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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spyderfest #3 Day 4

We wake to fog and you know what that means.  Looks like we are going to have a rain suit ride home.  :(  Weather is down towards Springfield, and we will more than likely catch up to it.  Dummy me decides to not put on my rain suit.  All the other seasoned bikers take heed to the weather and dress appropriately.  I have on my leather, and barring a downpour should be quite nice and comfy.  The skies go from almost light to really dark.

 No rain though.  As we get closer to Lebanon, I am on the phones looking at the weather app.  We are going to meet the big mess of rain and it is coming quickly.  Lots of lightening, and we decide it is time to take cover.  We don't get to the cover before it starts pouring.  Now remember I am wearing my leather.  Hmmm, and why didn't I put on my rain suit.  Was really glad when we pull off the highway and duck under the cover of a gas station.  I have some really wet gloves, and my jeans are pretty wet in the crotch department.  I am finding I am not the only one that has some wet clothing.  Diana goes and changes her shirt cause she is pretty wet.  Chuck says water was dripping in the front of him too.  Chris failed to put his gloves on, so he was feeling the driving rain on his bare hands.  Guess we all got a little bit of something out of this.  I am putting my rain suit on, and maybe this will wart off the rain gods.  As we stand there drying out, and couple of Spyders pull up.  They have decided to take refuge as well.  Nice people...they don't live too far from Lebanon...on the Oklahoma side, at Grand Lake.  We get back on the bikes as the storm has now passed, and head towards Springfield.  We stop there for lunch and gas.  Weather is clearing a lot after we finish eating.  Time to take off the rain gear.  Hopefully we don't need it anymore.  There were a few patches of mist along the way to Tulsa, but really not bad at all.  The wind is really blowing like crazy.  Probably a good thing we have the cloud coverage, as it would be so hot and humid otherwise.  Last stop is gas in Tulsa.  Poor Chris and Diana are flogged by a girl as soon as they pull in for gas.  She is wanting to ask all the regular questions that everyone ask.  Has been a quiet weekend on the "ask Chris about the Spyder".

As we make the final stretch to home, we hit a couple of small showers, but nothing bad.  Other than the downpour that we experienced earlier today, this has really been a nice weekend for riding.  Enjoyed exploring Missouri a little more, but as usual, there is never enough days to do all we want to.  Great weekend, and enjoyed Spyderfest #3.  Mileage 1097.

Spyderfest #3 Day 3

Quite a few Spyder people have stayed the night at our motel. Chris is out talking with some by the time we get down to the breakfast area. Guess they are from all over, cause he said hi to a couple of guys earlier this morning, and they didn't speak English.

 We ride back over to the dealership so they can get a few more goodies put on their bike....that is, if they haven't sold out. They are in luck and able to get what they wanted, and even get them installed . It is probably close to noon when we leave.  Chris says the worlds largest Rocking Chair is in Cuba, so of course we have to take a spin to check it out.  Seems like every state has the "worlds largest" of something.  Maybe we need to keep tabs on these, cause I am sure we have seen the worlds largest rocking chair in Texas too.  Hmmm, just something to ponder.  :)

Going to find a place to eat lunch and find a good road to ride. Chris strikes out and we go through the downtown area of St. James. Cute little town, and lots of bikes running around. We head east and get on a really nice stretch of road.....and we keep going east.  We went through several cute little towns, and seems to have bikes everywhere.  We get on Hwy 8, and ride to Potasi.  We find a Mexican food place and stop and have lunch.  Food was really good.  I am not sure what road we took from there, but I know we were heading back towards the west.  We have been going in and out of the Mark Twain National Forest.  The roads are nice and curvy, and really are nice for riding. 

Syders everywhere  

We make it to Salem, and stop and fuel.  I suggest we find some ice cream, and we plug into the GPS, and as usual, it isn't there when we get to the address.  As we turned the corner, one of the large gas stations was absolutely crawling with Spyders.  They had a ride originate from Cuba, and I guess this was the group.  Very impressive seeing all the Spyders all over the place.  We saw a Sonic so we ride back to it, and sit outside and watch the Spyders pull out.  I wish I had counted them, cause you would never believe how many there were.  Diana and I noticed an Amish wagon, and some baskets at the station that had all the Spyders, so we ride over there so we can check this out.  We both purchase a basket.  We are so proud of our find.  The guys just think we are a bit crazy.  Chris says, they probably bought them at Garden Ridge, and scribbled their names on the bottom of them.  LOL 
The Amish Basket Wagon
We head on back towards Rolla with our little finds, and the clouds are starting to get darker.  We hit a few small showers, but nothing bad.  As we get into Rolla, it starts raining lightly, so we make our way back to the motel to map out our next plan. 
We end up getting back on the bikes, and going to a little antique place I had seen.  Nothing exciting, and the guy was locking the door as we left.  Tried to go to another antique place but it was closed.  Oh well, guess we tried.  Back towards Rolla taking the "local" roads.  We find a Steak and Shakes to eat.  Wish I could say it was good, but the service was BAD!!!  Poor guy, I am thinking he was new, but really, 4 waters....and we don't get them till after we get the food.  Wow!!!  Time to get back to the rooms as it is looking like there is more weather coming our way.  As we pull up to the motel, there is a lady pulling her car by us.  Says she heard there was some really large hail in Illinois, and she wasn't wanting her car to get beat up.  With that said, we cover the bike and head into the TV to see what was going on.

  There are several storms, but have to say, they don't do the "weather woody" that our guys do here in Oklahoma.  There is just a little square on the left side of the TV, and of course we have no idea where that county is.  They might want to learn how to alert people.  Hey, I know, I complain as much as anyone about the Mike Morgans, and the Gary Englands of Okla. but by golly we know where the weather is at.  The whole map is visible.  Watching TV. and drinking some of our St. James wine that we bought today.  Not a bad better not get bad, cause we might blow away before we figure out where the heck we are at.  Gary, where are you an Val....and that Getner....Good night world...Hope we awake to some sunshine.  Positive thought  :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spyderfest #3 Day 2

We get up and go down for breakfast at the motel around 8am. Kinda slim pickings on the food and the attendant ask if we want a waffle. Chuck and I opt for one. Diana comments that the girl is having problems with waffles, and when she brings us a pile of mushed up waffle, we totally agree with her. The attendant makes a phone call and Diana hears her telling someone that the Teflon on the waffle maker is coming off. The girl leaves and Diana tells us what she overheard. Well, those pieces of waffle hit the trash. So to say the least, it was a slim breakfast.

Loaded and ready to get to Rolla, to see if and when Diana's phone will be delivered. It is brisk and all have on our chaps except Diana. Glad to have them on, cause with the wind, it is just downright cold. We pull into Rolla around 10:20 and talk to the lady at the front desk, and she says that FedEx usually gets there about 10:30. Just like clockwork, the guy walks in at a little after 10:30. Diana catches him as he walks in and ask if he had something for her. He did, and now she has a new iPhone to get programed with her stuff.  Mourning is officially over.:-)

We gas and make our way to Cuba, to the Cowtown motor sports. Quite a few spyders running around. Not very many vendors, but Diana finds some armrest she has to have. The guy installs them, but they can't use them till they get home and take the ones on their cobra seat off. It is starting to look pretty blue to the south of us, and as we check our weather apps, there is a pretty large storm heading our way.  Never seen so many Spyders take off.  Guess they don't like rain either.  :)

 They finish installing the armrest, and we head towards a restaurant in Cuba to find some lunch and hide out till the weather passes. Good timing as it is just a light mist by the time we make it to the restaurant.

Lunch will be at the Frisco Grill..... Chris says he had eaten here a few months ago and was really good. It isn't very busy, and we get to stretch out in a fairly large table, cause Chuck and I are carrying our helmets with us. Diana   and I order the Frisco Patty melt. I have to say, it was really really good. Cooked perfect. Diana tells us about a sign at the front door....says it says something about no this, and no that, and the last thing on it is no onions. Well we aren't sure about that, but she gets up and double checks it. Sure enough it says you can't bring in onions. Well now, we are going to have to have that explained to us. The hostess passes by Diana as she comes back to the table. She comes over and tells all of us what the sign is all about. Seems that one of the locals would come in and order extra onion and they charged him fifty cents extra for this and the man threw a big ole hissy fit. He left and the next visit he places his order and when it comes, he pulls out his own onion that he has in a zip lock bag. Well, that is against all code and they asked him to leave and I guess he threw another fit and threw his plate. She proceeds to say that his wife still come and eats there, but he doesn't. She also said that he could call up there and disguise his voice and ask if they charged extra for onions. The restaurant was very clean, and she said they always get very good scores and would like to keep it that way. The gentleman had once owned a restaurant so he of all people should know that you can't bring your own food into a restaurant. We all got a good laugh and enjoyed meeting the two sisters that run the place. Sure wish they were closer to us cause it would be wonderful to come and eat at the place with our group of Moles:-)

We walk out to the bikes and most of the rain has passed.  A quick trip to Walmart and we head back to our rooms.  Diana gets her IPhone out, and starts to transfer her information.  Before you know it, she is up and running.  Time to start about eating and there is a BBQ restaurant across from the motel, so  we walk over and eat dinner. We have decided that other states may think they can fix BBQ but if it isn't from Oklahoma or Texas it is just not that good. Diana got the hottest of the hot sauce and she said it was just not that hot. The ribs were beef and they weren't tender....So, see we are BBQ connoisseurs. LOL. Very nice indoor hot tub and pool at the motel, and we all purchase swimsuits so we could get in.

We tried the hot tub as Chuck is really having some shoulder issues, and hope this helps. It's not that hot, but was nice relaxing evening  with our friends.

Goin to Spyderfest #3 Day 1

We are heading to Cuba Missouri for Spyderfest with Diana & Chris. Since they are always so great about going with us to all the Harley stuff we thought it was only right to go with them.

Our ride starts with a sadness that has almost overwhelmed Diana. Her IPhone has had a major malfunction, and she is without one. Only good thing is that her carrier is going to ship her a new phone to the motel we are staying at in Rolla, Missouri. Think that is pretty awesome of them.

We get on the road about 4:45. It is in the 80s and a bit windy, and really is about perfect riding weather. We get through the evening traffic and get on the turnpike. We no more get rolling, and we have to come to a stop. Looks like there has been an accident and now we are dealing with idiots trying to get in front of all the patient people that are in the correct line of traffic. Chuck moves the bike over in the other lane to block the lane.    We finally get to the accident and it is an overturned horse trailer and truck. They have two horses out of the trailer and there is one still in the trailer. It isn't moving, and Diana are hoping they had sedated it. Amazing how many miles we have traveled and have really not had to come across very many wrecks. Thank goodness cause we really don't like to come upon these events. We are back moving and plans to eat dinner in Tulsa.

 Uneventful ride and we make it to Mexican food restaurant about 7:00. Food was great and so were the margaritas! I can actually say it has been the first meal I have had since Tuesday and it was very very good. Think the bug that kicked my butt on Tuesday is finally on its way out of me. We ride to about 11pm, and stop at a motel in Springfield. Thumbs up to Chris, as the motel he rolled into is a good one. The beds are really nice, and we don't waste a lot of time and hit the hay. We will head on to Cuba tomorrow morning. We are only about 100 miles from our motel destination in Rolla. Hopefully we have a FedEx delivery waiting for us at the motel in the morning. We have to get finished mourning for the iPhone. :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pearl takes a spin 4-21-12

Weather is just about perfect today, and Chuck thought that it would be good to take Pearl out for a spin.  Tires are aired up and we get on her to go take some oil over to Frank.  We are almost to Hwy 4 and Wilshire, and true to form, Pearl lets out a big ole backfire.  Scared me to death....forgot she has a tendency to do that.  LOL   We ride on into Yukon, and we are tooling down Hwy 66 almost to Mustang Rd. and Chuck lets off the throttle, and kaaa-boom.....she lets out the biggest backfire you can imagine.  It was LOUD.....The guy next to us in a Jeep, ducks....I am laughing like crazy by now.  Oh are just a funny bike.  You know, we rode the rest of the afternoon, and she didn't let out a peep, so I guess she was just explaining to us in her own little way, how excited she was to be out of the garage.  Guess it is kinda like how we feel when we get and breath some fresh air.  I swear if we were on the south side of town, we would have had everyone ducking.  ROFL
I just had to write about Miss Pearl today, and I know you who know and love her will be laughing along with us.  She is a "special" bike, that is for sure.  :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wing-ding at Hooters!! 4-11-12

Our waitress could hold her own with Chuck 
Our friend Allen won a party for 10 of his closest friends and himself at Hooters during the CA Run in February.  The offer was good til April 12th, so we just made the deadline.  The deal is that we can eat all the wings we can eat, and soft drinks were free also.  Other drinks and foods will be extra.  We are at Hooters at 5pm, and ready to chow down on some Hotwings. 
Chuck and I are the first to show up, and as we are waiting for the rest of the gang, I see a very dear friend of mine walking into the restaurant.  Haven't seen Pammie in quite a while, and was really good to see her.  She was able to meet Chuck and also some of the other peeps that showed up.  Was really good to see her.  She also treated us with a couple of free appitizer offers she had.  So we get some fried pickles, and motzarella sticks also.  Turning out to be a great dinner.  :)
Red Dirt Ready Wings.... 
Our waitress ask us what type of wings we want.  We all threw out a few flavors and the order was placed.  We got to try a few of the new flavors they had, and the Habanero ones were really a hit.  The Cajun hotwings were ok, at first.....but Chuck said they tasted like dirt....everyone decided he was I named them "red dirt ready".   I personally like the garlic spice ones also.  Man, we had a lot of wings going round the table.  Allen re-ordered a second go round, and I would have to guess we had close to 350 boneless wings.  It was a great time.  I think I have had my fill for wings for a while. 


Thanks to Allen for inviting us to share his wealth.  I can say, I think we all had a blast, but of course, it was around what we do best.  Eat!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dinner at Bricktown 5-6-12

Tom suggested we eat at Deep Deuce Grill on Friday night.  He even got them to reserve a table for us.  We had 10 people show to eat.  Kept waiting on Frank & Arleta to show up, as I had gotten an email from him, and he said they would be there.  They never made it. :(  We had a great meal, and sat outside an ate.  It was a little cool, but was about right for a jacket.   We will be doing it again soon.  Nothing really exciting about the dinner...but we did get to ride there.  Weather was about perfect.
Got an email from Frank the next morning, and he said his GPS couldn't find the place.  Really can't call....hmmm, going to have to remind him, just call and we will get you there.  Deep Deuce Grill definately got a thumbs up for this group.  :)