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Friday, April 27, 2012

Goin to Spyderfest #3 Day 1

We are heading to Cuba Missouri for Spyderfest with Diana & Chris. Since they are always so great about going with us to all the Harley stuff we thought it was only right to go with them.

Our ride starts with a sadness that has almost overwhelmed Diana. Her IPhone has had a major malfunction, and she is without one. Only good thing is that her carrier is going to ship her a new phone to the motel we are staying at in Rolla, Missouri. Think that is pretty awesome of them.

We get on the road about 4:45. It is in the 80s and a bit windy, and really is about perfect riding weather. We get through the evening traffic and get on the turnpike. We no more get rolling, and we have to come to a stop. Looks like there has been an accident and now we are dealing with idiots trying to get in front of all the patient people that are in the correct line of traffic. Chuck moves the bike over in the other lane to block the lane.    We finally get to the accident and it is an overturned horse trailer and truck. They have two horses out of the trailer and there is one still in the trailer. It isn't moving, and Diana are hoping they had sedated it. Amazing how many miles we have traveled and have really not had to come across very many wrecks. Thank goodness cause we really don't like to come upon these events. We are back moving and plans to eat dinner in Tulsa.

 Uneventful ride and we make it to Mexican food restaurant about 7:00. Food was great and so were the margaritas! I can actually say it has been the first meal I have had since Tuesday and it was very very good. Think the bug that kicked my butt on Tuesday is finally on its way out of me. We ride to about 11pm, and stop at a motel in Springfield. Thumbs up to Chris, as the motel he rolled into is a good one. The beds are really nice, and we don't waste a lot of time and hit the hay. We will head on to Cuba tomorrow morning. We are only about 100 miles from our motel destination in Rolla. Hopefully we have a FedEx delivery waiting for us at the motel in the morning. We have to get finished mourning for the iPhone. :-)