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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 4) Saturday

We need to run back over to Springdale and see about exchanging some Spyder clothes that Chris got so we are on the bikes at 8 and over at the store by 9. They had the size he needed and we have a successful exchange. I am starving at this point and we run to McDonald's and I get some of my favorite iced caramel coffee. Just really love that drink. Never been a coffee drinker, but I can drink the cold foo-foo coffee.  Our plan today is to make it over to War Eagle Mill.  The ride was great and we were there before you know it. Diana and I had to buy a few things while there and I think we were both very pleased with our purchased.

We decide to go on over to War Eagle Caverns and see what that is all about. It is really warming up and they advertise it is like 60 degrees down in the cavern. We were not disappointed with the temperature in the cavern. It was very comfortable. Had a few bats flying around too.  The guide tells us that the cavern is home to one of North America's largest colonies of pipestrelle and gray bats.  Just a little factoid I had to add.   We also stood where the movie set was for the film Frank and Jesse.  It is a movie about the James brothers.  Our group that we are with had a little bit of every type person but this one little red headed boy stuck out the most to us. He reminded us all of Ryland. Ryland is Chris & Diana's 5yr old grandson. This boy was 7 as we found out later but was oozing with personality just like Ryland. Made our tour even more special. The guide was explaining something and Oscar didn't understand completely and he ask our guide to explain a little further and then Oscar says "so technically" and we all just cracked.up. As we exited the cavern we are reminded of how hot it is. There is a little eatery at the entrance and gift shop and we find what we were hoping for a cool spot. Well so much for that idea. Everyone got ice cream but me,  I got tea. We go back outside to the sitting area. The mom of the red head was sitting there and Diana went over and told her of Oscars twin in Oklahoma.  She got a big kick out of Diana telling her about Ryland.  We had a few laughs ourselves....of course our jokes were about Diana &
Chris's son Jason, Ryland's dad...Where was he 7 yrs. ago....LOL.... you know where that story is going.
Time to find a place to cool down, so we head back to Eureka Springs.  We are going to find a place to eat and chill for a little bit.  As we get out into the world where we can see the sky, we are amazed to see dark blue skies...really dark....hmmm...could we actually get some rain.  You people that know Chuck, he can make it rain if you know what I mean.  We ride to Maggie Mae's, and eat at a wonderful salad bar.  We are sitting way back in the back of the restaurant, cause you know that is where they always put "bikers" and we have a big picture window we can look out at the trees.  As we are eating, it starts to rain, just a you know, they are really needing rain, and all the locals run over to the windows to look out at the rain.  The wind is really whipping the trees around, and all of a sudden, a tree branch breaks, and it slams into the window we are sitting by.  Scared me to death.  It is lightening, thundering, and it is raining buckets by now.  I guess Chuck is living up to his rain making.  Told the waitress about it, and she said thanks to him.  :)

 We had to wait for quite a while for the rain to calm down enough for us to even think about riding back to the motel.  I walked outside to see if our shirts were still on the bikes, and this man ask if the Spider was ours.  Told him no, but Chris was walking out about that time and I pointed to him.  He is the man with all the answers.  LOL  As we talked, he said something about taking pictures as you go out on the west side of Eureka Springs....We had noticed a guy sitting there and I guess this was the guy.  He said he takes pics for magazines etc., and he had gotten the pic of the Spider.  Might use it in one of his magazines next year.  Now that is pretty cool.  Diana is out there by now, and the gentleman gives her a card with his email address and said to email him and he will send her the picture.  That was just so funny to run into him.  We stand and watch it rain, and finally it slows down to a mist, and we decide it is time to get on the bikes and get to a safe dry place.  The ride back to the room was fine, and we really didn't get that wet. It continues to drizzle for most of the afternoon, and was a very much needed rain for the area.  Glad we are safe and dry.  By 7pm it has all but quit raining, and everything has been so hot, there is a fog rising off the streets and fields.  We figure we won't get on the bikes again, but we did walk back over to Grandma's and eat just one more time.  It was almost closing time for them, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Chuck & I had chopped beef sandwich and a small bowl of beans...Diana had pinto & white beans.  Food was as good as yesterday.  I know it is kinda boring and redundant, but heck if it is good, why not.  Didn't have that many choices as we aren't really very close to too many restaurants, so we just repeat...LOL.  Walking back to the motel, the skies are starting to clear, and you can even see stars.  Guess the rain is over.  It has helped to cool the area down, and have to say, that is a good thing.  We have some packing to do, so guess we will get our stuff together so we can head back towards home tomorrow.  Hate that we didn't get to the Crescent Hotel, but there is always next time, and I am sure we will be back.  One of my favorite places to be...Love the riding around these parts.