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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bead-Nanza Girls Get Together 7-30-12

When we get together on Friday nights...the guys talk about motorcycles and we girls talk about our IPhone or our Pandora, and Harley beads.  I think it was Carla and Lynn that got me to looking a little closer at the beads they were wearing on their arms.....and then there is Janie.  Now that girl is a bead-aholic if I have ever seen one.  Now I am not saying this in a bad way, because we girls just want to have fun you know.  That is one thing we aren't shy on, having fun!!!!   Anyway, one night we were talking beads, and Janie was telling us about this place she goes to in Midwest City to get some beads, and make her own bracelets.  Lynn made the comment that we should all go, and with that thought, Bead-Nanza was born.  I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  Lynn & Carla said they would like to do this on a Monday, and that they would be available on the 30th.
I sent out an email last week sometime to see if we had any takers on Bead-nanza.  Lynn, Carla, Linda (Lynn's mother), Diana, my mom and me were the ones that made it today.  Hated that the other gals had things going on and couldn't make it.  The store was very interesting.  Have to say the girls that worked there were very helpful.  I had wanted to know if there is any easier way to put the loops on the charms, and the girl showed me a tool that looks like it is going to be the bomb diggity to get those darn things spread and attached.  We shop for a little over an hour, and pick up and touch everything in the store....oh but wait, as Lynn noted as we left, we missed one whole side.  What were we thinking???  I think we were overwhelmed to be quite honest.

Looks like everyone went home with a "new" treasure from Alouette's Beadery except Carla.  She didn't find a special treasure to take with her.  We sat around their worktables and talked and laughed for a little while, and then Lynn mentioned that they were going to go to Target to get some pens.  Oh my, guess she didn't know how much I love all the pens and memo pads that I love.  I showed her an ink pen that I had gotten and Diana found hers and showed them.  Our big little pens came from Michaels, and there is one very close by.  Looks like we are taking this party on to the next location.  Just like a bunch of kids in a candy store, we hit Michaels like a tornado.  Not sure what the employees thought when we all stormed in, but we were on a mission.  Where are those "fat" pens.  Finally located them, and some other treasures that had to be taken home.  More beads to look at too.  Diana scored really big on some cute children's folding patio chairs, and a wonderful little pop up tent.  I am thinking we had a really good time in this store!!!  We had so much fun, we forgot that it was 107 degrees outside, and it is just way to hot to even be out in this stuff....but remember, girls just want to have fun.  Doesn't say anything about rain, snow, sleet, or heat.  When you have to shop, you just have to.
I for one really enjoyed our girls day out, and I know my mom did as well.  Heard the same consensus from all the others as well.  I think we are going to have to attempt something like this again.  I told them I could get them into the wholesale jewelry place as well as my decorator wholesaler that is here in Oklahoma City.  That could be fun as well.  Hope we can plan another "Nanza" day...and I bet we will.  Thanks to all that participated.  :)

PS.  Carla was able to find her "special" treasure at Kohl's.  They had a bead that she was wanting to get her daughter, as she has just found out she is expecting a sweet bundle of joy.  Congrats to Carla and her daughter.  Praying for a healthy pregnancy for her daughter.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pearls Final RIde 7-28-12

Final ride for us anyway.
Let me start from the beginning...Most of you know we have an 03 Ultra Classic who we call Pearl.  She has taken us on many trips and adventures.  Over 122,863 to be exact.  I have written and blogged about most of these adventures.  Since we bought Ginger in 2011, Pearl has taken a back seat.  Since she was older, this probably wasn't a bad thing.  But all good things must come to an end.  Today, I am filled with joy and sadness, as Pearl made her final ride with us as her riders.  I love that bike, and I think mainly because of all the adventures we had on her.  But you know as well as I, all good things must end.
We have had Ginger our 2011 Ultra Classic in the shop for 2 weeks now.  The Harley dealership doesn't get any an hurry to find out why she is spitting oil and clattering like crazy.  We went by there on Friday, and I informed them that I thought their customer service "sucked, really bad".  Nothing they haven't heard before I am sure.  The fix that they tried a few weeks ago obviously didn't work, so now I don't know what they are going to attempt.  Our dedication and heart felt belief in the American made motorcycle is slipping, slipping really badly at this point.
Today we drove to Shawnee and ended up at the Honda dealership.

 We test drove a Goldwing.  Oh my, you say, a GOLDWING!!!!  Yes, we did....Then we started talking...and that lead to working a deal.....and that deal involved Pearl, as we sure don't need 3 bikes.  By now I know you know what is coming next.  Oh yes we did.....we bought a Wing!!!!!  And we traded Pearl to boot.  Pinch me cause I don't think this is happening.  They even took Pearl on trade without even seeing her.  So, we get back in the car, drive to Yukon, change clothes, and get the title, and head back to Shawnee.  Did I mention that it is over 100 degrees today....Hot as hell....

Pearls final ride  :( 

We make it back to Shawnee around 5:30, and they go through the delivery stuff, and by a little after 6pm, we are on our new Wing, and pulling out of the dealership.  We are the last ones there and help them close we pull onto the street, and Chuck says there is something flashing on the dashboard....we do a turn around and go back to the dealership which is now closed.

 Our wonderful salesman, that had pulled out when we did, sees us doing a u, and comes back to see what is wrong.  Glad he did, cause we had no idea what was wrong, and was going to have to get out the owners manual to figure it out.  Come to find out, it is a low tire alert.  Reagan had a tire gauge in his truck and checked both tires, and they were low.  He told us to follow him to the gas station to put air in the tires. Something they failed to check for delivery!!!  They had been so wonderful to put some of the goodies on the bike and had it ready by the time we got back, but I guess someone forgot to check the important things.  Sure hope it has oil in it!!!
So guess we have crossed over....looks like Wing Dings might be in our future.....ROFL
We will still have Ginger and hope that Harley World is able to fix her issues, but for the long road trips looks like we will be wingin it!!!
You know me and I have to name the bike, so as we were driving in the car back to the house to get Pearl, I came up with the name she is white......So until furtur notice or until I am vetoed, I say "Snow" is her name.  :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time to move some stuff around :)

Out with the old!!!  
I have been working on a few projects here at the house, and one thing always leads to ten.  But isn't that the way it is supposed to go?  I have a strange corner niche that was originally supposed to be a planter (in the 80's when the house was built), and then when we move in, I thought a fountain would be nice there.  So poof, we had running water in the house.  That was fine for several years, but then I got tired of trying to hear the TV over the roaring of the water.  Finally convinced Chuck the fountain needed to find a home outside, we recruited Chris and Diana one night, and we moved the very heavy fountain to the good ole outdoors.

Work in progress 
So, the area has sat there....looking at me....I know I will figure out something, but just not sure what.  Well, it is coming along quite nicely now.  I have taken two lead glass windows, and used antique spray to make them look old, and they are now hanging on the two walls.  Changed the light figure....and the biggest thing I did was to pour concrete in the old planter and seal it up.  Chuck was great and helped me mix the concrete outside and then bring inside in a bucket.  Only problem is, a 40lb. sack wasn't enough to fill it.  So, finally got another bag, and got it filled up this last weekend.  
Mirrors hung, light up, and now the hole is what do I put in the area.  I love little old clocks, and have a few that I display, so I think I am going to make this a tick-tock area.  I just love my little clocks.  A great friend takes them and converts them to battery so I don't have to wind all of them, thank goodness.  
So the picture I am posting is still not a completed project, but a work in progress  :)
I am sure I will tweak it several times before I call it "finished".  I will take pics when I get it all finished.
New piece of furniture
Have another little area across from this area, and it was time to revamp it also.  Found a wonderful little piece of furniture I just had to have, so here goes another area. That is what happens when you decorate for a living....your own projects are never done, because you are always trying to keep things fresh and fun.  Time to get back to my little project....later!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mom's Monday Mingle-Link UP!!!

Be sure and check out Mom's Monday Mingle and link up. Thanks to Pameal at It's Me Again....Pamela :) A

Friday, July 20, 2012

FNDR 7-20-12 Swadley's

We are going to eat some good ole Oklahoma Bar-b-Que tonight. Have to say we were a very small group tonight. Was great to see Tom, Seda, Diana & Chris. We weren't the only ones that thought BBQ sounded good, cause the place was really hopping. The food was as good as ever, and enjoyed the time we spent there.  Swadley's is a good home grown place to eat in my book...always a thumbs up!!!

We got to talking about apps for the iPhone, and Tom gave me a couple of new ones that I am really excited about. The first one is Night Sky, and it is really a clever little app. Can point your phone in the sky and it will show you all the constellations and lots more. Still working on understanding it all, but I think it is going to be a fun one. The other one is Appsgonefree. The objective of this app is to give you a daily list of the "free" apps that are available. Pretty cool!! While sharing all this wealth of information, Chuck showed us one he had found. It is called Poynt. Pretty impressive app too.  Poynt is really a user friendly Chuck was showing me, you can find a restaurant, and also add it to your calender direct throught the app.  I am sure there is a learning curve to understand what all this little app can do, and it will be fun to figure it out.  Was a great night to learn some new things for the phones. Love our little get together, cause as you know, we never know what "factoid" we might come home with. Isn't that the reason we get together, to share "factoids"??? Not really, but it is so great to learn something new and be able to use it.

 The weather has been brutal this week. We are in the wonderful "heat dome", and it is just terrible. I got in my car at 4:50 and it was in the shade, and the temp registered 106. We actually broke a record the day before. The weekend is supposed to be as hot as well. Sure doesn't take long at these temperatures to burn everything up.

 Last but not least, i just have to post a picture of my "giant sunflowers" that I planted earlier this summer. They are really becoming giants. Not sure if these are the type that will have sunflower seeds or not, and I am sure hoping they do, but I failed to keep my seed packet to know for sure. So I guess time will tell. Love to plant and watch things grow. Not sure how anything can stay alive with all this heat, but will continue trying to keep everything at least alive for as long as possible. Great evening of fun and laughter.  Sure missed everyone that couldn't make it tonight.  Funny thing as the week before we had 18, and this time 6.  Man, that is just strange, but of course, it is Summer, you know  :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ginger is back in the bike hospital 7-14-12

During our trip to Arkansas, we wondered at times if we were going  to make it to the top of some of the mountains.  Ginger was clattering so much and sounded like her lifters were going to come out of the engine.  Chris said he could hear us and they had their helmets on.  Now that is just not right.  When we would get back to our rooms, Chuck would clean the oil from her that she had spit out during the ride.  New bike, and oil....shouldn't go hand in hand.  Remember the umbrella valves were replaced about a month ago.  Hmmm, well, I guess that didn't work.  So Chuck rides over to Harley World and talks to them this morning.  They tell him to bring her in Monday and they will talk to Harley and get permission to open her up and see what is going on.  Since we have been dealing with this issue for a year now, think it is about time for them to stop messing around and find out what is really going on.  Ended up taking her back late Saturday, as Monday was going to be busy, and it was just easier to do it then.  I am sure I will have more to write about on this issue, but I think Harley might need to know what is going on, and I am just the girl to give them an ear full.  More later, I am sure.  :)

FNDR 7-13-12 Sandro's Pizza

Not sure how everyone else feels about this week, but I for one am glad it is over.  I know it is Friday the 13th, and that just compounds the bad week I had.  Not bad in a really bad way, but just one of those that you are ready for it to be over.  No do overs.
With that said, we head out from Yukon around 5:15 and go what we call the "back way" into Norman.  With all the crazy drivers we experience last night as we tried to get to Norman to celebrate our son's 30th Birthday, Chuck opted for the more scenic route.
It is hot, of course, it is July, so duh!!!  Humidity and heat, just don't feel that good.  I think it was around 100 as we left.  We ride down highway 4 and have to say it was not really busy.  We get on the turnpike and as we approach the toll booths, I look up and Chuck is going straight for the booths.  We have a pike pass, so not sure what that is all about.  Then all of a sudden, we cross over at the last minute to the pike pass lane.  OK, I get it, he was deep in thought and forgot where he was.  I sat back on my seat and didn't say a word.  LOL  The traffic at the casino was not even bad, we are really doing good so far.  We take the Highway 4 exit instead of riding on down to Main street.  OK, so we are taking a more scenic route.  We ride to Chautauqua Avenue and then turn to the North.  We ride Chautauqua till it dead ends.  We wind a little and boom we are on Main Street.  I love riding through the older neighborhoods of Norman.  We are right down by the university, and it is always fun to see the old houses.  As we pull into Sandro's, our friends from Duncan pull in also.  Lynn & Keith brought their friends Larry & Carla.  Steve & Jennifer are standing by their bike, and looks like they have also brought a couple.  We get inside and Tom, Seda, Allen, Doreen and the kids are already seated.  I had made a call to Sandro's earlier today and told them we would have around 14.

We had 18, so due to the air conditioning problems that they were having, we couldn't sit in their new area, and our table was maxed.  We improvised and had a "kiddy" table, right across from us.
Kiddy Table  :) 

Since Lynn, Keith, Larry and Carla were the last to order, guess who got to sit at the "Kiddy" table.

Family size Calazone!!  

After I finished eating, I moved over by them to talk.  I love our big group, but I have to say, when it is so large, it is really hard to find a place that can handle all of us.  Food was a bit slow coming out, and Sandro's was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Finally got Carla & Larry's pizza.  Due to the air conditioning issue, Jennifer ask if we are going to go have margarita's.  Not sure if Taco Cabana has them in Norman.  She gets on the phone and confirms that they do have them, even strawberry!!!  Didn't take too long to get this group moving towards the door, and on our way to Taco Cabana.

Allen, Doreen and the boys didn't come with us, but the rest followed.  We walk in, and get our orders taken.  Just sure we would be able to get our swirl margarita, I order one.  Well, the guy tells me that he got in trouble for doing that, so we go to the other plan.  Two plain, and two strawberry pitchers.  We will make our own swirls.  We sit and talk, and laugh, and then we start doing some musical chairs, and end up with the guys on one end and the girls on the other.  Now that is just about perfect.  Guys talking motorcycles and girls talking beads, hair and anything else on the table.  Before we know it, the pitchers are empty, and it is time to start towards home.  I can tell you one thing, the ride home was a whole lot better than the ride to eat.  Another FNDR comes to an end, but as you know, there will be more.  :)

As we came through downtown, fireworks were going off at the ballpark.  Good timing on our part.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 5) Sunday

Waking up to dry but overcast skies.  The rain last night was really good.  I know the people of Arkansas that received it was very grateful.  God is good.  We pull out at 7am so that we can hopefully beat the heat.    As we ride the highway back over to 412, everything looks different due to the rain.  It's amazing how a little bit of water can make things look so good.  The dry parched land is still parched, but it isn't quite as brown today.  The fog coming out of the hollers is really a pretty sight.  I am not from around here, but I think those low spots are called hollers???  LOL  Had just about perfect riding weather to Tulsa.  Had to make a stop at Siloam Springs, cause my left upper peg was about to fall off.  A minor tightening and we are back on the road.  We stop at the diner next to Rt. 66 Harley around 10:30.  Breakfast sounded really good, and we all had some.  Traffic was pretty light for a Sunday.  The sun popped out around Stroud and it got really hot.  We made a gas stop at the midway on the turnpike, and as we pull up to the gas fueling area, Chris tells us that we have lost a light lens on the front fender of the bike.  Surprised it made it this far, as it just fell off earlier today.  Plastic...they just don't make it last anymore.  LOL  Fueled and Chris says he knows right where the piece fell off, so he and Chuck drive back to the area.  In a few minutes, here they come back, and Chris has the part.  Wasn't even scratched up.  Only thing broken was the plastic tip that holds it in place.  Chuck removed the bulb, and we are on the road again.  We have all wet down our jackets and clothes.  Happy to say, by the time we get to the Wellson exit, we are back in the cloud cover.  Sure made the drive home a whole lot nicer.  As we come across the Kilpatrick Turnpike around the toll booth, I snap a pic of the skies.  Sure looks like some rain in those clouds.  Will have to wait and see if we get any at home.

We stop at the same place this adventure started, the 3-4 junction.  I look at the clock and it is 1pm.  I know I say it every time, but we really had a wonderful time with some really wonderful people.  Mileage 884  :)

I have to add this last picture because you know I am crazy.  At my store there has been this rogue shopping basket running around for over 6 months.  I convinced my installers to put it in their pick up and drop it off at my house.  Of course Chuck thinks I am totally crazy, but as you see, I have made very good use of it.  Only thing better would be if I painted it pink or turquoise.  I am sure one of these days I will get some spray paint and make that happen.  :)

Last but not least, I was out watering the front yard, and was going to move my watering tractor, and as I stepped off the porch, I saw something grey in color....the tail of a snake....not a little snake, but a BIG snake.  I ran into the house and got Chuck....he is scared to death of those things too, so we both just stand there looking at this tail...and can see this fat body wrapping around the water spigot.  Chuck goes and gets the shot gun..Oh yes he did.  But the way the snake was hiding, he couldn't get a good shot, but attempted anyway.  The stupid thing moved just a little, but was still there.  Called our next door neighbor and he comes over.  He has a long metal stick, and he grabs the tail of the snake and throws him out on the yard.  Now he has made the snake a bit unhappy. A few hits on the head, and then the spear through his head and all the excitement was over.  That stupid thing was around 4' long...looked like he had been feasting on my toads.  Roger takes his knife and open his mouth as the guy had a bit of a triangular head.  Didn't see any fangs.  We still have no idea what kind of snake it was, other than a dead one!!!  Probably weighed around 5 lbs.  I guess I will be watching my steps, and wearing long pants and boots around the yard for awhile.....YUCK!!! Snakes be gone.  No pictures to prove this, cause I was so freaked out, just couldn't take one.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 4) Saturday

We need to run back over to Springdale and see about exchanging some Spyder clothes that Chris got so we are on the bikes at 8 and over at the store by 9. They had the size he needed and we have a successful exchange. I am starving at this point and we run to McDonald's and I get some of my favorite iced caramel coffee. Just really love that drink. Never been a coffee drinker, but I can drink the cold foo-foo coffee.  Our plan today is to make it over to War Eagle Mill.  The ride was great and we were there before you know it. Diana and I had to buy a few things while there and I think we were both very pleased with our purchased.

We decide to go on over to War Eagle Caverns and see what that is all about. It is really warming up and they advertise it is like 60 degrees down in the cavern. We were not disappointed with the temperature in the cavern. It was very comfortable. Had a few bats flying around too.  The guide tells us that the cavern is home to one of North America's largest colonies of pipestrelle and gray bats.  Just a little factoid I had to add.   We also stood where the movie set was for the film Frank and Jesse.  It is a movie about the James brothers.  Our group that we are with had a little bit of every type person but this one little red headed boy stuck out the most to us. He reminded us all of Ryland. Ryland is Chris & Diana's 5yr old grandson. This boy was 7 as we found out later but was oozing with personality just like Ryland. Made our tour even more special. The guide was explaining something and Oscar didn't understand completely and he ask our guide to explain a little further and then Oscar says "so technically" and we all just cracked.up. As we exited the cavern we are reminded of how hot it is. There is a little eatery at the entrance and gift shop and we find what we were hoping for a cool spot. Well so much for that idea. Everyone got ice cream but me,  I got tea. We go back outside to the sitting area. The mom of the red head was sitting there and Diana went over and told her of Oscars twin in Oklahoma.  She got a big kick out of Diana telling her about Ryland.  We had a few laughs ourselves....of course our jokes were about Diana &
Chris's son Jason, Ryland's dad...Where was he 7 yrs. ago....LOL.... you know where that story is going.
Time to find a place to cool down, so we head back to Eureka Springs.  We are going to find a place to eat and chill for a little bit.  As we get out into the world where we can see the sky, we are amazed to see dark blue skies...really dark....hmmm...could we actually get some rain.  You people that know Chuck, he can make it rain if you know what I mean.  We ride to Maggie Mae's, and eat at a wonderful salad bar.  We are sitting way back in the back of the restaurant, cause you know that is where they always put "bikers" and we have a big picture window we can look out at the trees.  As we are eating, it starts to rain, just a you know, they are really needing rain, and all the locals run over to the windows to look out at the rain.  The wind is really whipping the trees around, and all of a sudden, a tree branch breaks, and it slams into the window we are sitting by.  Scared me to death.  It is lightening, thundering, and it is raining buckets by now.  I guess Chuck is living up to his rain making.  Told the waitress about it, and she said thanks to him.  :)

 We had to wait for quite a while for the rain to calm down enough for us to even think about riding back to the motel.  I walked outside to see if our shirts were still on the bikes, and this man ask if the Spider was ours.  Told him no, but Chris was walking out about that time and I pointed to him.  He is the man with all the answers.  LOL  As we talked, he said something about taking pictures as you go out on the west side of Eureka Springs....We had noticed a guy sitting there and I guess this was the guy.  He said he takes pics for magazines etc., and he had gotten the pic of the Spider.  Might use it in one of his magazines next year.  Now that is pretty cool.  Diana is out there by now, and the gentleman gives her a card with his email address and said to email him and he will send her the picture.  That was just so funny to run into him.  We stand and watch it rain, and finally it slows down to a mist, and we decide it is time to get on the bikes and get to a safe dry place.  The ride back to the room was fine, and we really didn't get that wet. It continues to drizzle for most of the afternoon, and was a very much needed rain for the area.  Glad we are safe and dry.  By 7pm it has all but quit raining, and everything has been so hot, there is a fog rising off the streets and fields.  We figure we won't get on the bikes again, but we did walk back over to Grandma's and eat just one more time.  It was almost closing time for them, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Chuck & I had chopped beef sandwich and a small bowl of beans...Diana had pinto & white beans.  Food was as good as yesterday.  I know it is kinda boring and redundant, but heck if it is good, why not.  Didn't have that many choices as we aren't really very close to too many restaurants, so we just repeat...LOL.  Walking back to the motel, the skies are starting to clear, and you can even see stars.  Guess the rain is over.  It has helped to cool the area down, and have to say, that is a good thing.  We have some packing to do, so guess we will get our stuff together so we can head back towards home tomorrow.  Hate that we didn't get to the Crescent Hotel, but there is always next time, and I am sure we will be back.  One of my favorite places to be...Love the riding around these parts.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 3) Friday

We meet up with everyone and walk across the road to get tickets for the trolley and on to eat breakfast.  Good idea but the trolley place doesn't open until 9:30. So on to the breakfast buffet at Pancakes.  We finish and walk across the street to a motorcycle shop that troy had spotted.  After we finish there we head back to get the tickets.  Troy and Janie are going to head back towards Oklahoma so we say our goodbyes and go sit and wait for the trolley to come by.  We ride the yellow route first.  It takes us downtown and we get off and walk the main area of the shopping district.  It is going to be another really hot day here, and it's going to be nice to ride around the area in air conditioned bus.  We walk around and check out the stores.  I find me some new fit flops in a store called The Wild Blue Yonder.  I wore them out of the store.  Very comfortable.  We make our way back down the hill and I had to take a moment to get a pic of Diana with Humpty Dumpty.  I just love that little guy on the hill.  As we make it back down to the trolley stop, we make a few more stops in shops.  The depot was nice and cool, and have to say, it felt good to sit for awhile.  We take the blue trolley next.  We did a bit of backtracking because they changed out drivers, and the driver that was being relieved had no idea where he had been, so the new driver drove back to the trolley stop in downtown.  Strange, but heck we were sitting and it was cooler in the bus than outside.  This time we go down by the train, and make a turn and head back downtown, and then out to the Thornhill Chapel.  By the time we reach the chapel, Chuck says he is feeling a bit queasy.  Think all the swaying and curves has got him down.  We don't get off the bus and check out the chapel, cause the poor people that had been waiting for the trolley, had been waiting for over an hour.  Didn't want to get stuck out here, so we just kept riding.  We get back to the trolley stop, and decide to go ahead and get off this roller coaster and get back on the yellow trolley and go back to the motel.  We have to wait about 30 minutes, but we were under trees and it wasn't that bad.  The yellow route takes us by Christ of the Ozarks, and makes a loop back to our first stop.  We get off, and by this time, I am feeling the woozy feeling myself.  We decide to go back to Grandma's Beans & Cornbread and actually have some of those wonderful beans.  They were delicious.  We walk back to our rooms and chill for awhile.  It is really HOT....did I already say that....LOL....

Diana has talked about wanting her ears pierced a second time, so she calls the place that did mine, and they are not going to be open, in fact they were closing as she was talking to them.  She was concerned about wearing her helmet home with newly pierced ears anyway, so I guess things work out for the best sometimes...Have to include this picture that Chuck took, cause Diana was checking to see if her helmet would bother her if the piercing would have actually happened.  And you wonder what we do with all our down time.  :)

Spyder invades Eureka Springs
We chill for awhile and the skies are clouding up a little, so we decide to ride out to Holiday Island and see the Golden Gate Bridge.  We make the loop around Holiday Island and enjoy the much cooler and cloud cover.  Actually looks like it could rain.  Man that would be nice.

Holiday Island Golden Gate Bridge

Spyder crossing Golden Gate Bridge

Around 7 we decide it is time to eat again, and P-nut had suggested to everyone to try The Chicken Coop, and you know us, we will have to try it.  We ride the bikes around a couple of curves, and get to the Chicken Coop.  We walk in and this man is playing a guitar and he and his wife are singing. we order...what else, chicken....fried chicken to be exact.  I know, Chuck isn't supposed to eat this thing called fried, but there was nothing else on the menu that he could eat.  While we were eating, it happened...the man that was playing the guitar and singing....well, his wife ask if there was a song we would like to hear.  Oh well, yes, there you know El Paso City...she told him, and he started singing a song....not the one we asked for, but it did mention El Paso....Out in a West Texas town of El know the one.  LOL.....Not sure about you, but we all decided we didn't like to be serenaded  while you are trying to eat...actually anytime, but really not while we are eating...too much eye contact.....but we were very gracious and listened to the man sing.  Even left him a tip....we are sooooo nice.  As we are leaving, he tells us to come back tomorrow night as he will have his mike and acoustics going....well, thanks, but I think we will have plans made for that evening already. :)  Chris is captured by some bikers that pull up and are asking him about the spyder.  Imagine that!!!  I had seen this sign right by the motel and it said scenic lookout, so we take the detour and check it out.  Was nice to check out how the locals live.  Waved at a little lady sitting on her porch, both coming and going.  :)

We get to the lookout, and it is beautiful.  You can see the Crescent Hotel from it.  We are going to try to get over there tomorrow as we have to show Diana & Chris what it is all about.  The road goes on down into the middle of town, and we ride it down, and do a u-turn and go right back up.   What a great little street.
Time to get in the pool and chill, and Diana and I do just that, along with about 8 kids....hmmm, well, we will just stay down on the deep end and try to stay out of their way.  Time to get out of the pool and go back to our rooms, and enjoy chilling and listening to the frogs.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 2) Thursday

Eight bells and we are up and ready to find breakfast. We ride out the east side of Eureka Springs and much to our dismay the restaurant we are trying to get to is closed and for sale. So plan "b" is in effect. We will ride a little further and find food. As we round one of the turns Chuck notices our trail car now known as Chevy Davidson disappeared. We pull over and make a u turn I am on the phone calling Janie and she tells me Troy forgot his wallet and they will catch up with us at the restaurant. Thank goodness for cell phones. We make it to plan "b" and guess what. It isn't open on Thursdays. There is a gas station up the road so we make our way there and I call Janie to let her know where we are at. We end up going another 20 miles and finally find a place that is open and get Janie and the others their much needed coffee fix. We stop at Garrison, population 116. This should be interesting. Have to say it was really good. All made from scratch biscuits bread and pancakes. Very nice little hole in the wall.

 We are ready for the day. On to Pig Trail Harley. It is only 10 and it is already warming up quite nicely. Going to be over 100 today so we will be looking for cool spots to stop. Next stop is Bradcliff Marine & ATV to check out spydie stuff. Chris finds a mesh jacket and pants.  Looks like we have a successful shopping experience. It is getting really warm and we are going to ride to Cliff house Restaurant which is outside of Jasper.  We have about an hour and a half ride to get there.  We had driven by Cliff House last year and wanted to go back and try it.  This is the day we will make it happen.  As we pull up to the restaurant we see a closed sign. Seems like this is a reoccurring theme today.

Well, we are back to plan "c".  Chevy Davidson leads us back down to Jasper and we pull into the parking spaces across from some local flavor restaurant.  We are so hot at this point we just want a cool place to drink a gallon of water and tea.  We girls are the first to walk in and oh my, did we get the looks.  Guess they noticed we weren't from around there parts. 

Food was good and our waiter must have known we were parched cause he brought a pitcher of water and tea to our table.  Was nice to get out of the heat.  We are refreshed and get back on the road and make it back to the rooms around 6:30. Didn't have to ask any of us twice about going out to the pool.  Man it felt great. The rest of the evening was spent out there.  We ended up calling for pizza and asked for it to be delivered. We called around 8:20 and we didn't see it until around 9:40. Not real speedy around these parts.  Tasted pretty darn good at this point in the evening.  We ended up getting too much pizza as we usually do, but that was alright.  We finally ended up back at our rooms around 11. Nice but very hot day of riding.  We did a little over 200 miles according to the Chevy Davidson. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 1) Wednesday

Meet Diana & Chris at 6:30am at the 3-4 junction. Nice morning, but it is probably good we headed out early, cause it is going to be a hot one today.  Get to Tulsa and we get gas and drive over to the McDonald's that is close by. Figure this will be quick and painless.  Little did I know....Chris comment that it must not have been the "a"  team working. Took forever to get our food, no napkins or paper towels to be found. Finally at 8:40 we are back on road. Already 86 degrees. We take a bit of a scenic tour, and make our way thru Kansas, OK.  Amazing some of the names of the towns.  Always fun to see what the population of the town is also.  Surprised as we get into Arkansas at how dry and burned out all the grass is. Looks like Oklahoma last year. Even the kudzu was struggling to survive. If you don't know what kudzu is, it is a vine that is very invasive, and even more difficult to kill. It is said that it can grow up to 7 feet per week.

We roll into Eureka Springs and make our way to the motel.  Our rooms are ready, so we go ahead and get rid of the trailers, and unload and get comfortable.  Chuck is in contact with Troy & Janie, and they are on their way back to the room, and we will go find some food.

 We ate at the Rockin Pig.  Chris ordered his usual pulled pork sandwich and Troy got it too.   Think Troy ordered cause he just likes to say it :) We finished a great lunch and walked over to the Harley store. On to planet leather and sad to say the little girl is no longer making the pet rocks :(. She is doing friendship bracelets now. I was wanting to show her Lizzy, cause she went on this trip with us.

Chris saw that Grandmas Beans & Cornbread that is next door had cobbler. Well we can't pass that up. So each of us share cobbler a la mode with our significant other.

Decide we will go to the hoedown tonight and we run over there to get tickets. Troy is the man of the hour cause he got our tickets for $12.50 each. We will be going to see P-nut at the 7:30 show.  Should be a fun filled evening.  Hot as heck here, and all the fireworks have been cancelled. So might as well sit in air conditioning and enjoy the show.  Got up to 100 I think.  We just chilled at the motel the rest of the afternoon and will leave here around 7 to got to the hoedown. I think everyone enjoyed the Ozark Mountain Hoe-Dow.  We all got to laugh a lot.  As we walk to the bikes, of course Chris had to talk to a couple of guys about the Spyder.  Duane from the show comes out, and we stand and talk to him for quite a while.  Nice evening, and finally a little cooler so made for a good evening.  The motel is just around a couple of corners, and we make it back to the room and just sit and chill for a while longer.  Time to get some rest, for tomorrow we play some more.  :)