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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dinner ride with the Wild Banchee's 3-28-12

I am going to give a little back ground before I tell you about our ride this evening.
Chuck and I were in the yard last Sunday and our neighbor "Fast Eddy" came by on a little scooter with his granddaughter.  Fast Eddy owns the House of Kawasaki that is in Oklahoma City.  He lives around the corner from us.  He told Chuck that they were starting up their dinner rides on Thursday again, and he would text him the information and would like us to come and ride if we can.  OK, with that said, Chuck got a text and we are riding with them tonight.
Diana & Chris are with us, and we make it to the dealership a little after 6pm.  Several bikes are there, and we see Eddy and he introduces us to his dad.  His dad is in his 80's, and still does some motorcycle racing.  Eddy's son is also a racer.  Chuck introduces Eddy to Chris and Diana as "fast Eddy, and Eddy proceeds to say that you can take the "s" out of that and he was more like "fat Eddy" now.  Everyone is very friendly, or at least the guys were.  Diana and I mentioned later, that not one woman said anything to us. 
As we are waiting to leave, a black Spyder comes rolling in.  Eddy says he is an old guy, and that he has had the bike for quite a while.  Glad that Chris would have someone to talk Spyder talk to.  There is another Harley that shows up, and the rest of the bikes are Kawasaki's and other types.  I can't really tell the makes of them.  Not that familiar. 
It is 6:28 and in true form, you start seeing people go to their bikes...Chuck and I learned from last time we rode with them, that is THE sign to get on your bike and get ready to ride.  Sure enough, they pull out like a wild crazy group, some going straight down 10th street and then some turning at the street next to the dealership.  We choose to go with the ones turning on the street next to the store.  Looks like to me we have about 12 bikes.  As we come to the first stop sign, everyone is just stopped.  Someone pulls out, and takes the lead and we are off again.  Pulling onto Council was actually a breeze.  There were no cars and we all got out very easily.  We are behind the man on the Spyder, and Chris and Diana are behind us.  The four of us are connected together via our blue tooth headsets, and we are talking.  I told Chris to look in front of us, cause that is what he looks like going down the rode.  The man on the other Spyder I have called Black Widow, but a little later we decide that his name needs to be Papa Spydi.....Oh my, we haven't even been riding for more than 10 minutes, and we have already starting branding people with our very own nicknames.  Yes, we are bad.  Our first stop light is so funny, cause there is already some jocking around for positions in the pack.  We hold fast with our spot, and that is where we will stay.
  Our destination is La Luna Mexican Rest. over by Newcastle.  We head south on Council and go towards Mustang.  As we get to Hwy. 92 in Mustang, all of a sudden, everyone is turning into the 7-11.  Someone needs gas....Oh my, don't they know the rule on that???  Full tank, empty bladder.  By the time the guy gets his gas, the other 6 bikes show up that had left out and went the other direction.  Hear one guy say they got lost...really?  LOL 
Ready to head out, and Fast Eddy comes up to Chuck and say, if you want to go around Papa Spydi just go around him.  Chuck told Eddy he didn't want to hurt the old guys feelings....Eddy assures Chuck it is fine.  As we pull out, Papa Spydi hasn't gotten his bike started so this was our chance to get in front of him.  We jumped for that chance, and headed out...full blast.  Chris was being his courteous self, and was behind a few bikes.  I notice a bright yellow helmet behind us and I ask Chuck if that was Papa Eddy.  Yep, sure is.  Seems to be a really good rider.  More than I can say about some of these banchees.  We ride to Union City, Minco, and then turn back east towards Blanchard.  Through all the passing and moving around, we are now behind a man on his Gold Wing.  He slows and goes...Then he gets a bee in his bonnet, and drives 80 then he backs off.  Chuck rides his usual ride.  Strong and steady we go, and papa Eddy is right with us all the way. 
We make it to the 4 lane portion of the road to Newcastle, and here we go....start to see a lot of swapping of lanes and positions.  I think this kind of reminds me of car racing.  LOL  Papa Spydi is in the left lane, and he passes us several times, and then we pass him.  By the time we get to the light at Hwy 4 the Harley has made his way up and is in front of us.  How did he do that....One thing about it, there is never a dull moment on these rides.  It is close to 8pm,  I think,  when we pull into the restaurant.  People better look out cause they might get run over by the biker gang.  Not a lot of parking spaces as they are pretty busy, and the bike parking area is filling up quickly.  We opt to just find a spot and park. 
We enter the restaurant and they have an area set up for us.  Amazing enough we have one waiter taking care of this whole group.  I never counted how many people we had, but I am thinking with 17 bikes and some are riding two up, we had about 25 or more people.  As we sat there and the guy took our order for drinks, Chuck and Chris say that this could be a very long evening.  Amazingly enough, the guy had it all together, and moved around and got all our orders taken.  The food came out very quickly too, and the other staff members finally came over and helped him get the food handed out. 
Every time we would give someone our names all evening, they would get a kick out of Diana and Diane, and Chris and Chuck.  The guy that sat at our table got a kick out of the Double D comment that I think Chuck threw out.  We really did have a good fun filled evening.  Got to laugh and meet some nice people.  I talk about the way the group rides, but they seem to be pretty safe.  It is just so different than what we are used to with the Harley group.  Dinner is over, and bill is paid, so it is time to get ready to head home.  Chuck and I are out by our bike, and Papa Eddy comes walking up, and he ask if he was riding behind us on the ride over here.  Chuck tells him yes, and he said, he though so, and was sure glad he was behind a stable rider....none of the flipping lanes, and positions.  Nice to know that he even noticed.  We make it home a little after 10pm, and can truly say it was fun.  Riding with the Banchee's was an experience.  Enough said.