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Thursday, May 10, 2012

5-10-12 Another ride with the Banchees

We rode with the HOK group this evening.  As usual, about a minute before 6:30 you see everyone going to their bikes, so that means you better get in gear and be ready to leave, cause they are pulling out.  And sure enough, right on cue, we are off.  We have 22 bikes tonight, and I must say, we really had a pretty tame group.   We are riding to Norman to eat at Tarahumara's Mexican Cafe.  Of course since there was Mexican food involved, I am up for it, and Diana & Chris were too.  Have to backtrack just a bit, cause when we pulled up the Papa Spydy had pulled up also.  He was in a new world from the last time we met, cause he didn't remember ever meeting us, and then when Diana & Chris pulled up, he said he had never met them before.  I know we aren't that memorable, but you would think he would remember meeting another Spyder rider.  We sure remembered him, heck, we even named him.   Papa Eddie is with the group tonight also.  He is Fast Eddies dad, and a really nice guy. 
We wind through some back roads to get to the south side of OKC.  McArthur has really become a nice exit from all the I-40 traffic. Has never had that much traffic on it when we have been on it.   We make an uneventful ride to Norman.  Only got split up a couple of times, and I have to say for that big of group, that is saying something.   
As we pull into the restaurant, the parking is packed.  I for one wondered how we were all going to get to eat there tonight, cause it isn't a very big place, and it is always overflowing with people.  Tonight was no exception.  In fact, I think it was even busier.  Our leader said something about 15 minute wait when we got there....well that 15 minutes turned into 1 hour and a half. We watch people come and go with their flowers and presents.  I guess this was the pre Mothers Day night.  The restaurant  have a guy playing the guitar, and he comes out to this table on the outside, and we got a good laugh with the Hispanic table that had several beers before this(since we have been there so long, we noticed), and proceed to sing along with the guitar guy.  It was worth the wait just to watch them.  I should have gotten my phone out and recorded it, cause it was too darn funny. 
We are about to die from hunger by now.  Chuck and Chris have been talking about going somewhere else to eat, as it is getting to be close to 8:30 by now.  We walk up to Fast Eddie and tell him we are going to go someplace else. He totally understood, and said he was going to try to eat there because he had heard how great the food was.   The head guy says they are getting tables ready now.  Our thinking is, well, we might get a table, but when would we get food.  Saying our goodbyes, we get on the bikes and go about 2 blocks to Van's BBQ.  Not busy, and quiet...ahhhh!!!!!  We get our food, sit and chat, and are on the bikes a little after 9pm.  Figure the group is still sitting there trying to get their food.  As we go by Tarahumara's, we see some bikes getting ready to pull out.  It is Fast Eddie and a couple of other people.  We went straight on Porter to get to Tecumseh Rd. and Eddie turned on Robinson. 
We make it to I-35 and crews towards home.  As we pass the I-44  split, we see Eddie and his other riders.  We take the new crosstown.  I am so glad we did.  I had no idea that the Devon Tower is so lit up at night.  I guess we haven't been down that way since they got it finished.  The downtown area really looks nice.  Then we got to see the Skydance Bridge lit up.  The picture was not taken by me, but I plan on having my camera ready the next time we cross the area at night. 
As we come across I-40 and come to the I-44 junction, I ask Chuck if he thinks we will see Eddie again.  He says they run pretty fast, so he doubts it.  We top the bridge, and sure enough, there was Eddie and his other 2 bikes.  We fall in behind him, and just like it was orchestrated, each bike peels off at their designated exit.  Diana & Chris take the Kilpatrick exit, and Fast Eddie and our bike are the only ones left of the group.  Not sure that I said this the last time we rode with Eddie, but he lives a block away from us, so needless to say, we followed him all the way home.  Another interesting evening with the Wild Banchees has ended.  We are safely home, and Ginger is tucked in for the night.  I think part of me like to ride with this group, cause it gives me something to write about.  Very calm night for them.  No Wild Banchees.   Til the next time....good night world.  :)