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Friday, June 29, 2012

FNDR 6-29-12

Since we are experiencing 100 plus weather this week, I chose Frosted Mug Grill & Big Bar to be our destination for this Friday night.  We had 11 brave people show up to eat.  Our Moles from Duncan made it too.  We even got to meet their son Andrew.  He met us there at the restaurant.  I heard no complaints, and as far as I was concerned the food was really good.  Diana, Allen, Lynn and Keith all tried the Danger Zone Burger I think...It had jalapenos and also had a habanero sauce on it.  Diana says it was good, good and hot.  Her lips were on fire. She said it was really a very tasty burger.   LOL  Glad everyone enjoyed it.  Would be nice to come to when it is cooler and sit outside and eat.  Will have to put this down for a re-do in the fall.  My second trip here and had the same thing again.  The quesadilla's are very good. We ended up with a smaller group at Taco Cabana, and we sat outside and did what we do best.  Talked...and laughed....Laughed a lot.  Great times.