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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pearl takes a spin 4-21-12

Weather is just about perfect today, and Chuck thought that it would be good to take Pearl out for a spin.  Tires are aired up and we get on her to go take some oil over to Frank.  We are almost to Hwy 4 and Wilshire, and true to form, Pearl lets out a big ole backfire.  Scared me to death....forgot she has a tendency to do that.  LOL   We ride on into Yukon, and we are tooling down Hwy 66 almost to Mustang Rd. and Chuck lets off the throttle, and kaaa-boom.....she lets out the biggest backfire you can imagine.  It was LOUD.....The guy next to us in a Jeep, ducks....I am laughing like crazy by now.  Oh are just a funny bike.  You know, we rode the rest of the afternoon, and she didn't let out a peep, so I guess she was just explaining to us in her own little way, how excited she was to be out of the garage.  Guess it is kinda like how we feel when we get and breath some fresh air.  I swear if we were on the south side of town, we would have had everyone ducking.  ROFL
I just had to write about Miss Pearl today, and I know you who know and love her will be laughing along with us.  She is a "special" bike, that is for sure.  :)