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Sunday, March 18, 2012

3-18-12 Sunday day 10 of New Calizona Vacation

We wake up to a cloudy sky, and the wind is pretty brisk.  The weather reports has shown that the winds would only be about 20mph in the mornings, but I think they are all on crack, as it is really blowing.  The wind seems to always blow across the panhandle of Texas.  About the only thing that happened today on the ride home was the wind.  I truly don't know how Chuck and Chris can keep the bikes in the lines.  Passing trucks is a chore all in its own.  I was having helmet lift off, and had on my full face.  It was sure nice to see Yukon.... It was so nice to see the Redbud's blooming as we get closer to home.  Glad to be able to finally go North and get some relief from the wind.  Seems like everything has really greened up a lot since we have been gone.

I have to say this trip was a very interesting one as far as weather goes.  I am not sure that March is a good time to take out on a bike, but according to Arizona, it is the best time to visit, so I guess we did good in that respect.  We experienced snow, cold, warmth, sun, and wind, but we didn't have to deal with rain.  I think we all shall remember this trip for a very long time.  Sedona Arizona was a really nice unexpected fun spot.  Think we will have to revisit that area again sometime soon.  Some really good memories.  I am so glad I didn't loose my pictures this time from the Grand Canyon.  :)
Our mileage was 3080 and Spydi registered 3013....Oh what a trip!!!   :)