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Friday, June 29, 2012

FNDR 6-29-12

Since we are experiencing 100 plus weather this week, I chose Frosted Mug Grill & Big Bar to be our destination for this Friday night.  We had 11 brave people show up to eat.  Our Moles from Duncan made it too.  We even got to meet their son Andrew.  He met us there at the restaurant.  I heard no complaints, and as far as I was concerned the food was really good.  Diana, Allen, Lynn and Keith all tried the Danger Zone Burger I think...It had jalapenos and also had a habanero sauce on it.  Diana says it was good, good and hot.  Her lips were on fire. She said it was really a very tasty burger.   LOL  Glad everyone enjoyed it.  Would be nice to come to when it is cooler and sit outside and eat.  Will have to put this down for a re-do in the fall.  My second trip here and had the same thing again.  The quesadilla's are very good. We ended up with a smaller group at Taco Cabana, and we sat outside and did what we do best.  Talked...and laughed....Laughed a lot.  Great times.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bread & Butter pickles

I know this has nothing to do with motorcycle riding, but sometimes a girl just has to blog.

My first experience making bread and butter pickles occurred last night. Had to get all my ducks in a row before I began the process and first and foremost had to find cucumbers. Mother, Louie and I went to the Old Farmers Market in the downtown area. Found a few cucumbers and purchased all the lady had. Probably about 3lbs. Not a lot but don't want to go wild with this thing until I find out if they actually taste good or not. Next stop is grocery to pick up some spices and kosher salt. Was supposed to get sugar but the search for the darn salt made me totally forget about sugar. My mind gets on one thing and I forget the rest. Oh well,worker out ok cause once I got home and started looking for lids for my quart jars and of course I wasn't able to find them. Another trip to grocery and now I am ready to get started.
Mother and Louie came out to help and supervise. Was nice to have all the support. Mother cut up the cucumbers as I got all the ingredients together and ready to put in the pot. Team work was awesome. As the mixture is on the stove warming Louie says it smelled just like his moms used to smell. Hope this is a good thing. Would hate to think I had done all this work for bad tasting pickles. :) After the mixture comes to a boil for one minute it is time to transfer to the mason jars. I was really surprised but I had 5 quart jars of pickles and the exact right juice to fill them. Beginners luck I think. All the jars are sealed and off they go into the refrigerator for the night. We will unveil and taste the finished product tomorrow. I couldn't wait to get home and try them.
As I drove home I called to see if my partners in crime had tried them yet. Mother said they hadn't but was just getting ready to. I hung up and she called me right back. Houston we have a thumbs up. Mother and Louie think they are good. As soon as I get home I follow suit and open a jar myself. Welllll. I like them. Amazing. Pretty tasty even if I say do myself. Chuck tried them. He didn't give them such a rave review. He said they were ok. Maybe with food he would have liked them better. Well at least 3 out of the 4 liked them. So, don't get me wrong, I am not going to rush right out and put up a shingle and start selling these bad boys, but I really am kinda proud of myself.  Didn't know I had it in me.  Hmmmm, what can I try next.  Never know...but if I do, I will be sure and blog about it, good or bad.  Bread & Butter Pickles....check that one off the bucket list.  :) 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

FNDR 6-22-12

We went to Lee's Sandwich tonight.  Weather is warming up quite a bit, and we thought it would be a nice to have sandwiches tonight.  I happen to love the Iced Coffee Mocha they have.  Chuck got  strawberry smoothie.  The sandwiches were good as usual.  The croissants were really fresh.  We had a pretty small group tonight, as Lynn & Keith headed to Arkansas, and Diana & Chris were on their way to the lake.  Tom & Seda didn't make it, and neither did Doreen & Allen.  We had a whole total of 8, but it was fun.  Wendy & Keven made it tonight.  They hadn't been out on a Friday night in quite some time so we had a lot of catchin up to do.  Our newbies Janie & Troy were there along with Steve & Jennifer and then Chuck & I.

We stayed there until it was almost closing time.  As we exited to the parking lot, we started talking about going to Mole Nation, and guess what we did..we went there.  Mole Nation is our little name for Taco Cabana.  They have some really good and refreshing margaritas.

I order a pitcher and 4 cups, and our usual lady that waits on us was on a break, and the young ladies that were manning the place were trying their best to get on my nerves.  Said we couldn't have another pitcher until we had more people there.  Not sure that I ever understood their logic, but I text Jennifer & they came in so we could get on with this evening.  We find seats outside and we all sit and have a good evening of laughter.

We girls had to talk about our charm bracelets.  I think I have come up with a name for Janie.  Mole-chica may be one for the record books.  Will see how this pans out.  Looks like our "newbies" fit in real fine.  Missed our others, but we made due.  Great evening.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Pops, Cash & Miss Cooper 
Today we celebrate Fathers Day....what is on the plate for today.  Well, I will cook some burgers, hotlinks, and hot dogs.  Louie, Mother, and "the kids" will come over and we will chow down for lunch.  "The kids" are Anthony, Heather , Cooper and Cash. 
I have fixed pasta salad, tabouli, store bought potato salad, and some fruit to snack on.  Turkey burgers for Chuck, and of course we all had to had a hotlink.  Chuck had gone to Roger's Meat Market this week, and picked up our favorites.  They were great as usual.  We had brownie bites and Red Velvet Ice Cream for dessert.  Full, I think so!!! 

The babies wanted to play outside, so we spent a lot of the afternoon under the trees staying cool.  They had a good time, and before you know it, Cash was needing a nap, and Anthony & Heather were packing up to head home.  They left Cooper behind.  She was going to spend the night with us. 

After Anthony, Heather and Cash left, we had to go back outside to play.  The princess wanted to play, so that is what we do.  She decided we needed to cut some flowers, so of course that is what we did.  As you can see, all us girls got one. 
It was a nice day with our little family, and of course, we had plenty to eat.  Happy Father's Day, Louie, Chuck and Anthony.  You are very loved by all of us. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mimosa's & FNDR 6-15-12

Now that I have your attention with the Mimosa's.....if you know me, even a little bit, you know if I am going to have something to drink it is going to be a Margarita....not a I must be talking about the tree!!!  Yes the tree!!!  Now that we have that established, let get on with this blog.  We rode to Tuttle American to eat at Grady's again.  This time we did it with all the FNDR group.  Chuck & I took the non traffic route.  It was really nice.  We rode to El Reno, and went through Union City, and Minco.  As we are driving through Minco, I noticed all the Mimosa trees that were blooming.  Really brings back memories of my childhood.  We always had a mimosa tree.  There was something very symbolic about the trees when they would bloom.  It was Summer!!!!  No doubt about it, if the trees are blooming, it is summer.  I would love to have one again, but have to admit as I have gotten older and wiser I know that they are a very messy tree.  But I have to say, I think about any tree is messy some time in its growing season.  We have our share of trees on our acre, and oh my, they are constantly needing to be trimmed, or something.  I do love our trees though, as it sure helps keep the house a lot cooler.  Back to the ride to Tuttle.  It was non eventful.  We pull up and Allen & Doreen were already there.  We walked in to see Brandon there.  Was so nice to see him again.  Doreen's nephew was there the boys sat at the table and played their video games.  We had 4 tables, and I told Allen that I thought we would need another one, cause we were going to have 14 here tonight.  He says the girls informed him that we couldn't have another table.  They had a group of 50 from a school reunion coming in, and that was going to take a lot of their room up.  I had called, and they wouldn't take reservations.  This might be interesting.

Troy & his wife Janie came in.....They are the friends of Jennifer's.  He works with her.  So glad they were able to make it.  Everyone else started coming in, and I informed our waitress we needed another table.  She said there was none.  Funny thing was there was a couple of tables right by us, and I pointed to it and ask her about it.  She reluctantly pulled the table over.  Diana & Chris got there and by that time we had gotten our food, as was almost finished.  The 3 groups that were a little later waited very patiently for their food, but it wasn't going to happen in any timely manner.   I think the lady that owns it, came by and said something to Jennifer, and she told her they hadn't gotten their food, and then went to Diana and then on to Lynn.  Really think they lost their orders, cause it wasn't much later and the food showed up.

The sound level was really annoying at the time we were ready to leave.  All the reunion people had shown up, and they were standing around talking, and then of course you have to add our group.  Was really nice to get outside and get some fresh air.  We stood around and talked for quite a while.  Doreen, Allen and the boys got on the bikes, and headed out.  Tom & Seda pulled out, and Diana & Chris followed. Jennifer & Steve weren't up for going with us either.   We on the other hand went to Mole Nation...(Taco Cabana) and Troy, Janie, Keith & Lynn followed us there.  Was a really nice time and got to talk quite a bit more with Troy & Janie.  Enjoyed meeting them, and hope they felt the same.  We always like more people in our little goofy group for the dinner rides.  Great night to ride, and enjoyed the company.  I hope we didn't scare them to badly...LOL...until next time....Goodnight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One small question...Inny or Outy!??

Are you an introvert, or an extrovert....I read a blog a couple of weeks ago, and there was a test you could take to find out this answer.  I have sense lost the blog page, but I found this test, and I was thinking it would be fun for my blog friends to take the test.  I am sure most of us know the answer to this question, but still, think it will be fun.  I am adding the link to the web page for the test.

I am not good at knowing how to add link to this blog, so this is my first try...I don't know that I like the way it looks, but I think it is a learning curve to know how to do this.  LOL....
I had told Diana about the test I took last week, and she seemed to know that I was an extrovert.  Who knew??!!    Hope you guys take the test and let me know what your results are....This could be interesting. 
Later.....your extroverted friend  :) 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

6-9-12 Saturday is a busy day :)

The morning starts off with Chuck leaving the house about 8:30 to meet up with Jennifer and Steve for a poker run.  I on the other hand, got to clean the house and get ready to go to Cooper's 4th Birthday Tea Party.
The Tea Party was a big success, and the 6 other little girls and 1 boy had a really good time.  Think the moms of the children and us grandma's and great-grandma and other cousins had a really nice time too.  The room was set up very nicely, and the fine china was out for everyone.  The children got their lemonade served in individual tea pots.  They were just quite up town.  The desserts were wonderful, and so were the sandwiches.  I had the chicken salad and it was really tasty.  They also had cucumber sandwiches, and raisin bread with cream cheese.  They had a fruit cup, and these wonderful small strawberry cupcakes.  The food was awesome.  Watching the little ones sit in a big girl room acting all princess like was priceless.  Cooper was a very good little birthday girl.

They all gathered around her as she opened her presents, and when they would get up and huddle around her to see what she had unwrapped, she would tell them "please sit down".  She did this several times....we all got a good chuckle out of it.  Several of the girls go to her daycare, and you could tell they had all heard that command before.  The party was really a hit, and even Peyton, our one boy that braved the party, seemed to have a good time.

Chuck had text me as we got to Tealicious, and said they weren't the fatality on I-35.  I had not been paying attention to the news, but I can say I was really glad to hear this, cause if for some reason I would have heard about a motorcycle wreck, it would have come to mind.  The sad part about all of this is, my daughter-in-law Heather called me after the party to tell me that a very good friend of hers mother was one of the fatalities that Chuck had text me about.  How very sad.  Not enough details to know what happened, but my understanding is there was another wreck that had happened ahead of them, and the traffic was really bad, and the driver of the bike that Heathers friends mom was on, stopped quickly, and when he swerved to miss the car in front of him, the passenger (friends mom) was pitched off the bike into the median.  Neither were wearing helmets, and he had some head trauma, and didn't even realize he had a passenger on the bike.  More confusion because she didn't have any ID on her person.  What a terrible thing to happen.  I sure feel sorry for her friend.  This whole wreck was a really strange thing, cause the original wreck that started the whole chain of events was a good Samaritan  stopping to help another person that was having car trouble.  Someone mowed them down as the wife and 1 yr. old child stood and watched it all unfold.  Sometimes it just doesn't pay to try to help.  Don't get me wrong, we have stopped and helped people on the road, and we have been the person on the side of the road, but it is really a dangerous spot to be in.  Its just a hard to know what to do, but I really think a person should be as far from their car or bike as possible.  Too many of these wrecks happen.  OK, enough...back to the rest of the day.
Keith & Lynn were in town today, so I called to see if they wanted to have dinner with us, as Chuck had called me to say they had found a "new" place in Tuttle we needed to try out and see if it would be a good FNDR place.  Chuck, Steve & Jennifer show up at Chukadi Acre about 15 minutes after I get home.  Keith & Lynn are going to meet us at Harley World and leave from there for dinner.  Lynn is in the cage as they had helped their son move today.  We are standing around Harley World talking and this car drives up, and the guy rolls down his windows and says "Jennifer" was the guy from work, Troy, that she had spoke about.  He was wanting to ride with us sometime and so I guess we all got to meet him.  Now he knows who we are, we will see if he is really interested in riding with us or not....LOL...
Steve leads and Lynn brings up the rear.  The wind has really been up today, but all in all it was a nice ride.  We make it to Grady's Pub & Grill around 7pm.  Chuck and the Alvey's had been here earlier today as it was a stop on the poker run.  You have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to the place, and it is one of those old, musty smelling buildings.  Very nice surprise when you get to the restaurant.

 The waitress was a little taken back by Chuck and his usual bantering that he does.  She figured him out pretty quick and started dishing it back to him.  Food was great, and we all gave it a thumbs up for a dinner ride.  They have a really nice area to sit outside too. We head back downstairs and we girls made a pit stop.

We see an elevator and of course we have to try it out.  Lynn, Jennifer and I are in this tiny little box.  I think all 3 of us are claustrophobic, and this is probably not the place we should be.  We survived the ride down to the main floor...silly girls!!!   Its now almost 9 and it is time to get home.  We all give our usual hugs and everyone is instructed on texting me to let me know they made it home safely.  It was another great day in this ole world we live in.  Home safe and sound.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ax Murderer!!!??? 6-6/6-9

This week has been a packed one.  I have quite a bit of stuff to blog, and this is just a random blog about some of the other stuff that happened.
Diana & Chris were going to meet some people that Chris had a conversation with from the website "Spyder Lovers", for their Can Am.  This couple was coming thru the area and wanted to meet up with them and have dinner.  Diana ask Chuck and I to go, but we had taken Ginger to the Harley shop and there was some weather trying to make it to the City, so we opted out.  Diana said she was hesitant about meeting the couple.  What if they are ax murderers, she said.  I told her to be sure and text me and let me know if I needed to send out an APB on them.  I get a text shortly after they meet up with the other couple, and it says....Not ax murderers...So I guess I can't quit worrying now.  But wait, what if they are holding them hostage and made her text that?  I get a few more text and she assures me she is fine.
Now, it is Saturday, and Diana & Chris are on their way to Jenks to meet up with some more Spyder people.  They are meeting to have lunch.  I text Diana to ask her about the people, and she sends me back this picture with the text...Help!!!!  haha.... Well, you can see the girl has a sense of humor.  Cracked me up that is for sure.  Love this girl for sure...she keeps me goin!!!   ax murderer....ROFL
More blogging to work on, so over and out for now.  :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

FNDR 6-8-12 Chickasha here we come!

Oh yes we did...we ate dinner at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant in Chickasha.  Doreen was in charge of finding out if they thought they could handle our rowdy group, and they told her to "bring it on" here we are.  We have 14 for dinner tonight.  Lynn & Keith came from Duncan, and Lynn's mom and dad came in the cage.  So glad they were able to make it.  The place is really pretty busy when we get there, but they were able to get us seated pretty quickly.  The drinks came out quickly, and the food was fast also.  This guy comes out with maybe 5 or 6 plates running down his arm.  I have no idea how he could balance them and get them to the table without spilling them all.  Food was good, but you know me, if it is Mexican food, I am pretty happy about it.  We finish and pay, and Chuck suggest we got to the Dairy Queen.
Lynn's mom and dad head out, but the rest of us hit the DQ.  I passed on ice cream...just didn't sound good, maybe had something to do with the Tecate I drank with my dinner??!!
As if we hadn't had enough to eat and drink, we make the grand decision to ride back to Yukon and drink some tea at Pei Tao's.  This decision was made because Diana and I had bought some Living Social coupons, and they will be expiring on June 24th.  Chuck leads us to Yukon in a very timely manner, and we get to Pei Tao's about 9:45.  I can imagine the poor girl working was not very excited when she sees 3 bikes pull up.  The teas were great as they usually are.  We want to get the rest of the gang to come there after the next FNDR.  Hope that works out.  Great evening with some really great friends.  What a group of peeps!!!  Wonder where next week will take us...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ginger may be fixed??!!

Not sure how to start this blog, but will have to digress to to over a year ago.  When we bought Ginger, Chuck had the engine upgrade done on her.  From that time on we have had issues with how much oil she is using.  If you have ridden with us at all you know that we always carry oil because if we go 1000 miles, we will need a quart of oil.  We have taken her back to the dealer and always get the story... it is within company standards.  Well, I don't know a whole lot about motorcycles, but I can assure you that Pearl never ever used oil.  Think there is something wrong with "company standards".  After our last trip to New Mexico, Ginger was due for her 30,000 mile service, and Chuck was talking to Vickie at Harley World (she sold us the bike), and telling her about our unhappiness about the oil issue.  Like Chuck said, we will never need an oil change, because by the time we get 5000 miles, we will have all new oil in her.  There is something not right about this.  Well, today I can tell you that we picked up Ginger from the dealership, and hope they have figured out what was going on.  Chris explained what they found, and hopefully have fixed it.  After pulling the heads off he noticed the umbrella valves were defective....not really defective, but they weren't doing what they were supposed to do.  They have been replaced, and guess we will have to hit the road to see if their fix is actually a fix.  I am crossing my figures that we can ride without having to bring oil with us.  Don't get me wrong, I think it is fine to have a quart with you if you are going on a pretty big ride, but heck, we had to take our own tanker with us.  :)  Over exaggerated I know, but you get the idea.  I will post more on this issue when we find out if it works or not.  Until then...let's ride!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

6-2-12 S&B Burger Joint

Lynn text us last night and said they were going to eat in Oklahoma City on Saturday and wanted to know if we wanted to join them.  Weather is just about perfect this morning and we are ready to try out this burger place Lynn was talking about.  We meet them at around 11:45 at the S&B Burger Joint.  It is over around 59th and N. May.  Chuck and I make our way into the restaurant, and we see Lynn & Keith along with a few other people at a table and there are 2 more seats waiting for us.

 We meet Lynn's mother and dad, and their friends Carla & Larry.  The waitress is really on the ball, and Chuck is making no headway with her.  She explains that we can get the burgers as a large burger or get sliders.  I think we all picked sliders, as there were so many different types to try, it would be only fair.  :) They have an Elvis burger that has peanut butter and bacon on it.

Lynn got one of those along with the el Mexicano...I too tried the el Mexicano, and Chuck got the chicken philly.  We tried the el Mexicano Fries also.  Carla got the Thunder Burger I think.  We all chowed down on our special burgers, and had some good times talking.  They were told the desserts are good too, so that is one reason I went for the  slider.  We got  Key Lime pie.  It was good....didn't hear anyone say anything bad about anything they ate.
Larry is the guy that has the small air gauge like the one Keith has on his bike, so I am thinking Chuck will be out tinkering on the bike pretty soon.  Very nice people, and they are all Duncanites.

 After lunch we ride to Pops in Arcadia.

Of course we have to have some pop.  I got a cream was really good.  Chuck had noticed that Larry's brake lights weren't working, so Larry said he would go back to Fort Blunder later in the day.  
Since we were in Arcadia, we might as well stroll over to the Round Barn.  Funny thing is, Chuck or I have never been in the barn.  It really is a nice barn, and they have done a lot of work on it to keep it a tourist attraction on Rt. 66.

We go ahead and ride with them to the Fort.  We made our way through the afternoon traffic on the highway without incident.  Back at the Fort we girls have to do a little "retail therapy" and actually find something to purchase.  Can you believe that.  Lynn's parents are in a car and they say their goodbyes and are going to head back to Duncan, and it looks like Carla is going to join them as it doesn't look like Larry's bike is going to get out of here anytime soon.  

Really enjoyed the day with some very nice people.  Will have to do this again sometime, soon!!!  Great day  :)