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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wing-ding at Hooters!! 4-11-12

Our waitress could hold her own with Chuck 
Our friend Allen won a party for 10 of his closest friends and himself at Hooters during the CA Run in February.  The offer was good til April 12th, so we just made the deadline.  The deal is that we can eat all the wings we can eat, and soft drinks were free also.  Other drinks and foods will be extra.  We are at Hooters at 5pm, and ready to chow down on some Hotwings. 
Chuck and I are the first to show up, and as we are waiting for the rest of the gang, I see a very dear friend of mine walking into the restaurant.  Haven't seen Pammie in quite a while, and was really good to see her.  She was able to meet Chuck and also some of the other peeps that showed up.  Was really good to see her.  She also treated us with a couple of free appitizer offers she had.  So we get some fried pickles, and motzarella sticks also.  Turning out to be a great dinner.  :)
Red Dirt Ready Wings.... 
Our waitress ask us what type of wings we want.  We all threw out a few flavors and the order was placed.  We got to try a few of the new flavors they had, and the Habanero ones were really a hit.  The Cajun hotwings were ok, at first.....but Chuck said they tasted like dirt....everyone decided he was I named them "red dirt ready".   I personally like the garlic spice ones also.  Man, we had a lot of wings going round the table.  Allen re-ordered a second go round, and I would have to guess we had close to 350 boneless wings.  It was a great time.  I think I have had my fill for wings for a while. 


Thanks to Allen for inviting us to share his wealth.  I can say, I think we all had a blast, but of course, it was around what we do best.  Eat!!!