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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally Day 4 2012

Will have to back track just a bit to say that while we were sitting around talking yesterday evening, Steve is looking at his back tire and notices that it isn't looking very good.  With that said, he and Jennifer have decided to go to the Harley dealership and get a new tire on the bike.  Stan's group is going to tour Red River and head towards home via Guymon.  We on the other hand are going to ride to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and then on to Chimayo.  Tom has a route for us to take.  It was really nice to see some scenery we haven't gotten to check out before.  The road was absolutely wonderful.  Not a lot of traffic, which says a lot, cause if you have ever had to sit through the traffic in Taos you would really appreciate this route.  The wind is still blowing, but has really calmed down from yesterday.  It is cold this morning, and the leather feels really good.
 We make it to the gorge, and Tom pulls around to make a pit stop.  Diana & I got a big kick out of the sign that was at the potty. Would like to say, we was a yes!!!  See picture to understand this statement.  Leave it to us to find a button to push.
We talk our pics of the gorge, and have to admit it was pretty cool.  The bridge has some haunting tales also.  Said to have some strange things happen around it.  It was dubbed the "bridge to nowhere" because when they built it, they didn't have the funding to complete the road.
This bridge is the 4th tallest bridge in the US, and yes, we saw it. Just more "factoids" I learned.  As we head towards Taos, we get to see the Earthships.  This is a very interesting bunch of houses that are out here in the middle of nowhere.  Will have to come back and explore them on another trip.

Earthships are ecological houses build mostly from old tires or other recycled waste, built on the earth for the purpose of living “off the grid.” They are using solar and geothermal energy which allows the home to be heatedwithout gas. What is amazing is that many people who live in earthships say they pay anywhere from $0 to $100 per year for utilities. It even recycles rain waterWhen is winter outside, the sun’s low rays hits the tire wall and the heat slowly permeates throughout the house. Electricity needs can be generated from the installed solar panels.

Back into Taos, Tom pulls into a parking area for us to get off the bikes and do some shopping.  Norma has to go to a leather shop and have something done to her purse she bought there.  We enjoyed walking around and window shopping  We had to make an emergency stop at the Chocolate shop.  Had to snap a picture of Tom sitting with the raggedy old bear that greets the people who make this their stop.  Of course we all came out with some much needed chocolate.  :)  We girls were happy cause we got a little more retail therapy done.  Always is good to buy something.  

Back on the bikes and we are heading to Chimayo.  We will be taking the high road from Taos.  We visit "Franks Bathrooms" again.  There is a joke about it, so I guess you will have to visit the place to understand.   The Santuario de Chimayo is famous for several miracles that have been said to occur there.  If you want you can take some of the sacred dirt with you.  It is said to have healing powers.  Doreen comes out of the sanctuary with dirt in her hand.  She is so sweet to actually share it.  We all put some on our much needed hurts and pains.  Norma has put some in a small box she brought with her, so it looks like we are all fixed up for a while.  
On our way back to Santa Fe to sit and relax for awhile. Jennifer has been in contact via text message and they have gotten their tire on, and have decided to ride to the gorge.  We actually pass them on the road.  By the time we get back to the rooms, Jennifer & Steve are only about 15 minutes behind us.   We decide instead of going somewhere to eat, we would just call in pizza and let them deliver to us.  That worked out quite nicely.  The Thunder game was on so the guys watched the game, and we girls would check on the score every so often, and sat outside and talked.  What a great last day in New Mexico.  Got to pack and get ready for the ride back to Oklahoma. Over and out...