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Monday, March 12, 2012

3-12-12 Monday day 4 of New Calizona Vacation

We are up and heading to breakfast at the IHOP that is just less than a block away. While sitting waiting for our order Diana notices a guy sleeping at the side of the building. We eat our breakfast and notice the lady in the booth behind us, takes the homeless guy some food to eat. What a sad and terrible life. There are a lot of homeless people on every corner. Since it has only been a few months since we were here, we think we are pretty much old pros at getting around. We now know, the monorail is not far from the hotel, so we go and get our day pass and ride to the shopping areas.

My rule for this trip is "no kiosk purchases" since Chuck and I had an issue with something we got there in October. We walked and rode, and walked some more. Lots of people due to it being Spring Break. We had bought a refillable cup for our margaritas, and we go back to the rooms and get them. Find a seat and just chill and watch people and drink from our cups. After the guys have a brauts, and we have a piece of pizza we go back to the casino floor, and attempt to make our first million. I am here to tell you, we are not millionaires. :( had a lot of fun with several machines, and was able to get ahead, but you know how that goes, We ended up giving it all back to them. Have to say it was really fun....just wish we could have come home with a big ole bag of money. Oh well, there is always next time :-) 

Looks like Lizzy was able to sneak in my purse, so guess she is enjoying the life in Vegas too. Hope she is a lucky rock :)