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Friday, August 17, 2012

FNDR 8-17-12 Ingrid's Kitchen

We met at Ingrid's Kitchen  this week.  We didn't have a big group, but what a fine group we had.  I put the link on here for the restaurant as it has a pretty interesting beginnings, and also has been featured on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives.  That is my factoid for tonight.

Tom had suggested Ingrid's last week, so if you suggest we will try to make it happen.  Weather was really nice, so we rode Ginger.  Chris & Diana came by and we rode together.

Lynn & Keith showed up a little later, as they had picked up their bike, Bella, at the Harley dealership as she had developed an oil leak.  Was a nice quiet evening...and the food was yummy.  I really did like the Chicken Caesar Salad.  Chuck topped off the meal with a piece of German chocolate cake, and oh my, it was worth showing up just for the dessert.  :)  I know this is a "german" restaurant, but about the only thing german you will get me to eat is german chocolate cake.  Just sayin

As we walked out to get ready to leave, I had noticed this guy in the restaurant with this t-shirt on that said Dairy Queen...well, he walked out about the same time as us, so I ask him where he had purchased that Texas Stop Sign....he told me he got it at Target.  Guess I best be checking out a Target and see if I can get me one of them.  It was pretty slick   :)

After dinner we all scattered, but The Biggs, and The Smiths followed us to Mole Nation...aka Taco Cabana, and had one of their great margaritas.  I know you probably think we are crazy for going to a place like that, but let me tell you, their margaritas are really tasty.  No traffic excitement tonight , but we had our eye on this guy that dropped off two girls, and then he parked and watched them.  Strange, very strange....and then he drove back up to them, and ended up getting out of the car and rounded them up again, and off they went.  Not sure what that was all about, but probably best we didn't know.

Time to get some zzzz's  as we are riding to Texas for lunch tomorrow.  Ye-haw!!!