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Saturday, June 23, 2012

FNDR 6-22-12

We went to Lee's Sandwich tonight.  Weather is warming up quite a bit, and we thought it would be a nice to have sandwiches tonight.  I happen to love the Iced Coffee Mocha they have.  Chuck got  strawberry smoothie.  The sandwiches were good as usual.  The croissants were really fresh.  We had a pretty small group tonight, as Lynn & Keith headed to Arkansas, and Diana & Chris were on their way to the lake.  Tom & Seda didn't make it, and neither did Doreen & Allen.  We had a whole total of 8, but it was fun.  Wendy & Keven made it tonight.  They hadn't been out on a Friday night in quite some time so we had a lot of catchin up to do.  Our newbies Janie & Troy were there along with Steve & Jennifer and then Chuck & I.

We stayed there until it was almost closing time.  As we exited to the parking lot, we started talking about going to Mole Nation, and guess what we did..we went there.  Mole Nation is our little name for Taco Cabana.  They have some really good and refreshing margaritas.

I order a pitcher and 4 cups, and our usual lady that waits on us was on a break, and the young ladies that were manning the place were trying their best to get on my nerves.  Said we couldn't have another pitcher until we had more people there.  Not sure that I ever understood their logic, but I text Jennifer & they came in so we could get on with this evening.  We find seats outside and we all sit and have a good evening of laughter.

We girls had to talk about our charm bracelets.  I think I have come up with a name for Janie.  Mole-chica may be one for the record books.  Will see how this pans out.  Looks like our "newbies" fit in real fine.  Missed our others, but we made due.  Great evening.