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Sunday, August 26, 2012

FNDR 8-24 and the Rest of the Weekend too

We were all meeting at Rudy's BBQ in Norman tonight.  Only problem on my end is my husband is still in Duncan at 5pm.  Was thankful that Diana & Chris were driving tonight so I just got a ride with them.  Traffic was its usual self, and we were in the highway crawl down I-35.  Where is that HOV lane when you need it.  Oh, but wait, this is Oklahoma, and what the heck is an HOV lane.  LOL...we are a bit backwards on this traffic thing to say the least.  Love my state a whole lot, but some things need to be acted upon to get us into the 21st opinion....I had enough time to stick my camera out the window and take a pic of a sign on a local banks markque.  Since Diana LOVES popcorn, I thought it was quite appropriate for the moment.  We would have probably had time to stop and get some.  ROFL

Got a text from Chuck and he was about 30 minutes out from Rudy's...and I informed him that he might actually beat us there.  He didn't, but he was only about 15 minutes away by the time I got our order.  Tom had called Chuck to tell him they were running late also...due to the same "traffic" issues I spoke about.  Glad to see the ones that made it, and we all got to sit and talk for a while.  Jennifer & Steve were able to make it tonight, and I have to say, it was good to see them both.   Chuck showed up and got to eat with food was terrible.  I usually don't complain, but my potato was bad, and the beef I had on it, was even worse.  We had eaten here last Sunday and it was awesome.  Just not my night to eat good food I guess.  Everyone drove tonight cause we are supposed to be getting ready to really get wet.  More on that later.  Dinner was over, and Diana & I drove one vehicle and Chuck & Chris drove the other one and of course we had to stop at Taco Cabana for our Friday Margaritas.  Was a perfect evening to sit on the patio and eat some chips and queso and sip on an awesome margarita.  Life is good!!!!

"Organic Apples"  
We didn't ride any today as we had the grand kids coming over to visit.  Had a great day with them..We picked apples from our neighbors tree.  Cooper ask if they were "organic"....this coming out of a 4 yr. old mouth just cracked me up.  She ate 2 apples while she was here.  Cash on the other hand, like them as well, and did a good bit of nibbling on his.   He thought they were very good too. "Organic" is good!!!!

Cooper asked Pops if he could climb a tree, cause she wanted to know how to do it.  I think the tree climbing will have to be done at a future time.  Sandals and dresses just don't make good climbing attire.  She goes into the house and finds a cowboy hat of mine, and she has to come out and have her picture taken.  You know at grans and pops house, anything goes.

I had been watering the flower in the front, and a little water puddle had built up on the asphalt.  That was just about the best thing that could have happened.  Shoes and socks go off, and the splashing begins.  Cash thought it was fun to attempt to jump up and down to make big splashes.  Too darn cute.

We had a good time with the kids, and they were on their way home around 7pm.  Just before the rains were about to hit.  Yes, we finally got some much needed rain.  Thank you god....  Looks like we got about an inch.

I wake  up with a headache.  Not sure why, but I don't like it.  We walk about 2 miles this morning.  I just knew it was going to be cooler, but it wasn't.  Some overcast skies, and very humid.  Guess we are done with the rains.  :(  The way the weathermen talked we were going to have all this rain, and now it seems that it has gone to the east of us.
We got on Snow and rode to grab a bite to eat for lunch.  Maybe food will help the headache....Nope, it didn't.  Came back to the house and chilled for a short time.  Chuck wanted to ride some more, so we got on Snow and headed west.  We rode to Geary, and then back to the house.  It was the 90's and the heat index was 96.  I am wilting.  Not sure why I am not dealing with the heat this year...but i don't think it has anything to do with "age"!!!!  Back home and Diana & I are texting about dinner.  They head our way about 6.  We ride to Johnny's in El Reno, cause we have pie on our brains. Maybe the pie will help my headache!!!!  Hamburger was awesome, and Diana even tried the slaw on the onion burger.  That is the way I always have there.  Then, comes dessert....coconut cream for me and Chris, and Diana had chocolate.  Chuck had key lime.  It is worth the trip to just eat pie.  Yum!!!

We rode to Lucky Star Casino just to have something to do.  We walked in and the cigarette smoke was really thick in the place.  Sure need to work on their air filters I think.  We walk around and light on a couple of machines.  We whip our our BIG money, and feed the machines.  I fed a few, and they took every luck was running true to scale.  Diana was winning, and staying pretty even.

Chuck was up $10....and Chris...well, he is big money.  He put a $20 in and came home with $102.  Wow, that was awesome.  As usual I am the "Biggest Loser"...  :)  That's OK, didn't want to break my losing streak.  It was a beautiful ride home.  The temperature was perfect.  Oh, and my headache is gone.  Diana thinks it was the pie that did it, but I told her it was getting out and sharing some laughs with some wonderful friends.  We had a good day!!!  Time for rest....for tomorrow is Monday...