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Friday, August 3, 2012

FNDR 8-3-12 McAlister's in Moore

We made it to McAlister's, so did Allen, Doreen, Brandon, Tom, Seda, Diana, Chris, Lynn, Keith,  Jennifer and Steve.  We are experience not only very hot temp. but wild fires.  Chris & Diana came by and picked us up and as we got on I-35 we had about 12 firetrucks and pumpers pass us on their way to the fires in Noble, and surrounding areas.  They were actually on the inside lane of the highway, and there horns were blaring, and their lights were on.  I feel so bad for all the people that have lost their homes and other property.  The whole state of Oklahoma has so many fires going right now.  We have them in Ninnnekah, Luther, just to name a few.  Now the news says, they are looking for a Ford truck that they suspect has been starting them.  What is wrong with people...they are just totally crazy anymore.  Way too much meanness anymore.
We got our food, and sat in a kinda warm place.  All the restaurants and dept. stores air conditioning is really struggling with this horrible heat.  Today it got to 110 I think.  Supposed to get a little relief on Sunday, but we will have to wait and see.  
We sat and talked and had a great visit with everyone.  Lynn and I got to talking about our blogs, and I was showing her how to do a blog hop.  Internet was pretty slow at McAlister's but we finally got it.  
There is a Shoe Carnival next to where we ate, so after we finished, Diana, Chris, Chuck and I went over and checked it out.  Not going to come home with any new tread tonight.  The shoes are really picked over, as this is the Tax Free Weekend for Oklahoma, and believe it or not, it has really been a busy weekend.  People have decided to brave the weather and get out and shop.  
Lynn & Keith had to run to Best Buy.

Diana mentioned The Cupcake Lounge, and even though the guys weren't very excited about it, we got to go get a cupcake.  Lynn & Keith showed up also.  
The cupcakes were really picked over as it was about 9pm and they had sold most of them.  I found a banana split cupcake...It was good, but I have to say the icing was very, very sugary.  We had a great time talking and eating our cupcakes.  
It was getting close to 10pm, and we knew the Cupcake Lounge closed at that time, so we said our goodbyes, and headed home.  
As we got home, the news station was still showing all the wildfires.  My heart goes out to the wonderful people that work the fires, and pray everyone is safe.

This is what the case looked like after we got ours.  :)  

Cupcake Lounge, and yes we were lounging! 

Time for bed.  Night!!!