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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bead-Nanza Girls Get Together 7-30-12

When we get together on Friday nights...the guys talk about motorcycles and we girls talk about our IPhone or our Pandora, and Harley beads.  I think it was Carla and Lynn that got me to looking a little closer at the beads they were wearing on their arms.....and then there is Janie.  Now that girl is a bead-aholic if I have ever seen one.  Now I am not saying this in a bad way, because we girls just want to have fun you know.  That is one thing we aren't shy on, having fun!!!!   Anyway, one night we were talking beads, and Janie was telling us about this place she goes to in Midwest City to get some beads, and make her own bracelets.  Lynn made the comment that we should all go, and with that thought, Bead-Nanza was born.  I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  Lynn & Carla said they would like to do this on a Monday, and that they would be available on the 30th.
I sent out an email last week sometime to see if we had any takers on Bead-nanza.  Lynn, Carla, Linda (Lynn's mother), Diana, my mom and me were the ones that made it today.  Hated that the other gals had things going on and couldn't make it.  The store was very interesting.  Have to say the girls that worked there were very helpful.  I had wanted to know if there is any easier way to put the loops on the charms, and the girl showed me a tool that looks like it is going to be the bomb diggity to get those darn things spread and attached.  We shop for a little over an hour, and pick up and touch everything in the store....oh but wait, as Lynn noted as we left, we missed one whole side.  What were we thinking???  I think we were overwhelmed to be quite honest.

Looks like everyone went home with a "new" treasure from Alouette's Beadery except Carla.  She didn't find a special treasure to take with her.  We sat around their worktables and talked and laughed for a little while, and then Lynn mentioned that they were going to go to Target to get some pens.  Oh my, guess she didn't know how much I love all the pens and memo pads that I love.  I showed her an ink pen that I had gotten and Diana found hers and showed them.  Our big little pens came from Michaels, and there is one very close by.  Looks like we are taking this party on to the next location.  Just like a bunch of kids in a candy store, we hit Michaels like a tornado.  Not sure what the employees thought when we all stormed in, but we were on a mission.  Where are those "fat" pens.  Finally located them, and some other treasures that had to be taken home.  More beads to look at too.  Diana scored really big on some cute children's folding patio chairs, and a wonderful little pop up tent.  I am thinking we had a really good time in this store!!!  We had so much fun, we forgot that it was 107 degrees outside, and it is just way to hot to even be out in this stuff....but remember, girls just want to have fun.  Doesn't say anything about rain, snow, sleet, or heat.  When you have to shop, you just have to.
I for one really enjoyed our girls day out, and I know my mom did as well.  Heard the same consensus from all the others as well.  I think we are going to have to attempt something like this again.  I told them I could get them into the wholesale jewelry place as well as my decorator wholesaler that is here in Oklahoma City.  That could be fun as well.  Hope we can plan another "Nanza" day...and I bet we will.  Thanks to all that participated.  :)

PS.  Carla was able to find her "special" treasure at Kohl's.  They had a bead that she was wanting to get her daughter, as she has just found out she is expecting a sweet bundle of joy.  Congrats to Carla and her daughter.  Praying for a healthy pregnancy for her daughter.