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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2012 Day 4

Time to point the bikes to the west and head homeward bound.  We leave the hotel around 9am, and start down the highway.  Quite a bit of traffic on the highway for it to be so early, and Sunday to boot.  Guess everyone is on their way to Church.

The weather is overcast (again), but at least it is dry.  It is a little cool, and I could have used my leather legs, but I failed to bring them.  Oh well, it is fine.  Tom is our leader and we are sweep today.  Kinda fun being in the back, and see what is going on in front of us.

I am so thankful that it is an uneventful trip to Tulsa, but makes for a boring blog.  :)  We stop and get gas on the east side of Tulsa, and we decide we will go ahead and just stop and eat some food.  The Rt. 66 Diner offers a person anything they want to eat.  So some had breakfast, and some had lunch.  Diana & I had the wonderful Patty melt.  It was really good....worth the stop.  Would do it again. 

The only thing bad about stopping and eating, is that is would be great to take a little nap afterwards.  We talked to Diana & Chris so we kept ourselves awake.  Remember how I was cold on my legs...well I remedied that...I wore my rain booties home.  Made a lot of difference, and made my trip home a little more comfortable.  I am such a wimp when it comes to cold...but at least I admit it..  :) 

I have seen several nice fields of yellow this weekend, and have not been able to take a good pic of them.  Diana & I pass the time looking for a good field to get that pictute....When we got into Oklahoma there were a lot more of them to choose from.  I finally got a pic.  :)

I text Diana at 2:00 to tell her we are home safely. 

Great weekend with great people.  Lots of laughs, and fun.  Missed Doreen....but maybe she can make it next year. 

Mileage798 according to Snow the Goldwing.  :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2012 Day 3

We have decided to hit Pig Trail HD again as they had some great jackets on sale and Tom and Mikey are interested in them. I suggest we take the road that is by the hotel and stay off the highway.  Heck it is only a mile to dealership so this should be easy. Well.  Guess that wasn't THAT good of idea. Have to remember where we are. Every road is not a straight shot. There is usually a mountain in the way. We did a u turn and go back the way we know.   We made a stop at McDonald's to grab something for breakfast.  I turn around and do a double take, as Michael has become a store prop.  It was a bit startling...LOL.

We are there early and get our business done and get back on the bikes for today we ride.  We need to be back by 3pm so Tom can meet up with his daughter and friend that are coming in today to see him.  As we leave, we go straight down the road and are in hopes that it will take us back around to the stoplight.  Remember that mountain thing I talked about , we'll we are doing it again.  We go through the town of Little Flock. Yes Little Flock, not Little Rock...LOL

Finally I suggest turning on 13th Street and we are back to the original road and we are at a light controlled intersection. There is just so much traffic, a controlled intersection is a whole lot safer than just jumping out there with 4 bikes following.

It is overcast again but the temperature is really nice. We ride to Eureka Springs and on to War Eagle Mills. Lots of bikes along the way. The hills look so much greener than when we were here in July. They are still needing rain but it isn't as parched looking.

Michael Tom or Allen hadn't ever been to the Mill and I think they enjoyed it. The ride here was really good. Tom didn't realize we had gone through Eureka Springs. Not sure about that boy sometimes. LOL.   Only kidding Tom  :)

We talked about eating and all agreed that beans and cornbread sounded really good so we drive back to Eureka Spring to eat at Grandmas Beans & Cornbread. The town of Eureka Springs is buzzing with bikes.  Food was very good as usual and we plan on riding through downtown and on out to the Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas.

We come back out on the highway and head back towards the Hotel.  Tom & Mikey are splitting up with us at Bentenville, so he can meet up with his daughter.

 Chris, Diana, Allen and Chuck & I are going to ride over to the Honda shop.  I was a little surprised that Allen went with us, but he said he thought it was only right.  LOL....There was a vendor set up that Allen was telling us about his product.   They are Wheel Balancers for the bike.  Allen says he has a set on his truck, and the guy is on a radio show that he listens to in his truck.  We go over and start looking the product over.  Allen ask the guy if his name was Jeff, and he says yes.  He is the voice that Allen has listened to on the radio.  Interesting.  Long story short, the guys all decide to have some of these wheel balancers put on their bikes.  Supposed to get 30 to 50% more tire life, and a much smoother ride.  (not sure how you can get any smoother on the Wings, but the tire life would be a nice added benefit.)  Had no idea that the dealership closes at 4, and we are there at 3:50, but they go ahead and keep their service guys there to put on the bikes.

We are there till  about 6:30.....they had a real hard time with Allen's bike.  Ended up breaking their wrench trying to get the bolts out of the routers on the back of the bike.  So Allen will have to get the back ones put on when he gets back home.  Bummer, but at least he is half way there.  :)

We have had a little joke going on between Diana, Chris, Chuck and I about those "Ring of Fire" things that go on the front and back tires on the Goldwings.  I told Chuck I HATED them....well, we always tease each other and say we are going to get each other a set.  Even have to sing the song when we talk about it...You know the one..."I fell into a burnin ring of Fire".   So, I find these little lights that go on the valve stems, and buy them, and ask the mechanics to put them on Chris's bike.  He has no idea anything is going on.  I tell Diana what we have done.  So as we leave the dealership we have to come up with a way to let Chris know his bike is lit up.  Chuck is on the intercom with him, and ask him to ride up next to us.  He does, and I am laughing so hard I can hardly stay on the bike.  Chuck ask him if he got some new lights on the bike...poor guy, has no idea what we are talking about, and we are all laughing so darn hard.  Allen even pulls up to see his light show.  By the time we get to the hotel, Chuck has to get on Chris's bike and do a drive by so he can see his light show.  What a good laugh we got out of our little prank.  Chris was a really good sport about it.  You know pay backs are hell, and I bet we see repercussions for this little prank.

We go to the bar, and order some Pizza to be delivered, and watch the Texas, OSU football game.  We have a very rowdy group in there with us, and as soon as the Pizza is delivered, and we eat, we take this party of our up to our room.  It is a lot more enjoyable up there, and we have the rest of the Lime-arita's and popcorn to finish up, for tomorrow we are homeward bound.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bikes, Blues &BBQ 2012 Day 2

Up and ready to ride at 8:30. Sun is trying to shine but it is very spotty. We head to Fayetteville and Chuck is leading because he knows the exit to take. Or so we thought. We didn't take the right exit and I was trying to find find Baum stadium. I am trying to find it via my iPhone. Think I am not impressed with the new navigation that apple has applied to the phones. I wasn't a whole lot of help :(  I find a phone number and Chuck stops and put into Lupi and we find our way and it was a scenic tour I have to say. 

We get to the fairgrounds right at 9.  As we park a guy comes over where Chris & Chuck are standing and ask if they are brothers.  OK...never had that happen before.....they looks so much alike...and their heigth is so close...LOL...NOT!!!!  Diana & I laughed so hard.  I told the guy they were brothers from another mother.  Not sure he got it, but we sure did.  LOL

The traffic is light so it makes it easy to check out the vendors. First stop was the HOG pin stop. Then to the Ultimate Seat booth. Chuck has been in contact with the owners and they are supposed to have a couple of seats for the guys to try out. Diana and I are not complaining about the passenger seats on the new ride but the guys are. So guess who ends up with new seats!!!! Both the guys decide they want the seats so they go and get the bikes so they can install them. They install ours first and they start on Chris's bike.  The guy calls Chris over and tells him he no longer has the seat like ours and he can give them the seat that has ostrich inserts for the same price. Chris says to go ahead and put it on.  The bikes are finished and the guys ride back across the street to park and we continue to  check out the vendors.  

As we are walking down the isle with mostly the food vendors, one of the BBQ places smell wonderful.  Heck, its time to eat, so why not.  The ribs and chicken were very good.  Think our choice was a good one.  :)

We finish walking around all the vendors and decide to head towards Pig Trails HD and see what they had in store for us.  As we are standing waiting to cross the street, we had the funniest police man directing the traffic.  He was enjoying himself, and he was an absolute delight to watch and listen to.  When it became our time to cross, he yells out..."Run for it"....gave us a good laugh.  The traffic is getting thicker, and I have to say they have planned pretty well for all of it, cause it moved rather quickly.  

The dealership had planned very well also, and we were directed to a spot to park.  Lots of vendors and quite a few people milling around.  There was a guy there that was shining the bottoms of cola cans with his cleaning product.  OK, so we are suckers...we bit...bought some.  Hope it works as well on the bikes....if not I guess we will have the shiniest coke cans in the neighborhood.  ROFL  

I will take 2 please!!!  

Tom likes this one! 

Traffic....there is no stinkin traffic!!!  

We head back towards BB&BBQ and find a really good parking spot. Cost us $5 but was at the top of the hill on Dickson Street. After we get the bikes settled we walk across the street to a Christian Motorcycle vendors tent. One of the best stops we made. They had homemade Cinnamon rolls. The guy told me they would be the best we had in a long time and he was right.

Step away from the toys, Boys  :) 

As we head down the hill to the main area we have to check out a few more vendors. There was one that had different root beers and drinks and you get a souvenir mug with it. OK,  we are suckers and buy one. Not a bad deal cause all the drinks and food are pretty pricey. For $15 you get free refills for the rest of the rally. Really good root beer and then I tried the cream soda with a dash of orange soda. Mmmm like a dream sickle.

Guy with a "pet scorpion"  YUCK!!!  

Chris finds some new boots and I find a leather hip purse. We run into Lynn, Keith, Carla, Larry, Donald and his girlfriend and another couple that came with them. Great to see them. Wish we had gotten to spend more time but they were going where we had just come from so we said our goodbyes and headed back up the hill again.

We are getting hunger and decide to eat somewhere away from all the crowds. Lynn had posted earlier some great looking pulled pork nachos from a restaurant down the road. We plug the address into Lupi and we are on our way. The Whole Hog Cafe was very good. Have to admit these Arkansawyers know their BBQ.  Everywhere you look there are awards for the best BBQ.

We are nice and full and as we pull out to head back to out abode for the evening we see a liquor store right across the street. They actually have Lime-arita's by Budweiser. We buy some and off we go. The weather is great to be riding. We have missed the rain today so that's a good thing. But wait!  We aren't back to our rooms yet. We get down the road about 10 miles and what do we run into RAIN.  Pretty hard rain or so it seems to the guys. I am kinda on pins and needles because of the new bike. Just not sure how it reacts in rain. As we dodge raindrops we see bikes pulled over on the side of the road. We see a couple of bikes that have wrecked. Seems like everyone was caught off guard with this downpour. Tom keeps going and we are out of it in no time. Noticed a large group of bikes on the side of the road and if they had only gone just a little further down the road they would have been high and dry. Seems like that's usually the way it goes. We are are safe and sound back at the rooms and really not that wet either.

We sit and discuss the days events and sip on our Lime-arita's.  Still don't understand why we cant get these Lime-arita's in Oklahoma. Good day all in all. Wonder what tomorrow will bring!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bike Blues and BBQ 2012 Day 1

We are meeting up with Tom Allen and Mikey at the gas station across the street from Bass Pro.  We are heading to Arkansas for the annual Bikes, Blues & Bar-b-que. Diana and Chris are at our house a little after one and looks like we are ready to head downtown.

The weather. Hmmm. Well it's wet. Not downpour wet but drizzling wet. We have on our rain gear. Diana has gone by our local Cycle Gear and picked us up some rain covers for our shoes. Mine fit but Chuck couldn't get his over his boots. I am wearing my newest Joe Rocket mesh jacket that has a rain coat inside it. Will see how this works out.

We are on our way about 2:20 and Tom is leading. He is going to try to miss some of the construction on the turnpike that we take towards Tulsa, by going a different route.

We head towards Prague via I40. Traffic is a bit crazy for awhile but as we get closer to Shawnee it starts to lighten up. The rain has been about the same as when we left but as we come through Prague it lightens up some. By the time we reach Stroud it is only misting. Yeah!!  Maybe we will get out of the rain soon. I have to say my feet are very dry along with the rest of me. I love the mesh jacket instead of the raincoat as it doesn't flap around as you ride.  Chris say their feet are wet.  The wing doesn't have the lowers like the Harley or the Spider, so they get wetter.  Another "learning curve" of becoming a true "winger"....LOL

Gas stop is on the east side of Tulsa and since we have been dry for quite awhile we all take our rain pants off. Freedom!!!  So wonderful to get those things off.  The wings didn't need gas, but it was nice to stop and stretch a little.  :)

Although the skies look a little overcast, we don't run into any more rain.  Let's hope it stays that way this weekend.  As we ride through Tontitown, Ar. the sky was decorated with an X and the moon is in the lower portion of the X.  I was able to get a pic.  The vapor trail from a couple of airplanes made a very interesting sky.

We are at our hotel before you know it.  We drive up at 6:45.  Lots of other bikes are here.  We are trying the Simmons Suites this trip.  There were no issues as we checked in...other than we were split up quite a bit.  Diana & Chris are on the 4th floor, along with Allen.  Chuck & I and Michael & Tom are on the 2nd floor.  Very nice place, and looks like they are ready for all the bikes.  Have clean towels at the front door for cleaning the bikes.

Time to think about dinner, and Diana & I have already suggested Mexican Food.  There is an On the Border restaurant just a couple of miles up the road, so we head there.  The food is always good and the margaritas are pretty darn good too!!!

We come back to the hotel, and since this is a dry county, we go into the bar and have another margarita.  Relaxed and ready to hit the hay...for tomorrow we play.  Good night world!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Poor Ginger is still not fixed 9-24-12

Don't think I have mentioned anything about our Harley, Ginger, lately.  We had taken her to "the other" dealership as they felt sure they would be able to fix the oil issue we are having.

Guess what....they didn't.  We rode less than 100 miles on Saturday....get off the bike, and yep...we have oil dripping from the breather.  We have had umbrella valves changed 3 times jugs...basically a whole new top end on the bike, and still having the same issues.

We have now been told to ride the bike with a quart less oil than it is supposed to have in it.  Yes, this is straight from the tech at the dealership.  They even told us that our dipstick was not the correct one.  After looking at the new ones, they come to the realization that "oh, that IS the right dipstick"....The final word we were told, was.....Well, just don't ride it so much.....Really!!!!  I know, I know...most people own a "Harley" and they don't ever put miles on them....just have the bragging rights to say they have one.  Well, I am here to tell you....We Ride!!!  Ginger has a little over 30K on her, and has had the issue with the oil from day one.  Have been told it is supposed to use 1/2 to 1 quart of oil per 1000 mile.  I know if you have read some of my earlier blogs, I have written about this comment several times.  It just totally amazes me that this is probably about as good as it is going to get.

I guess we will just have a pretty Harley sitting in the garage, or ride like we usually do and watch the engine totally seize up and then maybe Harley will understand that we really do have a problem.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spydie's last ride 9-23-12

We are riding with Diana & Chris to Perry Oklahoma to meet a couple that are interested in looking at their Can-Am Spyder, Spydi, as we have named it.

They purchased a 2012 Goldwing a few weeks ago, and have decided to go ahead and sell the Spyder.
The two of them have been on a roll, cause yesterday they sold their boat, and now have someone interested in Spydi.

We pull out at 10am to meet the couple at 11:30 and the weather is a bit overcast and cool, but not bad for a ride.  We had very little traffic, and was a very nice ride to Perry.  Supposed to meet the people at the Walmart in Perry, so I guess you know where Diana and I went as soon as we pulled up.  Have to say the Walmart is a "baby" one.  Didn't take very long at all to walk through and get our purchases bagged and we were back at the bikes.

The couple that came from Kansas to look at Spydi, have shown up, and they are going to take the bike for a little spin.  Seem like very nice people.  They make it back from their test drive, and Chris tells them all the stuff he has done on the bike.  Looks like they are wanting to purchase it.  They are interested in the trailer too, so looks like Chris will be looking for a new trailer to pull.  I bet he can find one too!!  :)

The deal is made, and I ask if I can take a picture of them standing by Spydi for my blog.  We now know them as Karen & Fred.  Really seem like "our kind of people" and wish they lived closer so they could ride with us.  Maybe we can meet up with them sometime down the road.  Chris & Diana are meeting them tomorrow afternoon to hand over Spydi and the trailer to them.  Looks like Spydi is going to be living in Kansas now.

It is now about 1:15 and it is time to be finding a place to eat.  Perry is very limited in eating establishments, so we opt to head to Stillwater and eat at the Texas Roadhouse.  It has warmed up quite a bit, and it is a great ride to Stillwater.  We get right in at the restaurant and man, I was glad of that, cause I am starving.  The food was great as usual, and its time to head back towards Oklahoma City.

Great day to ride, and appreciate being asked to ride with the Biggs.  Next week we are heading to Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Arkansas.  Hope the weather is dry for us.  More to come later.  :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wings vs. The Po--po 9-16-12

Chuck & I on Snow the Goldwing  
The twin Wings  (Snow & Angel) are heading to Pawnee this morning to eat at Click's....Plans are to be there before the lunch rush.  We head out around 10:15 and have good food on our minds.  Have to say it was a pretty uneventful ride, of which I am thankful.  We had a nice relaxing ride.  We did make a pit stop as I was needing to take a potty break.  I found an extra pair of gloves that Chuck had in the tour pack, and that just made me all comfortable inside.  LOL.. it was a bit cool due to the cloud cover.

The new windshield (Vstream) is wonderful.  I am not getting any of the wind that I had been getting with the original equipment one.  Giving it a big ole thumbs up!!!  By the way, have I said how much I am loving this new Goldwing!!!!

We make it to Pawnee around 12:15 and there isn't a very long line to get seated.  Got to see our usual bright smiling faced hostess (not really) and she was her normal bubbly self.  I guess the lady must either own the place or sleeps with the owner, cause if she worked for me, she would either get a personality or not have a job.  She isn't even nice to the locals.  Why on earth would you work in public and treat people like that?  OK, now that I got that off my chest, lets get back to the day at hand.

The Sunday Buffet is the best at Clicks.  Their salad bar is so full of wonderful things to eat.  I sure wish we had a local grown restaurant like this in Yukon.  As usual we were too full to experience one of their mile high meringue pies.  Chuck and I got to have a piece of their Coconut cream pie the first time we ate here, and it was really good.  Since then seems like it is always Sunday when we make it here, and we always opt for the buffet.  Some really good cobbler on that buffet, I might ad.

By the time we head back to the bikes, it is warming up.  Not a lot of traffic, and that makes for a wonderful ride.  I say, not a lot of traffic, until we hit Rt. 66 in Chandler.  Seems like we have the Sunday afternoon strollers out.  The highway doesn't have a lot of opportune times to pass in the passing zones, and since it is only a two lane road, this can make for a very long ride.  We pass one of the strolling vehicles, and no more get rolling again and we get behind a very old RV, and we pass him.  Chuck and Chris are talking to each other on the headsets, and Chuck tells Chris it is clear for him to pass, even though it is marked no passing.  He is about 1/4 mile behind us, and I am looking in the rear view mirror, and tell Chuck that I see flashing lights coming our way.

 I only wish the lights were coming towards us, it is a police officer and he has pulled Chris & Diana over.  (heart sinking feeling)  I know this, because I am on my phone texting Diana to see what is going on.  Yep, Mr. Po-po has pulled them over.  We are only a couple of miles from Seba Station (motorcycle Museum) so we continue there and park.  Diana has text me to say they were pulled over for passing in a no passing zone.  I told her to flutter her eyes at him and see if they could get out of a ticket.  I guess she must have worked some kind of magic on the poor guy, cause they got let go with just a scolding.

Diana & Chris park next to us at Seba Station, and I see the very nice police man go by as they pull in.  It looked like his car said Lincoln County....not sure about that, but I figured it would be a local from Wellston.

Diana says the officer said he was trying to get both of us.  I don't know what rule book he is going by, but I thought it was OK to continue and finish your pass if you start when the passing lane first starts, and even if you are a little later than the end of the passing lane, that was OK.  Not according to this guy.  Said we had passed in a "no passing zone" also.  Just glad it worked out OK for them, cause I wasn't sure where we would have to go to bail them out of jail  :)  Let alone if the bike had to be towed.....ROFL

We finish looking at the museum and are back at the bikes getting ready to head out.  Chuck is wondering what is hanging from the belly of the bike.  Looks like we might have us some frog legs tonight for dinner.  Yuck!!!  Roadkill!!!  Think he might have needed to rethink his jump.

We no more get back on Rt. 66 and get behind another Sunday afternoon stroller person.  I really don't think she was quite sure what she was doing, cause she had her cell phone in her hand, and was so busy in the conversation, she didn't even notice when we passed her.  Yep, we passed her....and we were in the lines of a passing lane.  Now, that was the last passing area for quite awhile, so Chris got to hang back there along with about 5 other cars, and enjoy watching this lady try to keep her car on the road as she talked on her phone.  This is just my opinion, but seems like she was a lot more dangerous driving than we ever thought about.  Oh well...I think Mr. Popo just wanted to see if his lights and sirens actually worked.

We make a shopping stop at Academy Sports and as we come out it is about 5:30.  We say our goodbyes, and end our ride for today.  Was a great day for a ride, and as usual our friends were a lot of fun.  So glad we didn't have to see them dressed in orange jumpsuits and working on the side of the roads....Oh, but I don't think they have to do that anyway...Great Ride, and thanks for the excitement.  Like I told them, gives me something to write in the blog!

Chris & Diana & Angel the Goldwing   

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wings, Winning, & Labor Day Weekend Day 4

On the road and heading back north.  Sure would be nice to have a cool ride, but I don't think that is in the cards for us.  Remember when I said we drove by Canton, TX.  Well, we actually pulled off and headed down to the center of town.  Didn't take long to start seeing all the buildings, and vendors.  Man, it would take a week to actually go through all those places.  We found a concrete area to park, and paid our $5 a bike, and parked.  Right next to the local cemetery. 

It is really warm already, and it isn't even noon. We head towards some of the buildings, and we make a stop at some really good smelling food, and decide we need to eat and get some water and cool down for awhile.  You know we have to pace ourselves. Knowing that we have no room to buy much of anything, this is going to be a really hard shopping spree. 

There are so many vendors to see, it is totally amazing.  The buildings are HOT....some of the vendors have brought their fans and if you are lucky enough to stop in front of one, you don't want to leave.  Diana & I find a t-shirt place, and we both think we have to have one.  Surely we have room for a t-shirt!!!  I know you are going to find this really hard to believe, but that is ALL we bought....Please check my head, and see if I have a temperature...or are we just delirious from this heat.  LOL

We finish walking through only about 3 buildings, and feel we need to go ahead and start towards Dallas.  Back at the bikes, and our new found treasure are on the bike, we head back out.

 It is now really HOT!!!!!  As we get closer to Dallas,  I suggest to Chuck to find a Texas Stop Sign, you know...a Dairy Queen.  I try to pull one up on my phones GPS, and me and the directions didn't get along very well.  It was too hot to be messing with this, and my drivers nerves weren't in the mood for the merry go round, so we ditched that idea, and headed towards a DQ that we knew where it was at.  Being a back seat driver on a motorcycle isn't all it is cracked up to be.  Just sayin!!!

We make it to Denton and stop at the DQ....along with several other people. I didn't know we sent out the memo that we were going to stop there.  My goodness, where did all these people come from.  Guess the heat has them beat too!  Chuck & I both order a Banana Split.  I ate the whole thing...was so good!!!  Cooled off, and drank a gallon of water....can't get much better than that. 

Our next stop is the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, OK.  It is right over the border as you cross the Red River on I-40.  Looks really busy, and they have motorcycle parking right up front.  Heck of a deal.  

I had no idea how big this place is, as from the road it looks large, but when you get inside...WOW is all I can say.  We walk all the way back to the Hotel, just to see what this place is all about.  I would say most of the machines have people sitting in front of them, feeding them money.  I had decided after my losing streak, I would forgo depositing any more money into them.  Diana on the other hand, couldn't resist.  She let the one arm bandit take her money again. 

There is a line a mile long to eat at the buffet.  We walk by an El Fenix Mexican Restaurant, and we decide when we get ready to eat that is where we will be. The Casino is an amazing place, and I think it really is a hit with all the people that are here.  It has really expanded since we were in it a few years back. 

We make our way back to El Fenix, and now there is a line of people waiting for tables.  We have a 30 minute wait, so we find a comfortable seat and watch people.  There is a Michael Jackson game we have our eyes on, and looks like the people that sit down, are really winning.  Very interesting.  Our name is finally called, and we head back to eat.  The food was really good.  I remember their chips and salsa from when they were in OKC back years ago.  Where did they go???  Guess down here.  Don't think we have any in the Oklahoma City area anymore. 

As we exit the restaurant, Diana takes her voucher and puts in the Michael Jackson machine.  Well, guess what....she Loses again.  Just not in the stars for us to be on the winning side this time.  Oh well, has been fun.  By now it is about 8pm, and we get ready to head towards home.  At least we aren't dealing with the heat anymore.  It was a really nice ride back home.  So glad we made the plan to ride at night. 

We all make it home safe and sound, and had a good journey along the way.  Have some new "wingers" to ride with, and looking forward to more trips.  By the way, Diana has named their bike "Angel" if you are keeping score....we have "Snow" and now "Angel".....How bout that. 
 Wished it could have been a bit cooler, but we had fun anyway. 

We rode 1041 miles according to Snow.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wings, Winning & Labor Day Weekend Day 3

Going to try to beat the heat a little this morning, and we are on the road around 8:30.  It is really nice riding weather.  Wish it would stay this way, but we know it won't.  We drove by the exit to Canton, TX, and yes, this weekend was the First Monday for shopping.  Oh, how I would love to go there.  Told Chuck, just not on the bike.  I need room to buy "stuff"!! 

We find another Honda shop and when we stopped, the humidity and heat just hit you like a ton of bricks.  Just thought it was hot in Dallas.  They were cooking burgers and hot dogs, and we decided we needed to eat some of them.  First we shopped.  Chuck & I both found a mesh jacket.  Mine is a white "Joe Rocket", and I think it is awesome.  Chuck got a black "first gear" one. 

Burgers and dogs were good, and the 3 guys that sat down at the table next to us, were even better.  We sat and laughed at their stories.  You know all us bikers have "our" stories.  Listening to their Louisiana drawl was really funny.  Maybe this "winger" world is going to be an OK world to be in.  Time will tell.  :)

We find our way to the motel that Diana & I booked the night before.  Check in is supposed to be 3pm, and we are there around 1:30.  The girl tells us it will be a few minutes, and we can have 2 rooms on the bottom floor.  We chill in the waiting room, and really glad we got there and got our name in the pot when we did.  They got really busy, and I think our rooms would have been upstairs if we had waited.  When you ride a motorcycle, it is really nice to have your bike right outside the room.  Just makes life a little easier, and you can keep an eye on the bike. 

Inside the Horseshoe Casino Shopping area
Motorcycle parking is so wonderful! 
We are checked in, and have freshened up, and heading towards the Horseshoe Casino.  Think it is very interesting how in Louisiana the gambling has to be on the water.  So every Casino has a boat docked.  You walk over a platform into the boat.  If you had no idea you were on the water, you wouldn't be able to tell.  Just opens up to a big room with machines and tables.  It is pretty busy today.  Diana & I make our deposits into the machines....we are Losers again.  I am getting tired of this losing thing.  I have never had much luck, but you would think just once, I could hit it big.  I guess that is what all the other people think.  

We decide to head out and find some food.  We are in the elevator with a "local" lady, and we are talking about food.  I was saying seafood sounds good, and she piped in and told us of a local place to eat.  It is called Ralph & Kacoo's.  Diana had seen something about it in one of the books back at the motel.  Chuck plugs it into the new "Loopie", and we are only about 2 miles away.  Perfect to say the least. 

Ralph & Kacoo's 
We are seated, and get the best waitress we could ask for.  Her name was Denise, and she was a very jolly and helpful waitress.  I showed her a picture of a plate they show on the Internet, and she informs us that it is not available at this time.  Plan B....we order something else.  They have a twice baked potato and it was totally wonderful.  The food was really delicious, and Denise was even better.  She told us that the restaurant was owned by this Ralph and Kacoo, and they owned it for 26 yrs...and sold it a few years ago for 26 Million.  Another "factoid" is that the ladies name was Katheryn, and Kacoo was her nickname.  I would go back for a second time that is for sure. 

We head to the Louisiana Boardwalk which is right by the Horseshoe Casino.  We park in a covered parking, and start walking around.  There is a Bass Pro Shop in the area, and all types of other stores.  It is really a nice looking area.  You can walk along the back of the center and it runs right along with the Mississippi River.  There are storms brewing in the area and we only get a few drops and it is over.  There was an announcement over the PA system at 8pm, enforcing a law they have in Louisiana...If you are under the age of 18 and are not with an adult (over 21) it is time for you to pack up and leave.  One of the stores Diana & I went to had the DaVinci beads like the ones we bought in Eureka Springs in July.  They had a few cute ones, so we had to make a purchase.  :)

Oh my hair and the humidity :(  

We find an frozen yogurt place, and we get some, and find a seat outside and do some people watching.  We sit there till close to 10pm, and the movie has let out, so we think it is time to head back to our rooms.

 The covered parking garage was a mess.  There were cars everywhere trying to leave, and they were going no where fast.  Not sure what was going on, but the traffic lights were not helping with the traffic mess.  After watching the traffic, we come up with an idea to get out of the place.  Diana & I walk down to the lower level and meet the guys on the bikes in no time.  We were carrying the guys helmets, and Chuck said the police officer that was now directing traffic ask where his helmet was at.  You know we are in a "helmet" state. 

Out of the mayhem and finally breathing some cooler air, the short ride back to the motel was really nice.  We will get up in the morning and head back towards home.  Will be making some interesting stops along the way.  Night world.