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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wings, Winning & Labor Day Weekend Day 2

We wake up to sunny skies, and according to the weather forecast, it is going to be a HOT one.  They aren't lying about the heat.  As we get closer to the Dallas area, the traffic picks up.  Chris is able to cut traffic for us when we need it.  Sure glad we can communicate between bikes. 
Interesting part of this ride is, we passed several Harley stores, and just waved as we went by.  We are on the hunt for Honda stores....Yep, Honda stores.

 As we pass one Harley store, Diana & Chris say they saw the Honda store right next door, so we do that u-turn thing again.  Only about 5 miles to get turned around and head back on the frontage road.
It is time to stop and get some water and cool off some.  We go in and check out the "stuff".  They don't have same type of store that you see in a Harley store.  Guess when you ride a wing, you can wear about anything.  Not that "branding" thing that Harley does.  Diana & I are on the lookout for a cute shirt that might have wings on the back.  Non found here, but the man that worked there was quite nice, and gave us water and we got to listen to his story about having over 400,000 documented miles on Honda bikes.  He has been around the block a few time, don't you think!! 

We go on down the road to another shop and as we are driving there, we get a whiff of some really good smelling BBQ.  As we are leaving the store, I ask the girl if she knows an easy way to get to it.  Duuuhhhh, she isn't good with directions.  Seems like we always get the ones that have no clue how to get out of the box.  LOL.....amazed that people live in a town, and can't seem to get around.  Of course with all the traffic in the Dallas area, I can almost understand that. 

I suggest a road that I saw on the side of the dealership, and guess what.....we were able to get back to the BBQ place without any problem.  Think I should go back and tell the girl...Naaahhh!!!

The BBQ place has a name.  It is Bone Daddy's.  It was nice and cool, and they were able to keep up with the water and tea that we consumed in the first 5 minutes we were there.  The food was really good.  As we sat there and cooled down, I started looking around, and it was decorated so cute.  They had taken pieces of doors, and cut into shorter pieces, and covered the walls with them...Like they were paneled.  Very cool idea.  The bathroom doors to each stall was an old door also.  Very impressive. 

We had talked about going over to Ft. Worth, and going to the Tandy Mall.  Glad I googled it, cause it is being torn down, and it is Gone!!!!   Looks like we missed out on that one.  You can tell how long it has been since we were in the Ft. Worth area. 

Back out to the heat, we head towards the hotel.  We decide to stay in Los Colinas, at the Fairfax Inn, that we stayed in last year.  Seems like it was about the same time of year, but we got wet that trip.  There is a Bennigan's within walking distance and they have Happy Hour until 8pm.  Looks like we have a plan.  We visited the indoor pool, but it was so darn cold, it just wasn't that fun.  I didn't get in, cause remember I have a boo-boo from my fall yesterday...LOL  I am such a wimp.
Dinner was good, and the margarita's were even better.  Nice to be able to just sit and chill for awhile.  Looks like tomorrow we are going to set out for Shreveport, LA.  The rains from the hurricane are going to be pretty much gone, so might as well venture that direction.  Look out Louisiana, we are coming your way. 

By the way, I think Diana & Chris are enjoying their new bike.  She is working on a name....just haven't come up with the right one yet.  Still think Cocain would be a good one, if you didn't get a double take when you said it.  :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wings, winnings & Labor Day Weekend Day 1

Planning to get out of town around 1 and head to Shawnee Honda, as we leave town.  Taking an in-direct route to Dallas...we think...Not sure where we will end up this weekend.  Our original plans were to go to New Orleans, but Hurricane Isaac has gotten in the way.  We would rather stay dry if at all possible.
We get to the dealership and Chris starts sitting on some of their bikes....The salesman that sold us our new bike (Reagan) came over.  Asking Chris if he has ridden a wing lately, and Chris said no.  Want to take a test drive was the next question.  Sure why not.  We really aren't in a hurry to do anything, go ahead and check one out.
No Red Chris!!!  

They rolled an 08 Red one out.  Diana whispers to me and tells me as they were driving this way, she said she would like any color but red.  Wink...wink...  Chris rides the bike and he is pretty impressed with it.  Can he get it for the price he is wanting it for....heck no.  In the mean time, Chuck has found some Air Wings that he is wanting to have installed.  Might as well go ahead and do it if they have time.

Diana & Chris's New Wing
As we sit and discuss how they are not willing to deal on the older bike, Reagan keeps checking on us. Chris and Chuck  go over and start looking at some of the other bikes.  There is a really nice looking 12 that only has 2000 miles on it.  Has some goodies on it, and the price is not that much more than the used 08 that he was looking at.  I think you can figure out where this story is going by now.  They strike a deal with the 2012.  It is white...just like ours.  :)  Diana keeps asking if we care that they are the same color.  Heck, doesn't bother us.  There are a few thousand more on the road...we are not an exclusive, that is for sure.  Think it is a compliment.  We can be twinkies  :)

It is close to 5 now, and Chris wants a couple of goodies put on his bike.  They roll it back to the service dept.. and take care of that for them.  They buy a bag for the back of the tour pack, and Diana and I go outside to Spydi and start taking stuff out of it.  They will store the Spyder until Monday or Tuesday when we get back in town.  Didn't know we would be playing musical motorcycle.  Just never know what we will be doing...crazy group.  Love every minute of it.

The Biggs new bike is ready to go, and we start loading it with their luggage etc.  We get it all ready by the time Chris makes it back from signing the papers.  It is now close to 6pm, and we are ready to get on the road.
That didn't last long :( 

We are heading southbound  and get to Seminole to grab some dinner.  As Chuck gets off the bike, one of the wings that Chuck just had installed, broke off.  Well, that sure didn't last very long.  Guess I will be calling them tomorrow about that.

 I ask Diana and Chris how they are doing.  Has he forgotten to put his feet down at any of the stops??  He assures me he has remembered every time.  Diana says the first turn they made was kinda scary, and she was about to hyperventilate, but as they both got their sea legs and got more familiar with the feel of the bike, it looks like this is going to be a good and fun trip.

We eat our dinner, and as we walk out and look to the southeast, we see a rainbow.  Looks like there is some rain out there.  Sure hope we can miss it.

 We are heading towards Ada, and Chuck slows down, and says he thinks we should turn around, as the clouds are looking pretty bad ahead.  Silly me says, Oh, I don't think we will get wet.  So we keep on going...but only for a couple of miles, and he once again slows down.  As I look over his shoulder, I see WET WET roads ahead.  U-turn time....and that is just what we did.  We went back to the junction (59) that was just a few miles back.  As usual, our fearless leader has kept us dry.  I on the other hand would have gotten us drenched.


We make our way through Coalgate and Atoka.  We refuel in Atoka, and again I ask how the new "Wingers" are doing.  Chris is in heaven, and I think Diana hasn't had any more episodes, so I think all is good in the Biggs house.  :)  and we are dry!!!  We make our way to Durant, OK...if you don't know how to pronounce Durant, it is Doo-rant....Not exactly sure why this is, but ask anyone...they will tell you that you pronounce it Doo-rant.

As we get close to the Casino, it would be very hard to miss it.  Out in the middle of nowhere, and all the bright lights.  Looks like we have made it.  We find the motorcycle parking, and proceed to go inside and check this place out.  It is called the Choctaw Casino and Grand Hotel.  The High Rollers are look out, and get the money ready cause we are entering the building.  ;)

Hmmm, well that didn't take too long.  I didn't win anything...did my usual deposit....Looser...need I say more.

Getting late and we go ahead and load up and start towards Sherman to see if we can find a place to spend the night.  We stop at 3 hotels, and they are all booked.  We pull out, and I spot a place on the other side of the road.  We do a u-turn, and if anyone knows about Texas u-turns, the frontage roads are very long.  So you have to go another 2 miles or so to get back to the place you want to be.  Think we woke up the owner of the motel...but he did have 2 rooms.  King size beds...we will take them.

The ride this evening was great.  The weather was about perfect.  No rain, and actually ended up seeing stars and also that big ole full moon. Was told it was a "blue moon", and I had no idea what that was, and Chris informs us the next day of what a "blue moon" actually was.  It is when you have 2 full moons in the same month.  Now that you have that "factoid" down...wonder what else we can learn.  :)

Great day and we are on another excellent adventure.  More to come tomorrow.  Night all!!

Things come in 3's

Seems like things always come in threes. Well I think I have had my three. I am done!!!
This morning I was in my store and needed something out of my vehicle. As I attempted to step off the sidewalk I took a tumble. One of those oh nooooo. As I tried to negotiate getting up I noticed my jeans on my left leg were torn. My hand and elbow hurt and oh the knee. I looked around and there wasn't another car in the parking lot. I don't think anyone saw me do this I get up and hobble back into the office. Oh dear. I wanted to cry. My knee is bleeding. I reach for the phone and try to call Chuck. No answer. I was needing someone to cry to.
I call my mom and tell her of my trip. My need for crying is over and now it is all quite comical :). We both were laughing over my mishaps. She ask me if I remembered the time u slipped on the ice and was about 6 months pregnant with my son and slid under my car. Well yes....pretty traumatic them too. But I was quite a bit younger too. This old lady just can't be doing that. :)
By the time my husband calls me I have found a bandaid and checked out my elbow and hand. I weather the fall pretty darn good. But I do think I have whip lash. ROFL. Oh man. Way to start out a morning. Just glad I have no broken bones. So that is number two. Cause I consider washing my Fitbut number one.
So I am closing the store at noon today to get a head start on the labor day weekend.

We meet Diana and Chris at the house a little before 1 and we r in our way. We want to make a stop at the Honda dealership in Shawnee.
As we r riding I hear a "hello" through my helmet. It was my installer. Mike tells me I mis measured a window and the blind is an inch too narrow. We discussed it and he went ahead and secured it in the window and I will order the correct size tomorrow. I will also get the salt and pepper out to season it while I eat it. At least it was a very small window and won't hurt too badly. ;). By the way now is a good time to give a good plug for my installers Trish & Mike. They are wonderful. Couldn't do it without them.

So with that I feel like I have had my three. I am done. No more. Nope, no more. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Fitbit vs. the Washer

Ever have one of those days u can't keep up with something. Today was my day.  My husband and I are counting our steps and keeping up with our calorie intake and mapping our sleep with our new "Fitbit"....Have been using it for about a month.  Love the accountability, and how easy it is to use.....I have been so good about keeping up with it also.  My problem starts when I get home from work, and I change clothes.  Half the time, I leave it clipped on the jeans I wore to work and then I have to go back and find it and attach to whatever I have on. 

I wore Capri's yesterday.  All was good....I got home and we decided to ride Miss Snow somewhere to eat, and meet up with Diana & Chris. I had to put on jeans so we could ride the bike there.    As I was sitting eating, I went into panic mode.  Where was my fitbit......oh yeh, at home, on the pair of capris. 

Note to self, be sure and get it when you get home.  You  are missing some important steps...LOL....So we get home, and Diana & Chris are going to walk with us this evening.  We take off, and half way through the walk....where is my "fitbit"...oh yeh, it is home.  As we walked back in the house, Diana reminds me to get it.  I go and find it, and put on my jean pocket. 
After they leave, I take off my jeans, and look in the dirty clothes hamper, and heck, might as well do a load of laundry.  Throw everything in my washer, and wash away.  After it is done, I go to put in the dryer, and OH Fitbit just got washed.  #$@%..  to say the least....Blonde moment!!!

I get on the computer and under the fitbit dashboard, there are frequent asked questions, and you guessed it, one of them is,  "What do I do if I wash my fitbit"?  They say to put it in some rice and let it set.  They also say, it usually comes back up just fine.  Get the rice, and the bag, and throw the darn thing in there.  Bedtime by now...hope I have good results in the morning.

Awake, and on my way to the kitchen to check out my results.  Low and behold....Fitbit says Diane on it.  Wow, it worked.  My fitbit is up and working.  I am so, I was sweating that one.  All is good in my world now.  Let the day proceed.  I am ready!!!! 

About an hour after I left the house, I got a text notice from Fitbit telling me that my battery was low.  Guess I will have to charge it when I get home.  Looks like the water might have zapped the life out of it.  Sure am glad that is all that happened. if you are interested in this little gadget.  Note to soon as you hit the door, put the darn thing on the charger. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

FNDR 8-24 and the Rest of the Weekend too

We were all meeting at Rudy's BBQ in Norman tonight.  Only problem on my end is my husband is still in Duncan at 5pm.  Was thankful that Diana & Chris were driving tonight so I just got a ride with them.  Traffic was its usual self, and we were in the highway crawl down I-35.  Where is that HOV lane when you need it.  Oh, but wait, this is Oklahoma, and what the heck is an HOV lane.  LOL...we are a bit backwards on this traffic thing to say the least.  Love my state a whole lot, but some things need to be acted upon to get us into the 21st opinion....I had enough time to stick my camera out the window and take a pic of a sign on a local banks markque.  Since Diana LOVES popcorn, I thought it was quite appropriate for the moment.  We would have probably had time to stop and get some.  ROFL

Got a text from Chuck and he was about 30 minutes out from Rudy's...and I informed him that he might actually beat us there.  He didn't, but he was only about 15 minutes away by the time I got our order.  Tom had called Chuck to tell him they were running late also...due to the same "traffic" issues I spoke about.  Glad to see the ones that made it, and we all got to sit and talk for a while.  Jennifer & Steve were able to make it tonight, and I have to say, it was good to see them both.   Chuck showed up and got to eat with food was terrible.  I usually don't complain, but my potato was bad, and the beef I had on it, was even worse.  We had eaten here last Sunday and it was awesome.  Just not my night to eat good food I guess.  Everyone drove tonight cause we are supposed to be getting ready to really get wet.  More on that later.  Dinner was over, and Diana & I drove one vehicle and Chuck & Chris drove the other one and of course we had to stop at Taco Cabana for our Friday Margaritas.  Was a perfect evening to sit on the patio and eat some chips and queso and sip on an awesome margarita.  Life is good!!!!

"Organic Apples"  
We didn't ride any today as we had the grand kids coming over to visit.  Had a great day with them..We picked apples from our neighbors tree.  Cooper ask if they were "organic"....this coming out of a 4 yr. old mouth just cracked me up.  She ate 2 apples while she was here.  Cash on the other hand, like them as well, and did a good bit of nibbling on his.   He thought they were very good too. "Organic" is good!!!!

Cooper asked Pops if he could climb a tree, cause she wanted to know how to do it.  I think the tree climbing will have to be done at a future time.  Sandals and dresses just don't make good climbing attire.  She goes into the house and finds a cowboy hat of mine, and she has to come out and have her picture taken.  You know at grans and pops house, anything goes.

I had been watering the flower in the front, and a little water puddle had built up on the asphalt.  That was just about the best thing that could have happened.  Shoes and socks go off, and the splashing begins.  Cash thought it was fun to attempt to jump up and down to make big splashes.  Too darn cute.

We had a good time with the kids, and they were on their way home around 7pm.  Just before the rains were about to hit.  Yes, we finally got some much needed rain.  Thank you god....  Looks like we got about an inch.

I wake  up with a headache.  Not sure why, but I don't like it.  We walk about 2 miles this morning.  I just knew it was going to be cooler, but it wasn't.  Some overcast skies, and very humid.  Guess we are done with the rains.  :(  The way the weathermen talked we were going to have all this rain, and now it seems that it has gone to the east of us.
We got on Snow and rode to grab a bite to eat for lunch.  Maybe food will help the headache....Nope, it didn't.  Came back to the house and chilled for a short time.  Chuck wanted to ride some more, so we got on Snow and headed west.  We rode to Geary, and then back to the house.  It was the 90's and the heat index was 96.  I am wilting.  Not sure why I am not dealing with the heat this year...but i don't think it has anything to do with "age"!!!!  Back home and Diana & I are texting about dinner.  They head our way about 6.  We ride to Johnny's in El Reno, cause we have pie on our brains. Maybe the pie will help my headache!!!!  Hamburger was awesome, and Diana even tried the slaw on the onion burger.  That is the way I always have there.  Then, comes dessert....coconut cream for me and Chris, and Diana had chocolate.  Chuck had key lime.  It is worth the trip to just eat pie.  Yum!!!

We rode to Lucky Star Casino just to have something to do.  We walked in and the cigarette smoke was really thick in the place.  Sure need to work on their air filters I think.  We walk around and light on a couple of machines.  We whip our our BIG money, and feed the machines.  I fed a few, and they took every luck was running true to scale.  Diana was winning, and staying pretty even.

Chuck was up $10....and Chris...well, he is big money.  He put a $20 in and came home with $102.  Wow, that was awesome.  As usual I am the "Biggest Loser"...  :)  That's OK, didn't want to break my losing streak.  It was a beautiful ride home.  The temperature was perfect.  Oh, and my headache is gone.  Diana thinks it was the pie that did it, but I told her it was getting out and sharing some laughs with some wonderful friends.  We had a good day!!!  Time for rest....for tomorrow is Monday...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will ride for food... Sweetie Pies Ribeyes, here we come

We pull out from the house about 8:15 with Diana & Chris right behind us.  We are heading to Duncan, OK. to meet up with Keith & Lynn.  Our destination today is Decatur Texas.  Lynn had told us about another restaurant in the town, so we have a date to eat at Sweetie Pies Ribeyes.  If you have ever ridden with Chuck & I we usually stop at Catfish O'Harlies for some really good catfish, but today, we are going to Sweetie Pies.   We have about a 50 percent chance of rain in Oklahoma City, and we hope that is really does rain, so maybe if we get on the bike and head out, this will happen.

The sky is semi cloudy, and the temperature is in the 70's.  Just perfect for a ride down Highway 81. Funny thing was as we rode through Chickasha, and Marlow it would start raining.  Just a gentle sprinkle.  Never rained outside of the towns...if you left the city limits, the rain would stop.  We get to Duncan about 9:45 and it is dry, and Lynn & Keith are there waiting.

Keith & Lynn 
 Looks like we have elected Keith to lead us to Decatur, and I have to say it is kinda fun, being the second bike.  We didn't head direct for Decatur, as we had another stop to make before we get there.  We rode to Wichita Falls and stopped at the Red River Harley Dealership.  They were having a nice little sale going on.  It is Texas tax free weekend, and they were also giving 20% off most everything in the store.  Now that we are in Texas the heat has found us again, and we are putting on our sunscreen.  Not too hot, but definitely warmer than what we left this morning.

PPG Glass Company 

I had to take a picture of this glass factory ourside of Burkburnett Texas.  Seems like I always do that, but it is really cool to see all those colors of glass chips.  These piles are very large, and I know my picture doesn't do it justice, but I was saying something to Lynn about it, and she says she does the same thing.  Too funny!!!

Diana & Chris at The Square at Decatur, TX 

Sweetie Pies Ribeyes
 Glenda & Diana 
Diana said her friend Glenda had called while we were riding.  She is building a home in Weatherford, Texas, and looks like she is going to head to Decatur and have lunch with us.  Now, if we had tried to make this happen, it wouldn't have, but this is just about perfect.  Chuck & I had met Glenda when we went to visit her when she lived in Wyoming in 2006.   This was one of our motorcycle trips that we went to Yellowstone with  Diana & Chris.  Glenda is really a nice person, and will be wonderful to see her again.  She has had some medical issues to deal with, and will be good to see how well she is doing.

We pulled into Sweetie Pies around 1:30.   Glenda had just gotten there a few minutes before us, and our table was ready.  Amazing how this day has fallen together quite nicely.  The food and service was great.  Diana & I both had the fried catfish, and it was really great.  I think it was as good as Catfish O'Harleys.  We had a wonderful visit with Glenda.  Diana and her were able to catch up on all the news from Piedmont.  We finish and get our ticket to pay, and the waitress comments that it looks like we are going to get some rain.  As the guys pay the tab, I go ahead and head outside.

The rain had hit.  Actually raining quite a bit.  I run back to the bikes, and rescue our helmets.  Wow, I wanted to get out and dance in this wet stuff.  We hadn't had a drop of rain in quite a while.  Sure hope we got some of this back home.  (and yes we did get some much needed rain)  

Everyone is pulling out their iPhone and looking at the weather apps.  Looks like we have more coming, so I guess we girls get to do a little retail therapy in this cute square.  First place we hit is right in front of our bikes.  The lady was a real hoot, and she enjoyed us coming in and shopping.  I think we all found a special treasure we had to take home with us except Glenda.  I think her mind is on appliances etc, as she is in the process of building the new home.

Looks like the rain is going to be around for awhile, so we continue to a couple of other shops.  No other money was exchanged though. We didn't find anything else to buy.  :(  One of the shops was a really nice upscale decorating shop.  She had some beautiful furniture and chairs.  I actually think they made them in the back of the shop.  She also had some beautiful bedspreads.  I will NEVER feel bad at pricing a spread anymore after seeing the prices she was getting for hers.  They were priced anywhere from $2800 to $3500.  They were really awesome and I know they were worth every penny.  Gave me some ideas anyway.

We make it back to the guys, and they are still in the same place we left them.  Only excitement for them was a little lizard that tried to follow Keith.  Not sure where the little guy went, but I made sure to check my helmet before putting it on.  Other excitement for them was a guy that pulled up in his truck, and they said he got out and opened the hood of the truck, and put his wallet under the hood and closed it.  He went to Fuzzy's Taco's that was having their grand opening.  They said there was another guy that did the same thing.  Hmmm....not sure if this is a Texas thang or what.

Looks like we have a clearing so we all put on our rain suits and head out.  It has about stopped raining by the time we leave, but looks like we may be in for might as well be ready.  We stop and get gas, and a man ask which way we were traveling, and I told him back north.  He said they had a weather advisory for high winds towards I-35.  We were taking 287 back towards Bowie, hoping that we skirt this next storm.  Didn't take us too long to realize we weren't skirting it, we were in it.  We had some really high winds to deal with.  Not raining that much, but oh my...the wind was terrible.  Sure glad I had my 3/4 helmet with the face shield on.  Makes riding in weather like this so much better.

Clearing skies!!!! 
By the time we get almost to Bowie, the weather had calmed down, and the rest of the ride back to Duncan was really pleasant.  It's a little after 7 by the time we roll into Duncan and it was determined at the last gas stop that we needed to eat some Mexican Food there.

  We stopped at La Fiesta, and wouldn't you know it.  They see a bunch of bikers coming in, and they take us to the tables as far to the back of the restaurant as we could get.  Seems like this happens at most of the places we go.  Do they think we are going to be loud and rude.  They don't know this group.  We do have fun and laugh a lot but never a rude person in the bunch.  Anyway we order our food, and after Lynn & Keith get their guacamole and we didn't, we ask our waiter about it.  Ohhhh, he didn't know we all wanted one.  LOL....The grilled jalapenos were really good.  Again, our tummy's are full, and we need to start towards home.

We say a fond goodbye to our leader and friends, Keith and Lynn.  We had a wonderful day with them.  Keith did a bang up job as leader.  He knew exactly where to go, and it was a real pleasure to ride behind him.

As we get close to Chickasha, Diana tells me over the intercom that we need to make a pit stop.  I know by her breaking in, that it would probably be a good idea to do this before we get into Chickasha.  There is a Valero just a couple of miles away, so we turn it and make the much needed pit stop.  I decided to go ahead and take advantage of the stop and as I walked through the store, I see Batman.  Oh yes I of course we have to take a photo op and get Diana & I's pic with him.  (thanks Chris)  He is a little shorter than I expected  ;)  More laughter, and now we need to get back on the bikes and get home.  Chuck leads us home like he has been down this road a few time.  (Poor guy travels it at least twice a week)  We pull into the house at around 10pm.

We have been on and off the bike since 8am.  Really nice and fun day.  Had a little excitement with the weather.  The people of Decatur should be glad that Chuck & I showed up....seems that rain always follows us.  Mileage was around 425.  I don't have an exact on this trip...but if I get one from my driver, I will post it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

FNDR 8-17-12 Ingrid's Kitchen

We met at Ingrid's Kitchen  this week.  We didn't have a big group, but what a fine group we had.  I put the link on here for the restaurant as it has a pretty interesting beginnings, and also has been featured on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives.  That is my factoid for tonight.

Tom had suggested Ingrid's last week, so if you suggest we will try to make it happen.  Weather was really nice, so we rode Ginger.  Chris & Diana came by and we rode together.

Lynn & Keith showed up a little later, as they had picked up their bike, Bella, at the Harley dealership as she had developed an oil leak.  Was a nice quiet evening...and the food was yummy.  I really did like the Chicken Caesar Salad.  Chuck topped off the meal with a piece of German chocolate cake, and oh my, it was worth showing up just for the dessert.  :)  I know this is a "german" restaurant, but about the only thing german you will get me to eat is german chocolate cake.  Just sayin

As we walked out to get ready to leave, I had noticed this guy in the restaurant with this t-shirt on that said Dairy Queen...well, he walked out about the same time as us, so I ask him where he had purchased that Texas Stop Sign....he told me he got it at Target.  Guess I best be checking out a Target and see if I can get me one of them.  It was pretty slick   :)

After dinner we all scattered, but The Biggs, and The Smiths followed us to Mole Nation...aka Taco Cabana, and had one of their great margaritas.  I know you probably think we are crazy for going to a place like that, but let me tell you, their margaritas are really tasty.  No traffic excitement tonight , but we had our eye on this guy that dropped off two girls, and then he parked and watched them.  Strange, very strange....and then he drove back up to them, and ended up getting out of the car and rounded them up again, and off they went.  Not sure what that was all about, but probably best we didn't know.

Time to get some zzzz's  as we are riding to Texas for lunch tomorrow.  Ye-haw!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ginger newest problem vs. the plumbing

Our toilet in the half bath has been running, so we ran to the local hardware store to get parts.  Since it was a nice evening, we rode Ginger.  We get our parts and go by and fill Ginger up with gas.  As we are riding, I notice Chuck keeps looking down at the ground....not sure what he is looking at, but he has done it a couple of times.  Finally he says, THEY didn't put his floorboards back on correctly.  THEY being the local Harley dealership, and apparently they were in such a rush to get our bike out of there, they failed to put the spacers in the floorboards, therefore it makes them rub on the muffler.  Well, that was just hunky we get home, and Chuck starts wrenching on the bike.

 I decide to put the stuff back into our barn as the new concrete we had poured Monday was ready for things to be put back inside.  That is a whole other story...but the floor is great.  So, I finish and head towards the house. 

I can't just sit around and do nothing knowing poor Chuck is out there working on the bike and the toilet has to be fixed.  Heck, I think I will put my plumbers hat on and fix that toilet.  Little did I know what I was in store for.  I got the directions out, and followed them to a T....had to run back out to the shop and get a tool I needed, and Chuck was about at wits end.  He has been struggling with a bracket that was being very stubborn, and he said THEY hadn't even attached it.  So it is all bent and with a little more luck, he got it put on. 

 I head back to house, and I start following the instructions.   OK, so now I am ready to take the old parts out of the tank. the tank is supposed to be detached. I look at the parts that are on the tank vs. the ones we got.  Hmmm, looks like the new parts are way to small....  About that time Chuck walks in, and he looks at my mess....he is now informing me that there is no way the new parts are going to work....I think I had figured it out by then, but is was sure good to get his vote on it.  

So, here I sit, writing a blog about our crazy evening and the toilet is totally apart.  I would run back to the store and see about getting the correct parts, but I just don't have the energy to do that.  Plumbers hat is going to have to be hung up for the night.  As far as the Harley goes...Chuck has hung up his tools for the night too, and I sure wouldn't want to get one of those calls from Harley asking him what he thinks of the service department at the Harley store, cause I think they might just want to hang up on him...  :)   Just sayin!!!  

Friday, August 10, 2012

FNDR 8-10-12

We rode to Mustang, yes we rode....I know that is a shock in itself, but the weather has finally taken a much needed break, and the temperature has cooled down a bit.  We ate at our wonderful Mexican Food Restaurant, Los Vaqueros, and have to say we had a good crowd.  We had all sat down and had half our food eaten, and Tom says, hey, I think that is the "new" people.  You know....Janie & Troy.  I looked around, but they had been seated in another area.  I walked over to find them, and Janie said they told her there was no room for them at our table.  Well, now I don't think they know this group very well.  We all scrunched and moved around, and made room....The food was good as usual, and the company was even greater.  Keven & Wendy even made it tonight, and it was really good to see them.  Our little group of 13 was all nestled back in the corner, and we were quite content. 

After dinner, we walked out and the guys had to come and look at the new bike.  You know that stand and stare, and touch and ask questions kinda time that guys do.  So, after the tutorial of what this button and that button does, we were ready to go to our next stop.  We were going to Taco Cabana and meeting Keith & Lynn for a little liquid refreshment.  Some opted out, and then of course we had our "regulars" that couldn't pass up the trip.  Was absolutely a beautiful evening to be riding.  The sunset was pretty cool, and I was able to take a picture of it.  I just love our sunsets here in Oklahoma.  We have some of the best in my opinion.  But you know you are talking to an "Okie".   

Spydie following us this evening.  :) 
The outside area was just perfect, and we sat and had a good time.  We girls discussed our beads, and what new charms we had, and I mentioned that I needed to get an  angel wing for mine, and Lynn said she had one she would give me.  That was so sweet of her, and it is my first official "Wing" charm.  (some of the little things in life that makes us smile)  Lynn reminded us that is had been 5 yrs. ago today that our friend Roger & Linda had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  Wow, time flies.  I know Roger is up in heaven just laughing and giving Chuck grief about "finally" buying a Honda.  :)  Wish they were still with us to tell us in person. 

  As we sat and discussed the world, we hear a car bottom out at the light, and then we see police cars coming, and then more police....what is going on.  Now this corner has always had action, but we hadn't seen much this year.  Seems a guy flipped his truck as he sped through the intersection as he was getting on the ramp to the highway.  He had bailed, and the police are now out in force looking for him.  Interesting to say the least.

So much for all the excitement, and it is time to start heading homeward bound.  As we leave, the wrecker is now loading the truck, and the police are still out there looking for this person.  This was the excitement for this evening for sure.  Everyone made it home safely, and the ride home was just about perfect.  Wonderful time with friends.  :) 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday's Cold Front 8-5-12

We got up to much appreciated cooler weather this morning.  So wonderful to actually be able to get outside and walk around and not burn up.  With the much needed cold front, we decided to cut some of the dead limbs out of our trees, as we have "big trash" pick up on Monday.  The wind is out of the North and it is just wonderful.  After we finish our tree trimming, Chuck says he needs to get some miles on Ginger and break in the new engine, so we get ready and get on the bike.  Amazing that it is so nice today.  My first chance to use the new Frog Togg towels we purchased yesterday, so I will know if they are "all that" or not.
We ride out towards Binger, and stop at the Sub Way in Hinton and grab some lunch.  Our "towels" have worked quite nicely, but of course it isn't 110 degrees out either.  We had some blazing full sun for a while, and I thought the heat, but down the road the cloud cover came back, and the ride was real nice.  I was amazed at all the wind turbine that have gone up since we last traveled this road.  Guess Oklahoma is a good place for them, since the wind is always blowing.

Back home, and I have to give the Frog Togg towels a thumbs up.  When we stopped for lunch, I took them in and got them wet again, as they had dried to a crisp by the time we stopped.  I think they are going to be a nice added cooling towel for our necks.  The old cool collars we used to use, were so slimy, and the colors would bleed onto your clothes, but these are wonderful.  No slime!!!  Just cool!!!
We have hydration vest, and hydration packets for our jackets, but they get a bit slimy too, and they weigh quite a bit.  This is just a little towel, and it is quite handy.  I give it a thumbs up!

We get back home and watch some of the Olympics, and leave again around 6pm, to ride Snow to Diana & Chris's house.  We are going to ride to Guthrie and eat at The Stables.  It is still pretty hot, but it won't be long until the sun starts going down, and it will cool off again.  Seems like everyone in the general area of Guthrie decided that The Stables was the place to eat tonight.  We had a little bit of a wait, but wasn't that bad.  Everyone but me got the salad bar, and I just had to go ahead and have my rib end basket.  The food was great, or so I thought  :)  I even had enough to take some home with me.
The ride home was just about perfect.

 I attempted to take a pic of Chuck & I, and this is what I got...LOL

Then Chuck took the camera and this is what he got.  Not bad, but my eyes are shut, I think!!!!

 Oh well, we had a great time anyway.  There was a strange light on the dashboard flashing, and we had no idea what it was all about.  Chuck thinks it is the "reverse" indicator, but we are not going in reverse.  We pull over and check it out, and when he put the bike into neutral, it went off.  We noticed that the GPS was going crazy when the light appeared....did a 360degree turn...I guess maybe we really were going in reverse....Or so it thought!!!  Who knows what happened, but we are all good to go again, and the light has gone out.  One thought is maybe Chuck pushed the button by mistake.  All the controls are so different on the Wing, compared to the Harley.  Just glad it wasn't anything serious.  We enjoyed our ride home and totally enjoyed the cooler weather.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Retail Theropy :) 8-4

The temperature has been so high that we haven't even wanted to get out and ride, but we did get out and run all over town on Saturday in the car.  Saw a very interesting  and funny sign along our route.  Had to stop and take a pic and share.

We went to Bed Bath & Beyond, and I was specifically there to get a cup like Lynn had gotten the night before.  Actually found one.  I am hoping this will help me drink more water.  I love that you can put fruit or whatever you want in the little basket in the middle and it will infuse your water with the taste.

They had their Dyson fans on sale.  A pretty darn good sale I must say.  30% off.  So after checking them out, we opted for the 10" one.  Now I will have to see if it is "all that".  I really do love my vacuum that we got a few months ago.  When you have 3 dogs that tend to shed quite a bit, the Animal Dyson Vacuum is wonderful.

As we checked out, there was this towel hanging off the register, and I ask the girl what it was.  She told me they were cool towels.  After I looked a little more, noticed they were made by Frog Toggs.  Anyone that has ridden a motorcycle, knows about Frog Toggs.  We go ahead and head to the car, and I told Chuck I was going to go back and get a couple of the towels.  Found me a pink one, imagine that, and got Chuck a grey one.  Think these might just be a nice addition to wear on the bike when it is so hot.

We chill the rest of the day, and around 9pm, we feel the need to get the bike out for a spin.  Terrible that you have to ride the motorcycle at night, but it is the only time that it is under 100 degrees.  :)
We take "Snow" our new Goldwing for a spin.  Chuck was wanting to get some miles on her, so we head to Norman and say hi to our son.  He hadn't seen the new toy we got, so we ran that way to show her off.  As we started home, I needed a Braums Ice Cream fix so we stopped in Moore, and I got my favorite, Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate.  Delicious as usual.  We get home a little after 11pm, and it is still very hot.  Rumors have it that we are supposed to have a "cold front" come in, and cool us off to 99 tomorrow.  Time to sleep, and maybe the morning will be cooler.

Friday, August 3, 2012

FNDR 8-3-12 McAlister's in Moore

We made it to McAlister's, so did Allen, Doreen, Brandon, Tom, Seda, Diana, Chris, Lynn, Keith,  Jennifer and Steve.  We are experience not only very hot temp. but wild fires.  Chris & Diana came by and picked us up and as we got on I-35 we had about 12 firetrucks and pumpers pass us on their way to the fires in Noble, and surrounding areas.  They were actually on the inside lane of the highway, and there horns were blaring, and their lights were on.  I feel so bad for all the people that have lost their homes and other property.  The whole state of Oklahoma has so many fires going right now.  We have them in Ninnnekah, Luther, just to name a few.  Now the news says, they are looking for a Ford truck that they suspect has been starting them.  What is wrong with people...they are just totally crazy anymore.  Way too much meanness anymore.
We got our food, and sat in a kinda warm place.  All the restaurants and dept. stores air conditioning is really struggling with this horrible heat.  Today it got to 110 I think.  Supposed to get a little relief on Sunday, but we will have to wait and see.  
We sat and talked and had a great visit with everyone.  Lynn and I got to talking about our blogs, and I was showing her how to do a blog hop.  Internet was pretty slow at McAlister's but we finally got it.  
There is a Shoe Carnival next to where we ate, so after we finished, Diana, Chris, Chuck and I went over and checked it out.  Not going to come home with any new tread tonight.  The shoes are really picked over, as this is the Tax Free Weekend for Oklahoma, and believe it or not, it has really been a busy weekend.  People have decided to brave the weather and get out and shop.  
Lynn & Keith had to run to Best Buy.

Diana mentioned The Cupcake Lounge, and even though the guys weren't very excited about it, we got to go get a cupcake.  Lynn & Keith showed up also.  
The cupcakes were really picked over as it was about 9pm and they had sold most of them.  I found a banana split cupcake...It was good, but I have to say the icing was very, very sugary.  We had a great time talking and eating our cupcakes.  
It was getting close to 10pm, and we knew the Cupcake Lounge closed at that time, so we said our goodbyes, and headed home.  
As we got home, the news station was still showing all the wildfires.  My heart goes out to the wonderful people that work the fires, and pray everyone is safe.

This is what the case looked like after we got ours.  :)  

Cupcake Lounge, and yes we were lounging! 

Time for bed.  Night!!!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ginger returns home 8-1-12

The hottest day on record, and Chuck is out at 3:30pm picking up our Harley, Ginger.  She has been in the shop for 2-1/2 weeks and they have torn her down and put her back together twice now.  Harley World has put new pistons, rings and jugs in her, so basically she has a new top end in the engine.  Harley wouldn't allow them to tear her on down and check out the complete engine.  I guess time will tell if this fixes the bike or not.  Pretty sad they didn't allow them to go ahead and check out everything while it was torn down.  But that is the way Harley wanted to do it. 

The temperature was 112 degrees, and Chuck said when he got on the highway, it was like a very large blast furnace hitting him in the face.  He was actually closing the vents on the side of the bike, to keep the air from hitting him. 

Picture of street lights melting in Stillwater OK.
Ginger is back home in our shop sitting next to our new Goldwing, Snow.  Wonder what they are talking about?  Have to admit it is really strange to go out to the shop and not see Pearl.  You know how fond I was of Pearl, but I think all in all, we are really going to enjoy the new bike for the long road trips.

Now could someone please turn the temperature back just a bit, so we can get out and ride.  The next few days are supposed to be brutal, so everyone please be careful and keep hydrated, and don't go out unless it is an emergency.  Just think of it like a winter blizzard, you wouldn't be out in it, so stay in out of the heat as well.