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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bikes, Blues &BBQ 2012 Day 2

Up and ready to ride at 8:30. Sun is trying to shine but it is very spotty. We head to Fayetteville and Chuck is leading because he knows the exit to take. Or so we thought. We didn't take the right exit and I was trying to find find Baum stadium. I am trying to find it via my iPhone. Think I am not impressed with the new navigation that apple has applied to the phones. I wasn't a whole lot of help :(  I find a phone number and Chuck stops and put into Lupi and we find our way and it was a scenic tour I have to say. 

We get to the fairgrounds right at 9.  As we park a guy comes over where Chris & Chuck are standing and ask if they are brothers.  OK...never had that happen before.....they looks so much alike...and their heigth is so close...LOL...NOT!!!!  Diana & I laughed so hard.  I told the guy they were brothers from another mother.  Not sure he got it, but we sure did.  LOL

The traffic is light so it makes it easy to check out the vendors. First stop was the HOG pin stop. Then to the Ultimate Seat booth. Chuck has been in contact with the owners and they are supposed to have a couple of seats for the guys to try out. Diana and I are not complaining about the passenger seats on the new ride but the guys are. So guess who ends up with new seats!!!! Both the guys decide they want the seats so they go and get the bikes so they can install them. They install ours first and they start on Chris's bike.  The guy calls Chris over and tells him he no longer has the seat like ours and he can give them the seat that has ostrich inserts for the same price. Chris says to go ahead and put it on.  The bikes are finished and the guys ride back across the street to park and we continue to  check out the vendors.  

As we are walking down the isle with mostly the food vendors, one of the BBQ places smell wonderful.  Heck, its time to eat, so why not.  The ribs and chicken were very good.  Think our choice was a good one.  :)

We finish walking around all the vendors and decide to head towards Pig Trails HD and see what they had in store for us.  As we are standing waiting to cross the street, we had the funniest police man directing the traffic.  He was enjoying himself, and he was an absolute delight to watch and listen to.  When it became our time to cross, he yells out..."Run for it"....gave us a good laugh.  The traffic is getting thicker, and I have to say they have planned pretty well for all of it, cause it moved rather quickly.  

The dealership had planned very well also, and we were directed to a spot to park.  Lots of vendors and quite a few people milling around.  There was a guy there that was shining the bottoms of cola cans with his cleaning product.  OK, so we are suckers...we bit...bought some.  Hope it works as well on the bikes....if not I guess we will have the shiniest coke cans in the neighborhood.  ROFL  

I will take 2 please!!!  

Tom likes this one! 

Traffic....there is no stinkin traffic!!!  

We head back towards BB&BBQ and find a really good parking spot. Cost us $5 but was at the top of the hill on Dickson Street. After we get the bikes settled we walk across the street to a Christian Motorcycle vendors tent. One of the best stops we made. They had homemade Cinnamon rolls. The guy told me they would be the best we had in a long time and he was right.

Step away from the toys, Boys  :) 

As we head down the hill to the main area we have to check out a few more vendors. There was one that had different root beers and drinks and you get a souvenir mug with it. OK,  we are suckers and buy one. Not a bad deal cause all the drinks and food are pretty pricey. For $15 you get free refills for the rest of the rally. Really good root beer and then I tried the cream soda with a dash of orange soda. Mmmm like a dream sickle.

Guy with a "pet scorpion"  YUCK!!!  

Chris finds some new boots and I find a leather hip purse. We run into Lynn, Keith, Carla, Larry, Donald and his girlfriend and another couple that came with them. Great to see them. Wish we had gotten to spend more time but they were going where we had just come from so we said our goodbyes and headed back up the hill again.

We are getting hunger and decide to eat somewhere away from all the crowds. Lynn had posted earlier some great looking pulled pork nachos from a restaurant down the road. We plug the address into Lupi and we are on our way. The Whole Hog Cafe was very good. Have to admit these Arkansawyers know their BBQ.  Everywhere you look there are awards for the best BBQ.

We are nice and full and as we pull out to head back to out abode for the evening we see a liquor store right across the street. They actually have Lime-arita's by Budweiser. We buy some and off we go. The weather is great to be riding. We have missed the rain today so that's a good thing. But wait!  We aren't back to our rooms yet. We get down the road about 10 miles and what do we run into RAIN.  Pretty hard rain or so it seems to the guys. I am kinda on pins and needles because of the new bike. Just not sure how it reacts in rain. As we dodge raindrops we see bikes pulled over on the side of the road. We see a couple of bikes that have wrecked. Seems like everyone was caught off guard with this downpour. Tom keeps going and we are out of it in no time. Noticed a large group of bikes on the side of the road and if they had only gone just a little further down the road they would have been high and dry. Seems like that's usually the way it goes. We are are safe and sound back at the rooms and really not that wet either.

We sit and discuss the days events and sip on our Lime-arita's.  Still don't understand why we cant get these Lime-arita's in Oklahoma. Good day all in all. Wonder what tomorrow will bring!!!