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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ax Murderer!!!??? 6-6/6-9

This week has been a packed one.  I have quite a bit of stuff to blog, and this is just a random blog about some of the other stuff that happened.
Diana & Chris were going to meet some people that Chris had a conversation with from the website "Spyder Lovers", for their Can Am.  This couple was coming thru the area and wanted to meet up with them and have dinner.  Diana ask Chuck and I to go, but we had taken Ginger to the Harley shop and there was some weather trying to make it to the City, so we opted out.  Diana said she was hesitant about meeting the couple.  What if they are ax murderers, she said.  I told her to be sure and text me and let me know if I needed to send out an APB on them.  I get a text shortly after they meet up with the other couple, and it says....Not ax murderers...So I guess I can't quit worrying now.  But wait, what if they are holding them hostage and made her text that?  I get a few more text and she assures me she is fine.
Now, it is Saturday, and Diana & Chris are on their way to Jenks to meet up with some more Spyder people.  They are meeting to have lunch.  I text Diana to ask her about the people, and she sends me back this picture with the text...Help!!!!  haha.... Well, you can see the girl has a sense of humor.  Cracked me up that is for sure.  Love this girl for sure...she keeps me goin!!!   ax murderer....ROFL
More blogging to work on, so over and out for now.  :)