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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wings vs. The Po--po 9-16-12

Chuck & I on Snow the Goldwing  
The twin Wings  (Snow & Angel) are heading to Pawnee this morning to eat at Click's....Plans are to be there before the lunch rush.  We head out around 10:15 and have good food on our minds.  Have to say it was a pretty uneventful ride, of which I am thankful.  We had a nice relaxing ride.  We did make a pit stop as I was needing to take a potty break.  I found an extra pair of gloves that Chuck had in the tour pack, and that just made me all comfortable inside.  LOL.. it was a bit cool due to the cloud cover.

The new windshield (Vstream) is wonderful.  I am not getting any of the wind that I had been getting with the original equipment one.  Giving it a big ole thumbs up!!!  By the way, have I said how much I am loving this new Goldwing!!!!

We make it to Pawnee around 12:15 and there isn't a very long line to get seated.  Got to see our usual bright smiling faced hostess (not really) and she was her normal bubbly self.  I guess the lady must either own the place or sleeps with the owner, cause if she worked for me, she would either get a personality or not have a job.  She isn't even nice to the locals.  Why on earth would you work in public and treat people like that?  OK, now that I got that off my chest, lets get back to the day at hand.

The Sunday Buffet is the best at Clicks.  Their salad bar is so full of wonderful things to eat.  I sure wish we had a local grown restaurant like this in Yukon.  As usual we were too full to experience one of their mile high meringue pies.  Chuck and I got to have a piece of their Coconut cream pie the first time we ate here, and it was really good.  Since then seems like it is always Sunday when we make it here, and we always opt for the buffet.  Some really good cobbler on that buffet, I might ad.

By the time we head back to the bikes, it is warming up.  Not a lot of traffic, and that makes for a wonderful ride.  I say, not a lot of traffic, until we hit Rt. 66 in Chandler.  Seems like we have the Sunday afternoon strollers out.  The highway doesn't have a lot of opportune times to pass in the passing zones, and since it is only a two lane road, this can make for a very long ride.  We pass one of the strolling vehicles, and no more get rolling again and we get behind a very old RV, and we pass him.  Chuck and Chris are talking to each other on the headsets, and Chuck tells Chris it is clear for him to pass, even though it is marked no passing.  He is about 1/4 mile behind us, and I am looking in the rear view mirror, and tell Chuck that I see flashing lights coming our way.

 I only wish the lights were coming towards us, it is a police officer and he has pulled Chris & Diana over.  (heart sinking feeling)  I know this, because I am on my phone texting Diana to see what is going on.  Yep, Mr. Po-po has pulled them over.  We are only a couple of miles from Seba Station (motorcycle Museum) so we continue there and park.  Diana has text me to say they were pulled over for passing in a no passing zone.  I told her to flutter her eyes at him and see if they could get out of a ticket.  I guess she must have worked some kind of magic on the poor guy, cause they got let go with just a scolding.

Diana & Chris park next to us at Seba Station, and I see the very nice police man go by as they pull in.  It looked like his car said Lincoln County....not sure about that, but I figured it would be a local from Wellston.

Diana says the officer said he was trying to get both of us.  I don't know what rule book he is going by, but I thought it was OK to continue and finish your pass if you start when the passing lane first starts, and even if you are a little later than the end of the passing lane, that was OK.  Not according to this guy.  Said we had passed in a "no passing zone" also.  Just glad it worked out OK for them, cause I wasn't sure where we would have to go to bail them out of jail  :)  Let alone if the bike had to be towed.....ROFL

We finish looking at the museum and are back at the bikes getting ready to head out.  Chuck is wondering what is hanging from the belly of the bike.  Looks like we might have us some frog legs tonight for dinner.  Yuck!!!  Roadkill!!!  Think he might have needed to rethink his jump.

We no more get back on Rt. 66 and get behind another Sunday afternoon stroller person.  I really don't think she was quite sure what she was doing, cause she had her cell phone in her hand, and was so busy in the conversation, she didn't even notice when we passed her.  Yep, we passed her....and we were in the lines of a passing lane.  Now, that was the last passing area for quite awhile, so Chris got to hang back there along with about 5 other cars, and enjoy watching this lady try to keep her car on the road as she talked on her phone.  This is just my opinion, but seems like she was a lot more dangerous driving than we ever thought about.  Oh well...I think Mr. Popo just wanted to see if his lights and sirens actually worked.

We make a shopping stop at Academy Sports and as we come out it is about 5:30.  We say our goodbyes, and end our ride for today.  Was a great day for a ride, and as usual our friends were a lot of fun.  So glad we didn't have to see them dressed in orange jumpsuits and working on the side of the roads....Oh, but I don't think they have to do that anyway...Great Ride, and thanks for the excitement.  Like I told them, gives me something to write in the blog!

Chris & Diana & Angel the Goldwing