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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally May 24-28 2012

We head out from Yukon at 2pm with Chris, Diana, Steve, Jennifer and Chuck & I towards Amarillo. We will meet up with the other group of 5 bikes at the motel. Ride was good and we made really good time. We pull into Amarillo around 6. I text Patty and they are at Tripp's as Allen is having issues with his clutch cable. Oh how well we can relate. Been there done that. We ended up meeting them at Blue Sky. We love this place and hope all the others feel the same.

 As far as our little group goes we thought dinner was great. We made a stop at the liquid store to make sure we had something to drink this evening. Everyone got their favorite thing, and we headed back to the motel.

 Back at the motel we see Don Meyer and his group. Nice to see him and I am sure we will run into them in Red River on Saturday.  Our evening was cut a bit short, as the girl from the office comes out at 9:30 and says she has to close down the pool.  As far as we were all concerned, the pool WAS closed.  The water looked so bad, there was no way any of us would have stepped foot in it.  Oh well, time to get some rest for tomorrow we make it to Santa Fe.