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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time to move some stuff around :)

Out with the old!!!  
I have been working on a few projects here at the house, and one thing always leads to ten.  But isn't that the way it is supposed to go?  I have a strange corner niche that was originally supposed to be a planter (in the 80's when the house was built), and then when we move in, I thought a fountain would be nice there.  So poof, we had running water in the house.  That was fine for several years, but then I got tired of trying to hear the TV over the roaring of the water.  Finally convinced Chuck the fountain needed to find a home outside, we recruited Chris and Diana one night, and we moved the very heavy fountain to the good ole outdoors.

Work in progress 
So, the area has sat there....looking at me....I know I will figure out something, but just not sure what.  Well, it is coming along quite nicely now.  I have taken two lead glass windows, and used antique spray to make them look old, and they are now hanging on the two walls.  Changed the light figure....and the biggest thing I did was to pour concrete in the old planter and seal it up.  Chuck was great and helped me mix the concrete outside and then bring inside in a bucket.  Only problem is, a 40lb. sack wasn't enough to fill it.  So, finally got another bag, and got it filled up this last weekend.  
Mirrors hung, light up, and now the hole is what do I put in the area.  I love little old clocks, and have a few that I display, so I think I am going to make this a tick-tock area.  I just love my little clocks.  A great friend takes them and converts them to battery so I don't have to wind all of them, thank goodness.  
So the picture I am posting is still not a completed project, but a work in progress  :)
I am sure I will tweak it several times before I call it "finished".  I will take pics when I get it all finished.
New piece of furniture
Have another little area across from this area, and it was time to revamp it also.  Found a wonderful little piece of furniture I just had to have, so here goes another area. That is what happens when you decorate for a living....your own projects are never done, because you are always trying to keep things fresh and fun.  Time to get back to my little project....later!!!