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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2012 Day 4

Time to point the bikes to the west and head homeward bound.  We leave the hotel around 9am, and start down the highway.  Quite a bit of traffic on the highway for it to be so early, and Sunday to boot.  Guess everyone is on their way to Church.

The weather is overcast (again), but at least it is dry.  It is a little cool, and I could have used my leather legs, but I failed to bring them.  Oh well, it is fine.  Tom is our leader and we are sweep today.  Kinda fun being in the back, and see what is going on in front of us.

I am so thankful that it is an uneventful trip to Tulsa, but makes for a boring blog.  :)  We stop and get gas on the east side of Tulsa, and we decide we will go ahead and just stop and eat some food.  The Rt. 66 Diner offers a person anything they want to eat.  So some had breakfast, and some had lunch.  Diana & I had the wonderful Patty melt.  It was really good....worth the stop.  Would do it again. 

The only thing bad about stopping and eating, is that is would be great to take a little nap afterwards.  We talked to Diana & Chris so we kept ourselves awake.  Remember how I was cold on my legs...well I remedied that...I wore my rain booties home.  Made a lot of difference, and made my trip home a little more comfortable.  I am such a wimp when it comes to cold...but at least I admit it..  :) 

I have seen several nice fields of yellow this weekend, and have not been able to take a good pic of them.  Diana & I pass the time looking for a good field to get that pictute....When we got into Oklahoma there were a lot more of them to choose from.  I finally got a pic.  :)

I text Diana at 2:00 to tell her we are home safely. 

Great weekend with great people.  Lots of laughs, and fun.  Missed Doreen....but maybe she can make it next year. 

Mileage798 according to Snow the Goldwing.  :)