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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-12 Wednesday day 6 of New Calizona Vacation

Breakfast at the motel was good, and we talk to the front desk and go ahead and stay one more day.  Too cool of a place not to check it out,  and this way we don't have to pull the trailers around, we can leave at motel.  We stop at the Catholic Church on the way.  We were told it is a must see.  Have to agree with that.  It was inspired by Frank Loyd Wright and it was absolutely wonderful.  Perched on the side of a mountain with all the natural landscape around it.  Really glad we got to see it.  On the bikes and on our way to the town center, we get to go around the "round abouts" again.  Pretty  cool idea, and it really does seem to keep the traffic moving on this very busy two laned road.  The mountains are breathtaking, and people are hiking, biking, running, offroading and any thing else you can think of.
 Quite an outdoors kinda place.  We park and start doing some retail therapy.   Diana needed to pick up a charger for her camera and we find a place they had advertised on the local TV station.  Nicest people and they had exactly what she was wanting.   Chuck finds a very good looking white pearl handled knife, and I get it for him, as he has a birthday on the 21st.  He is really hard to buy for, and I am happy to get him something that he likes.
Diana and I picked up some postcards to mail to the grand kids, and Diana got her sister something at the church and wanted to get it in the mail to her, so we are looking for the post office.  After a couple of peoples directions, and Chuck leading us, we find it.   All downhill and this will be an interesting walk back up the hill.  We make it back to the center of town without any problem.  More shopping, and time for lunch.

 We stop at a Mexican food place that has outdoor seating.  We sit outside and have a jalapeno margarita.  It was great, and the food we have was really good too. Refueled and ready to shop a little more, we make our way back to check on the bikes.  All is good, so we leave our purchases and go back to the shopping area.  The guys have been talking about doing one of the Jeep tours.  They have a pink jeep tour, and a couple of others.

 We walk into this one jeep tour , and ask if they have any leaving pretty soon, and we sign up for the extreme jeep tour.  We didn't have to wait long, and Doug, our driver comes out to get us.  Really nice guy and he gave a really good tour.  We learned a lot about the area, and the plants from the area.  They have a really large sink hole and we were up close and  personal to it.  Very interesting, and like I said before...Doug was a really good tour guide.  Enjoyed the ride.  Doug tells us that we have to go see the sunset.  So guess we will be doing that today also.

We get directions on where everyone meets for the sunset, and we stop at the rooms and get our leather as it will get cold  as soon as the sun goes down.  We get to the "spot" to watch the much talked about sunset, and experience this with a few hundred other people.  OK, sun has set, and there is a scramble to get back down the mountain.  Maybe some people never see the sun and it setting in the sky,  but other than the mountains, I think ours rates a lot higher on the scales of sunsets.   By the time we get our chaps on, the crowd has cleared out, and we head back to the motel.  Beautiful day in a totally awesome place.  So glad to get to experience Sedona, AZ.
Doug our tour guide says we have to ride to Jerome, AZ.  A bit out of the way, but we have to do it.  We will check it out tomorrow.  Did I say that the weather was "beautiful"