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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bike Blues and BBQ 2012 Day 1

We are meeting up with Tom Allen and Mikey at the gas station across the street from Bass Pro.  We are heading to Arkansas for the annual Bikes, Blues & Bar-b-que. Diana and Chris are at our house a little after one and looks like we are ready to head downtown.

The weather. Hmmm. Well it's wet. Not downpour wet but drizzling wet. We have on our rain gear. Diana has gone by our local Cycle Gear and picked us up some rain covers for our shoes. Mine fit but Chuck couldn't get his over his boots. I am wearing my newest Joe Rocket mesh jacket that has a rain coat inside it. Will see how this works out.

We are on our way about 2:20 and Tom is leading. He is going to try to miss some of the construction on the turnpike that we take towards Tulsa, by going a different route.

We head towards Prague via I40. Traffic is a bit crazy for awhile but as we get closer to Shawnee it starts to lighten up. The rain has been about the same as when we left but as we come through Prague it lightens up some. By the time we reach Stroud it is only misting. Yeah!!  Maybe we will get out of the rain soon. I have to say my feet are very dry along with the rest of me. I love the mesh jacket instead of the raincoat as it doesn't flap around as you ride.  Chris say their feet are wet.  The wing doesn't have the lowers like the Harley or the Spider, so they get wetter.  Another "learning curve" of becoming a true "winger"....LOL

Gas stop is on the east side of Tulsa and since we have been dry for quite awhile we all take our rain pants off. Freedom!!!  So wonderful to get those things off.  The wings didn't need gas, but it was nice to stop and stretch a little.  :)

Although the skies look a little overcast, we don't run into any more rain.  Let's hope it stays that way this weekend.  As we ride through Tontitown, Ar. the sky was decorated with an X and the moon is in the lower portion of the X.  I was able to get a pic.  The vapor trail from a couple of airplanes made a very interesting sky.

We are at our hotel before you know it.  We drive up at 6:45.  Lots of other bikes are here.  We are trying the Simmons Suites this trip.  There were no issues as we checked in...other than we were split up quite a bit.  Diana & Chris are on the 4th floor, along with Allen.  Chuck & I and Michael & Tom are on the 2nd floor.  Very nice place, and looks like they are ready for all the bikes.  Have clean towels at the front door for cleaning the bikes.

Time to think about dinner, and Diana & I have already suggested Mexican Food.  There is an On the Border restaurant just a couple of miles up the road, so we head there.  The food is always good and the margaritas are pretty darn good too!!!

We come back to the hotel, and since this is a dry county, we go into the bar and have another margarita.  Relaxed and ready to hit the hay...for tomorrow we play.  Good night world!