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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spyderfest #3 Day 3

Quite a few Spyder people have stayed the night at our motel. Chris is out talking with some by the time we get down to the breakfast area. Guess they are from all over, cause he said hi to a couple of guys earlier this morning, and they didn't speak English.

 We ride back over to the dealership so they can get a few more goodies put on their bike....that is, if they haven't sold out. They are in luck and able to get what they wanted, and even get them installed . It is probably close to noon when we leave.  Chris says the worlds largest Rocking Chair is in Cuba, so of course we have to take a spin to check it out.  Seems like every state has the "worlds largest" of something.  Maybe we need to keep tabs on these, cause I am sure we have seen the worlds largest rocking chair in Texas too.  Hmmm, just something to ponder.  :)

Going to find a place to eat lunch and find a good road to ride. Chris strikes out and we go through the downtown area of St. James. Cute little town, and lots of bikes running around. We head east and get on a really nice stretch of road.....and we keep going east.  We went through several cute little towns, and seems to have bikes everywhere.  We get on Hwy 8, and ride to Potasi.  We find a Mexican food place and stop and have lunch.  Food was really good.  I am not sure what road we took from there, but I know we were heading back towards the west.  We have been going in and out of the Mark Twain National Forest.  The roads are nice and curvy, and really are nice for riding. 

Syders everywhere  

We make it to Salem, and stop and fuel.  I suggest we find some ice cream, and we plug into the GPS, and as usual, it isn't there when we get to the address.  As we turned the corner, one of the large gas stations was absolutely crawling with Spyders.  They had a ride originate from Cuba, and I guess this was the group.  Very impressive seeing all the Spyders all over the place.  We saw a Sonic so we ride back to it, and sit outside and watch the Spyders pull out.  I wish I had counted them, cause you would never believe how many there were.  Diana and I noticed an Amish wagon, and some baskets at the station that had all the Spyders, so we ride over there so we can check this out.  We both purchase a basket.  We are so proud of our find.  The guys just think we are a bit crazy.  Chris says, they probably bought them at Garden Ridge, and scribbled their names on the bottom of them.  LOL 
The Amish Basket Wagon
We head on back towards Rolla with our little finds, and the clouds are starting to get darker.  We hit a few small showers, but nothing bad.  As we get into Rolla, it starts raining lightly, so we make our way back to the motel to map out our next plan. 
We end up getting back on the bikes, and going to a little antique place I had seen.  Nothing exciting, and the guy was locking the door as we left.  Tried to go to another antique place but it was closed.  Oh well, guess we tried.  Back towards Rolla taking the "local" roads.  We find a Steak and Shakes to eat.  Wish I could say it was good, but the service was BAD!!!  Poor guy, I am thinking he was new, but really, 4 waters....and we don't get them till after we get the food.  Wow!!!  Time to get back to the rooms as it is looking like there is more weather coming our way.  As we pull up to the motel, there is a lady pulling her car by us.  Says she heard there was some really large hail in Illinois, and she wasn't wanting her car to get beat up.  With that said, we cover the bike and head into the TV to see what was going on.

  There are several storms, but have to say, they don't do the "weather woody" that our guys do here in Oklahoma.  There is just a little square on the left side of the TV, and of course we have no idea where that county is.  They might want to learn how to alert people.  Hey, I know, I complain as much as anyone about the Mike Morgans, and the Gary Englands of Okla. but by golly we know where the weather is at.  The whole map is visible.  Watching TV. and drinking some of our St. James wine that we bought today.  Not a bad better not get bad, cause we might blow away before we figure out where the heck we are at.  Gary, where are you an Val....and that Getner....Good night world...Hope we awake to some sunshine.  Positive thought  :)