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Saturday, March 17, 2012

3-17-12 Saturday day 9 of New Calizona Vacation

Packed and ready to get moving at our usual time of around 8, we are heading towards Amarillo today. The sun is shining, and it is a bit cool, but really a nice morning.  We are riding the road towards Roswell, and I nudge Chuck as I don't see Spydi behind us.  We make a u turn and there they are about a mile back. Spydi decided she didn't like the curves I guess, cause she went into limp mode.  By the time we get to them, Chris has already got her started again, so we just keep on moving.  We make it to Roswell to get gas so we can head on to Clovis, and then Amarillo.

The wind is blowing like crazy, and the dust is kicking up quite a bit.  The smell in the air around Hereford Texas is really strong.  Makes a person want to be a vegetarian...or at least it does me.  I feel so bad for all those cows.  We stopped in Clovis and get gas and pick up a Subway for lunch.  I really have to say we have had such a nice bunch of people about everywhere we have gone.  Seems like they are very glad to have you there, and just very helpful.  Arizona was the same way.

Just more wind as we make our way to Amarillo.  The wind didn't let up one bit.  The weather has been nice and warm, and we have been watching the up and coming weather event, and we should be able to get home before the rain is expected.  Has been so nice to have some sun, but as it usually goes, we have to have the darn wind with it.  We make it to Amarillo and decide to try the hotel that is next to Tripp's HD.  Had wanted to check it out and see if it would work for the Red River ride we are doing over Memorial weekend.  We get a room, and don't think it will be someplace we will be wanting to stay.  Don't get me wrong, it was clean, no bugs, but just hasn't been updated in a long time.  The beds are pretty old.  I think we have stayed in worse, but just not that great.  Won't be staying there again.  Oh well, you have to try it out to know.

 Dinner is at Blue Sky, and the food was really good as usual.  We find a liquor store, and get some margarita mix, so we head back to the motel, and pull our chairs out, and sit and do what we do best, talk......
We had so many fun things happened during the trip, and we have been able to laugh about all of them.  Just a very fun trip, and lots of memories have been made.  Time to get some sleep, as we need to be up and out of here early, so we can beat those storms.