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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pearls Final RIde 7-28-12

Final ride for us anyway.
Let me start from the beginning...Most of you know we have an 03 Ultra Classic who we call Pearl.  She has taken us on many trips and adventures.  Over 122,863 to be exact.  I have written and blogged about most of these adventures.  Since we bought Ginger in 2011, Pearl has taken a back seat.  Since she was older, this probably wasn't a bad thing.  But all good things must come to an end.  Today, I am filled with joy and sadness, as Pearl made her final ride with us as her riders.  I love that bike, and I think mainly because of all the adventures we had on her.  But you know as well as I, all good things must end.
We have had Ginger our 2011 Ultra Classic in the shop for 2 weeks now.  The Harley dealership doesn't get any an hurry to find out why she is spitting oil and clattering like crazy.  We went by there on Friday, and I informed them that I thought their customer service "sucked, really bad".  Nothing they haven't heard before I am sure.  The fix that they tried a few weeks ago obviously didn't work, so now I don't know what they are going to attempt.  Our dedication and heart felt belief in the American made motorcycle is slipping, slipping really badly at this point.
Today we drove to Shawnee and ended up at the Honda dealership.

 We test drove a Goldwing.  Oh my, you say, a GOLDWING!!!!  Yes, we did....Then we started talking...and that lead to working a deal.....and that deal involved Pearl, as we sure don't need 3 bikes.  By now I know you know what is coming next.  Oh yes we did.....we bought a Wing!!!!!  And we traded Pearl to boot.  Pinch me cause I don't think this is happening.  They even took Pearl on trade without even seeing her.  So, we get back in the car, drive to Yukon, change clothes, and get the title, and head back to Shawnee.  Did I mention that it is over 100 degrees today....Hot as hell....

Pearls final ride  :( 

We make it back to Shawnee around 5:30, and they go through the delivery stuff, and by a little after 6pm, we are on our new Wing, and pulling out of the dealership.  We are the last ones there and help them close we pull onto the street, and Chuck says there is something flashing on the dashboard....we do a turn around and go back to the dealership which is now closed.

 Our wonderful salesman, that had pulled out when we did, sees us doing a u, and comes back to see what is wrong.  Glad he did, cause we had no idea what was wrong, and was going to have to get out the owners manual to figure it out.  Come to find out, it is a low tire alert.  Reagan had a tire gauge in his truck and checked both tires, and they were low.  He told us to follow him to the gas station to put air in the tires. Something they failed to check for delivery!!!  They had been so wonderful to put some of the goodies on the bike and had it ready by the time we got back, but I guess someone forgot to check the important things.  Sure hope it has oil in it!!!
So guess we have crossed over....looks like Wing Dings might be in our future.....ROFL
We will still have Ginger and hope that Harley World is able to fix her issues, but for the long road trips looks like we will be wingin it!!!
You know me and I have to name the bike, so as we were driving in the car back to the house to get Pearl, I came up with the name she is white......So until furtur notice or until I am vetoed, I say "Snow" is her name.  :)