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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things come in 3's

Seems like things always come in threes. Well I think I have had my three. I am done!!!
This morning I was in my store and needed something out of my vehicle. As I attempted to step off the sidewalk I took a tumble. One of those oh nooooo. As I tried to negotiate getting up I noticed my jeans on my left leg were torn. My hand and elbow hurt and oh the knee. I looked around and there wasn't another car in the parking lot. I don't think anyone saw me do this I get up and hobble back into the office. Oh dear. I wanted to cry. My knee is bleeding. I reach for the phone and try to call Chuck. No answer. I was needing someone to cry to.
I call my mom and tell her of my trip. My need for crying is over and now it is all quite comical :). We both were laughing over my mishaps. She ask me if I remembered the time u slipped on the ice and was about 6 months pregnant with my son and slid under my car. Well yes....pretty traumatic them too. But I was quite a bit younger too. This old lady just can't be doing that. :)
By the time my husband calls me I have found a bandaid and checked out my elbow and hand. I weather the fall pretty darn good. But I do think I have whip lash. ROFL. Oh man. Way to start out a morning. Just glad I have no broken bones. So that is number two. Cause I consider washing my Fitbut number one.
So I am closing the store at noon today to get a head start on the labor day weekend.

We meet Diana and Chris at the house a little before 1 and we r in our way. We want to make a stop at the Honda dealership in Shawnee.
As we r riding I hear a "hello" through my helmet. It was my installer. Mike tells me I mis measured a window and the blind is an inch too narrow. We discussed it and he went ahead and secured it in the window and I will order the correct size tomorrow. I will also get the salt and pepper out to season it while I eat it. At least it was a very small window and won't hurt too badly. ;). By the way now is a good time to give a good plug for my installers Trish & Mike. They are wonderful. Couldn't do it without them.

So with that I feel like I have had my three. I am done. No more. Nope, no more. :)