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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Fitbit vs. the Washer

Ever have one of those days u can't keep up with something. Today was my day.  My husband and I are counting our steps and keeping up with our calorie intake and mapping our sleep with our new "Fitbit"....Have been using it for about a month.  Love the accountability, and how easy it is to use.....I have been so good about keeping up with it also.  My problem starts when I get home from work, and I change clothes.  Half the time, I leave it clipped on the jeans I wore to work and then I have to go back and find it and attach to whatever I have on. 

I wore Capri's yesterday.  All was good....I got home and we decided to ride Miss Snow somewhere to eat, and meet up with Diana & Chris. I had to put on jeans so we could ride the bike there.    As I was sitting eating, I went into panic mode.  Where was my fitbit......oh yeh, at home, on the pair of capris. 

Note to self, be sure and get it when you get home.  You  are missing some important steps...LOL....So we get home, and Diana & Chris are going to walk with us this evening.  We take off, and half way through the walk....where is my "fitbit"...oh yeh, it is home.  As we walked back in the house, Diana reminds me to get it.  I go and find it, and put on my jean pocket. 
After they leave, I take off my jeans, and look in the dirty clothes hamper, and heck, might as well do a load of laundry.  Throw everything in my washer, and wash away.  After it is done, I go to put in the dryer, and OH Fitbit just got washed.  #$@%..  to say the least....Blonde moment!!!

I get on the computer and under the fitbit dashboard, there are frequent asked questions, and you guessed it, one of them is,  "What do I do if I wash my fitbit"?  They say to put it in some rice and let it set.  They also say, it usually comes back up just fine.  Get the rice, and the bag, and throw the darn thing in there.  Bedtime by now...hope I have good results in the morning.

Awake, and on my way to the kitchen to check out my results.  Low and behold....Fitbit says Diane on it.  Wow, it worked.  My fitbit is up and working.  I am so, I was sweating that one.  All is good in my world now.  Let the day proceed.  I am ready!!!! 

About an hour after I left the house, I got a text notice from Fitbit telling me that my battery was low.  Guess I will have to charge it when I get home.  Looks like the water might have zapped the life out of it.  Sure am glad that is all that happened. if you are interested in this little gadget.  Note to soon as you hit the door, put the darn thing on the charger. 

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  1. this sounds like something I would do. I'm so glad it came back t life.