday day 2 of New Calizona Vacation

We take our time this morning as it is still snowing. We finally dust off the bikes and decide to try to get out of this wet stuff.  
Heading towards Albuquerque the snow seems to let up, and by the time we roll thru, the roads are dry. The dry roads were short lived, as the snow starts to come down even heavier and the temperature has dropped. I look over the windshield and ice has formed on it. Not a good thing, but we proceed. We stop in Gallop, NM and pull into a restaurant/hotel. Saw billboards on the road and thought it was worthy of a visit. Its called The Rancho. 

Really a cool place. Nice to get to thaw out for awhile. After we eat, we head outside, and there is actually a break in the clouds and we get a glimpse of the sun. Was short lived, but we know it is up there somewhere. I really don't remember when the snow stopped, but I do know it was really appreciated when it did. Now if it would just warm up. We make a stop at the Harley shop outside of Flagstaff, and Diana buys her some electric gloves. We just got there in the nick of time, as they close at 5 today.  

We only have about another 20 miles to go, and we will be in Williams, AZ for the night. The Highlander Inn has changed owners, and we get to meet the couple that bought it. They are from Belgium. Not sure why a person would want to come to Williams and make it their home, but they seem to be pretty happy about it. Hope they are able to make a go of it. Settled in our rooms, we walk and find a place to eat. Place was good, and they had pies....and of course we had to try some. Was pretty good!!! Back at the rooms we drink a margarita and chill for awhile. No ice at the motel, so Diana and I walk to a sandwich shop and buy some cups of ice. The rooms were adjoining and we were happy with the accommodations for the night. Time to get some rest, and hopefully get out of this wet and cold area of the world.

Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 Friday day 1 of New Calizona Vacation

We are setting out today for a 10 day vacation with Chris & Diana.  Plans were made back in early winter to go to Dayton Bike Week, and that was the plan until about two weeks ago.
The weather is not cooperating and supposed to rain coming and going.  We go to Plan "B"  Plans are to go to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, drive to California, and come back through Arizona, and then Lubbock and then home.  So with that said, it is 8:00 am and the sun is shining, and the  birds are singing and we are ready to ride.

Its 28 degrees and I have my heated gear on.  We are all bundled up quite nicely.  We get to Amarillo for lunch, and the weather is being very cooperative to this point.  Lunch and gassed up and we are off again.  We start having a lot more overcast, and by the time we are just on the east side of Tucumcari, NM, we start seeing snow.  The temperature is dropping, and the snow is getting thicker.  We get to Santa Rosa and Chuck says something about going ahead and stopping for the night.  It is about 3:30 and I tell him that the last weather map I saw looked like it would be clearing.  Boy was I wrong.  The snow keeps getting thicker and the temperature keeps dropping.  Woops!!!  Guess I was looking at an older map.

Was really glad to get to Cline's Corner and made a quick gas stop and decide we will get to Moriarty and find a place to stop for the night.  We find a motel, and none too soon as it really starts to snow.  By the time we get bikes unloaded they are getting covered.  There is a little burger place across the street so we just walk over for dinner.  Really good food.  Time to chill and hopefully  tomorrow is a little less eventful in the snow department.  This has been a very interesting day to say the least.  :)