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Monday, May 28, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally Day 5 2012

We are up and heading back towards Oklahoma at 7am.  It is pretty cool this morning and all the leather feels pretty good.  The ride home is always interesting because you can't put on enough clothes when you leave in the morning, and before you know it, you are wanting to shed it all.  Our first stop is Cline Corner for gas, and breakfast.  They actually have a pretty darn good breakfast there, and Allen has to try one of their burritos.  I didn't stay around to see if he was able to eat the whole thing.

  You won't believe what Diana & I found there.  Saguaro Cactus.  And guess who has a trailer to bring them back with us.  Chris is the lucky guy that gets to transport our much anticipated cactus back to Oklahoma.  :)  The lady was so kind to put them in boxes with tissue wrapped around them for a safe journey home.
Diana & I both know that we will probably not live long enough to see these little guys even grown 6" more less an arm....Oh well, we have them in our possession now.  We are happy campers.  Just another "factoid" as it takes the cactus 80 yrs. to grow arms...that is why I say that Diana & I will never see this occur.  LOL  
As predicted, the weather starts to warm up, and we shed layers of clothing at our stop at Tucumcari.  By the time we make it to Amarillo we are all needing water.  It has warmed up quite nicely.  I snapped this pic when we stopped to eat at Rudy's in Amarillo.  The ride home was pretty uneventful.  The combines were cutting wheat and the wind was blowing..It felt like we had a headwind all the way back home.  
We stopped at Hinton, got gas, got some ice cream, and told Doreen and Allen goodbye.  They were cutting across the back roads.  It was 93 degrees in Hinton.  The clouds have started to build as there is supposed to be storms moving in this evening.  Think we are getting home at a good time.  Chris & Diana follow us home so I can get my cactus out of their trailer.  Pretty excited about that darn cactus!!!  Everyone starts texting that they made it home safely.  Love to get those type of text.  Great ride guys.  Mileage1629....

I guess we use the rally for an excuse to go to New Mexico, but it is far from the reason that we go.  There is so much history and great riding to do in that state, and especially around the Santa Fe area.  Yes the rally is "just another rally", with the same ole t-shirts & leather vendors, but just take a look around you.  Mountains are everywhere.  The ride to Santa Fe is an easy ride, boring but easy to get there.  The motels that we stay in are modest, but how much time do you actually stay in the room anyway?  As long as they are clean and have pretty good beds, we are good to go.  I know this is just my opinion, but you know, this is my blog.  The King's Rest was quite accommodating and I really love that we have covered parking and we can drive right up to our door.  Great trip and great memories were made.  I have never written about losing a bike completely from bike troubles that couldn't be fixed.  Congrats to Patty & Stan for their new bike.  I know they are happy with their purchase.  :)  
The final pic of this ride is the one that they take as we go into Red River.  Would love  to have everyone post their pic like this on the blog.  Hope I have some takers.  :)  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally Day 4 2012

Will have to back track just a bit to say that while we were sitting around talking yesterday evening, Steve is looking at his back tire and notices that it isn't looking very good.  With that said, he and Jennifer have decided to go to the Harley dealership and get a new tire on the bike.  Stan's group is going to tour Red River and head towards home via Guymon.  We on the other hand are going to ride to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and then on to Chimayo.  Tom has a route for us to take.  It was really nice to see some scenery we haven't gotten to check out before.  The road was absolutely wonderful.  Not a lot of traffic, which says a lot, cause if you have ever had to sit through the traffic in Taos you would really appreciate this route.  The wind is still blowing, but has really calmed down from yesterday.  It is cold this morning, and the leather feels really good.
 We make it to the gorge, and Tom pulls around to make a pit stop.  Diana & I got a big kick out of the sign that was at the potty. Would like to say, we was a yes!!!  See picture to understand this statement.  Leave it to us to find a button to push.
We talk our pics of the gorge, and have to admit it was pretty cool.  The bridge has some haunting tales also.  Said to have some strange things happen around it.  It was dubbed the "bridge to nowhere" because when they built it, they didn't have the funding to complete the road.
This bridge is the 4th tallest bridge in the US, and yes, we saw it. Just more "factoids" I learned.  As we head towards Taos, we get to see the Earthships.  This is a very interesting bunch of houses that are out here in the middle of nowhere.  Will have to come back and explore them on another trip.

Earthships are ecological houses build mostly from old tires or other recycled waste, built on the earth for the purpose of living “off the grid.” They are using solar and geothermal energy which allows the home to be heatedwithout gas. What is amazing is that many people who live in earthships say they pay anywhere from $0 to $100 per year for utilities. It even recycles rain waterWhen is winter outside, the sun’s low rays hits the tire wall and the heat slowly permeates throughout the house. Electricity needs can be generated from the installed solar panels.

Back into Taos, Tom pulls into a parking area for us to get off the bikes and do some shopping.  Norma has to go to a leather shop and have something done to her purse she bought there.  We enjoyed walking around and window shopping  We had to make an emergency stop at the Chocolate shop.  Had to snap a picture of Tom sitting with the raggedy old bear that greets the people who make this their stop.  Of course we all came out with some much needed chocolate.  :)  We girls were happy cause we got a little more retail therapy done.  Always is good to buy something.  

Back on the bikes and we are heading to Chimayo.  We will be taking the high road from Taos.  We visit "Franks Bathrooms" again.  There is a joke about it, so I guess you will have to visit the place to understand.   The Santuario de Chimayo is famous for several miracles that have been said to occur there.  If you want you can take some of the sacred dirt with you.  It is said to have healing powers.  Doreen comes out of the sanctuary with dirt in her hand.  She is so sweet to actually share it.  We all put some on our much needed hurts and pains.  Norma has put some in a small box she brought with her, so it looks like we are all fixed up for a while.  
On our way back to Santa Fe to sit and relax for awhile. Jennifer has been in contact via text message and they have gotten their tire on, and have decided to ride to the gorge.  We actually pass them on the road.  By the time we get back to the rooms, Jennifer & Steve are only about 15 minutes behind us.   We decide instead of going somewhere to eat, we would just call in pizza and let them deliver to us.  That worked out quite nicely.  The Thunder game was on so the guys watched the game, and we girls would check on the score every so often, and sat outside and talked.  What a great last day in New Mexico.  Got to pack and get ready for the ride back to Oklahoma. Over and out...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally Day 3 2012

Going to be a fun filled day.  We have quite a few miles to travel so we are up and ready to go by 6:30 am New Mexico time.  We are riding to Cimarron New Mexico and having breakfast at the St. James Hotel.
Our resident tour director (Chuck) thought it would be a fun ride as it takes in part of the Enchanted Circle, and we get to eat some really good food while we are at it.  The hotel is supposed to be haunted, and has had quite a few very interesting guest that have stayed there.  Jesse James is one of them.  There are bullet holes in the ceiling from some of the former patrons that got a little rowdy.  We finish our tour of the hotel and have our bellies full, so it is time to get back to Eagles Nest so we can head on to Red River.  Norma has been following us in her car, and at Eagle Nest she gets on the back of Tom's bike (Bob) and rides to Red River.  We get a perfect photo op from the Red River people and looks like we are all going to have a really nice picture to pick up a little later.  Chuck & I have quite a few of these pictures and they are fun to look back on.  By the time we get to Red River, there are bikes everywhere due to the rally.  We end up parking at the east end of town, which will make for an easy out when we get ready to leave.  We did all the usual rally stuff, and walked through endless t-shirt vendors, and everyone got all they needed.  There has been a wind warning for the area today, and they aren't kidding.  Supposed to be in excess of 60mph, and I think they have hit it on the head.  We ride back to Eagles Nest and get Norma's car, and then we take a short ride to the Vietnam Memorial at Angel Fire.  Remember that wind I was talking about....well, it is really bad in the open areas.  It was nearly impossible to walk to the Memorial.  I ask Chuck if the bikes were OK, cause Ginger was trying to move around a bit.  He ended up putting her at a little more angle to help her stay still.  From there we ride the Enchanted Circle back to Taos.  Although we had been on the same road earlier this morning, it is fun to rewind.  Seems like you see so many other thing you missed going to other direction.  The wind was kind to us as we made our way around the mountain.  What a wonderful twisty ride.  We make a stop at Taos and regroup.  Now the fun begins, as we have that wonderful wind messing with  us all the way back to Santa Fe.  Riding the river road back to Santa Fe, I took a picture of the sky because the wind has really whipped smoke into the jet stream.  They are fighting one very large wildfire out west.
We had plans to go to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge today, but we will do that tomorrow.  Maybe the wind will be a bit more cooperative.
Looks like Stan and his group has made it to Santa Fe.  They took the tour thru Madrid, and are exploring the Santa Fe area.  As we get into Santa Fe, we turn on Cerrillos Rd. and see Stan and his group in the turn lane.  We catch up with them later in the evening at The Shed.  Tom & Norma are in this area quite a bit, and Tom suggested we eat there.  Sound like a good place, so we will try it. Meeting the other group there around 7:45, we are able to park in the same parking lot we used last night. Stan and his group pull in right after us, so we double up and park.   The attendant guy tells us we can pay for every other bike.  Worked out well for us, and we know the bikes are safe there.

 Tom had let Norma off at the corner before the parking area, and she has already got our name on the waiting list.  We end up having to split our group up into two groups.  Dinner was really good, and would be a place I would come back to.  There are just so many places to eat in Santa Fe, I really don't know how you even start to pick a place.  After dinner some of us walk to get ice cream.  The square is very quiet, but the ice cream store was crawling with people.  Back on the bikes, and back to the motel we go.  We sit outside for a while and talk.  Stan & his group are going to hit Red River and start towards home tomorrow.  We on the other hand are going to do some more exploring of the area.  Wish I had a month to mess around this area.  Time for bed.  Goodnight world.  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally 2012 Day 2

We are up and ready to eat some breakfast, and we noticed last night as we came in, the little restaurant that was across the street is no more.  It is closed...this is the same place that we noticed only had 5 paper menus last year when we were there.  LOL  Some of us went to Whataburger to get a quick breakfast and some went to the local IHOP.  Seems the IHOP group got a big kick out of us going to Whataburger.  Guess we were the "inside joke".  Oh well.... We had planned on leaving around 8:30, but Allen was still having bike issues, and he needed to go back to Tripp's.  Stan had an issue with his bike too this morning, as he couldn't get the ignition to turn on.  So looks like we will have two bikes at the dealership when they open.
We get to the dealership and Allen & Doreen had already gotten there and were patiently  waiting for the service dept. to open.  They wanted to be one of the first to get in.  Service was very nice to them, and said they would go ahead and change out the clutch cable for him.  Stan was also taken care of, and was an easy fix for his bike.

 We get on the road around 10am I think, and have to say the weather is just about perfect.  Our plans are to stop in Tucumcari for gas.  As you all know, plans can change....and they did. As we hit the New Mexico border Stan's bike starts acting up, and we pull over and he says he thinks he got some bad gas, and puts some octane boost in his gas tank.  Wish that would have done the trick, but it didn't.  His bike is really struggling to pull the hills.  Randy pulls up to us and says we need to find a place to pull off cause it doesn't look very good.  There is a weigh station just up the road, and we make our way to their parking lot.  As we got off the bikes and go check on Stan's bike issues, Patty gets off, and her leg and boots are covered with oil.  Oh no...there is oil pouring out of the breather on the bike.  Patty said she heard a loud boom, and then they lost power.

 Doesn't look good.  Stan puts a call into Tripp's HD and they are sending a tow truck.  We are about 90 miles from them right now.  Randy & Toni, Brent & Shari, Roger & Kristi stay with Patty & Stan to wait on the truck.  They said it would take the guy about an hour or so to get there.  We take the rest of the group and head on down the road.  Hated to leave them, but looks like they have some great company to wait it out with.

We make our usual gas stop in Tucumcari, and get back on the road.  As we get to Clines Corner, the wind comes up like crazy.  It is a very stiff wind and we deal with it the rest of the ride.  We will ride the Turquoise Trail into Madrid, and make a photo stop there.  It has warmed up quite a bit, and not a lot of wind coming down into Madrid.

We check out a couple of shops, and head on to Santa Fe  to stop at the HD dealership.  We no more get there  and get a message from Patty and Stan that the bike didn't weather well, not at all.  Blown motor...looks like someone is either going to have to buy a new bike, or rent a which will it be???  Stan had been eyeing a new one on the floor at Tripp's this morning.  Tequila Sunrise color.  Really pretty bike.  Next message is that he is "test driving" it.  Ohhhh, we know what that means.  Looks like someone is going to be getting a new ride.  By the time we get to our motel we are getting pictures of Stan & Patty on the new bike.  They have decided to stay in Amarillo tonight, and catch up with us tomorrow.  Think that sounds like a really good idea.
We get unpacked, and play some musical rooms, as Chuck and I's room (number 8) the air conditioner isn't we move across the street to another room.  Diana & Chris are in 4 I think, and the garage isn't long enough for Spydi and trailer, so they move to room 2....Jennifer and Steve don't have a garage, and they move to the #4 that Diana & Chris vacated.  You can see we were really doing some key changing.  Have to say the people that own the motel were very accommodating to us.  OK, think we have everyone situated, so we get on the bikes and head downtown.

Tom has Norma on the back of the bike this evening, and he knows the best place to park, so he leads us there.  We head toward the Blue Corn for dinner.  Food was good as it usually is and the margaritas were quite tasty too.  After we finish eating we walk around the square a little, and do some window shopping.  Back on the bikes we make a gas stop and pick up some ice.  Now I have to tell you that is a bag of ice.  Never seen one that big back home.  LOL

Back at the rooms we sit and chill and call it a day.  Been a very interesting day to say the least. The moon is really a different color tonight as there are fires in New Mexico and smoke is in the atmosphere.   Got to get some sleep for tomorrow is going to be a long fun filled day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally May 24-28 2012

We head out from Yukon at 2pm with Chris, Diana, Steve, Jennifer and Chuck & I towards Amarillo. We will meet up with the other group of 5 bikes at the motel. Ride was good and we made really good time. We pull into Amarillo around 6. I text Patty and they are at Tripp's as Allen is having issues with his clutch cable. Oh how well we can relate. Been there done that. We ended up meeting them at Blue Sky. We love this place and hope all the others feel the same.

 As far as our little group goes we thought dinner was great. We made a stop at the liquid store to make sure we had something to drink this evening. Everyone got their favorite thing, and we headed back to the motel.

 Back at the motel we see Don Meyer and his group. Nice to see him and I am sure we will run into them in Red River on Saturday.  Our evening was cut a bit short, as the girl from the office comes out at 9:30 and says she has to close down the pool.  As far as we were all concerned, the pool WAS closed.  The water looked so bad, there was no way any of us would have stepped foot in it.  Oh well, time to get some rest for tomorrow we make it to Santa Fe.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

5-10-12 Another ride with the Banchees

We rode with the HOK group this evening.  As usual, about a minute before 6:30 you see everyone going to their bikes, so that means you better get in gear and be ready to leave, cause they are pulling out.  And sure enough, right on cue, we are off.  We have 22 bikes tonight, and I must say, we really had a pretty tame group.   We are riding to Norman to eat at Tarahumara's Mexican Cafe.  Of course since there was Mexican food involved, I am up for it, and Diana & Chris were too.  Have to backtrack just a bit, cause when we pulled up the Papa Spydy had pulled up also.  He was in a new world from the last time we met, cause he didn't remember ever meeting us, and then when Diana & Chris pulled up, he said he had never met them before.  I know we aren't that memorable, but you would think he would remember meeting another Spyder rider.  We sure remembered him, heck, we even named him.   Papa Eddie is with the group tonight also.  He is Fast Eddies dad, and a really nice guy. 
We wind through some back roads to get to the south side of OKC.  McArthur has really become a nice exit from all the I-40 traffic. Has never had that much traffic on it when we have been on it.   We make an uneventful ride to Norman.  Only got split up a couple of times, and I have to say for that big of group, that is saying something.   
As we pull into the restaurant, the parking is packed.  I for one wondered how we were all going to get to eat there tonight, cause it isn't a very big place, and it is always overflowing with people.  Tonight was no exception.  In fact, I think it was even busier.  Our leader said something about 15 minute wait when we got there....well that 15 minutes turned into 1 hour and a half. We watch people come and go with their flowers and presents.  I guess this was the pre Mothers Day night.  The restaurant  have a guy playing the guitar, and he comes out to this table on the outside, and we got a good laugh with the Hispanic table that had several beers before this(since we have been there so long, we noticed), and proceed to sing along with the guitar guy.  It was worth the wait just to watch them.  I should have gotten my phone out and recorded it, cause it was too darn funny. 
We are about to die from hunger by now.  Chuck and Chris have been talking about going somewhere else to eat, as it is getting to be close to 8:30 by now.  We walk up to Fast Eddie and tell him we are going to go someplace else. He totally understood, and said he was going to try to eat there because he had heard how great the food was.   The head guy says they are getting tables ready now.  Our thinking is, well, we might get a table, but when would we get food.  Saying our goodbyes, we get on the bikes and go about 2 blocks to Van's BBQ.  Not busy, and quiet...ahhhh!!!!!  We get our food, sit and chat, and are on the bikes a little after 9pm.  Figure the group is still sitting there trying to get their food.  As we go by Tarahumara's, we see some bikes getting ready to pull out.  It is Fast Eddie and a couple of other people.  We went straight on Porter to get to Tecumseh Rd. and Eddie turned on Robinson. 
We make it to I-35 and crews towards home.  As we pass the I-44  split, we see Eddie and his other riders.  We take the new crosstown.  I am so glad we did.  I had no idea that the Devon Tower is so lit up at night.  I guess we haven't been down that way since they got it finished.  The downtown area really looks nice.  Then we got to see the Skydance Bridge lit up.  The picture was not taken by me, but I plan on having my camera ready the next time we cross the area at night. 
As we come across I-40 and come to the I-44 junction, I ask Chuck if he thinks we will see Eddie again.  He says they run pretty fast, so he doubts it.  We top the bridge, and sure enough, there was Eddie and his other 2 bikes.  We fall in behind him, and just like it was orchestrated, each bike peels off at their designated exit.  Diana & Chris take the Kilpatrick exit, and Fast Eddie and our bike are the only ones left of the group.  Not sure that I said this the last time we rode with Eddie, but he lives a block away from us, so needless to say, we followed him all the way home.  Another interesting evening with the Wild Banchees has ended.  We are safely home, and Ginger is tucked in for the night.  I think part of me like to ride with this group, cause it gives me something to write about.  Very calm night for them.  No Wild Banchees.   Til the next time....good night world.  :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

FNDR 5-4-12 Quatro de Mayo

May the 4th be with you...   We decided to eat Mexican food a day earlier and have Quatro de Mayo instead of Cinco de Mayo.  I am guessing it was a good idea, as we had 18 people to eat.  Allen brought a couple of family members with him, and then our friends from Duncan, OK. came.  Looks like we have a couple of new members to our little group.  Lynn and Keith Smith will be trying to make it to some of our rides and excursions.  We rode with them back several years ago along with our dear friends Roger and Linda Gunter.  Really enjoyed seeing them, and getting to laugh and catch up on life.
Ended up going to Taco Cabana for a margarita fix.  Sure wish they had the strawberry ones, but we make due with the regular ones.  Didn't hear a complaint one.  :)

Great evening with friends as usual.  This could get to be a habit.  LOL