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Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-10-12 Saturday day 2 of New Calizona Vacation

We take our time this morning as it is still snowing. We finally dust off the bikes and decide to try to get out of this wet stuff.  
Heading towards Albuquerque the snow seems to let up, and by the time we roll thru, the roads are dry. The dry roads were short lived, as the snow starts to come down even heavier and the temperature has dropped. I look over the windshield and ice has formed on it. Not a good thing, but we proceed. We stop in Gallop, NM and pull into a restaurant/hotel. Saw billboards on the road and thought it was worthy of a visit. Its called The Rancho. 

Really a cool place. Nice to get to thaw out for awhile. After we eat, we head outside, and there is actually a break in the clouds and we get a glimpse of the sun. Was short lived, but we know it is up there somewhere. I really don't remember when the snow stopped, but I do know it was really appreciated when it did. Now if it would just warm up. We make a stop at the Harley shop outside of Flagstaff, and Diana buys her some electric gloves. We just got there in the nick of time, as they close at 5 today.  

We only have about another 20 miles to go, and we will be in Williams, AZ for the night. The Highlander Inn has changed owners, and we get to meet the couple that bought it. They are from Belgium. Not sure why a person would want to come to Williams and make it their home, but they seem to be pretty happy about it. Hope they are able to make a go of it. Settled in our rooms, we walk and find a place to eat. Place was good, and they had pies....and of course we had to try some. Was pretty good!!! Back at the rooms we drink a margarita and chill for awhile. No ice at the motel, so Diana and I walk to a sandwich shop and buy some cups of ice. The rooms were adjoining and we were happy with the accommodations for the night. Time to get some rest, and hopefully get out of this wet and cold area of the world.

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  1. More snow again, pretty cold, my old electric gloves was a pain to put on! So I got some Harley gloves. Can't say much for their bikes but they do have excellent gear for riding. Those are the softest gloves and heated!

    The rooms were nice and ours even had a kitchenette in it!

    Food was great and nice to unwind after a cold and snowy start to the day!