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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wings, Winning & Labor Day Weekend Day 3

Going to try to beat the heat a little this morning, and we are on the road around 8:30.  It is really nice riding weather.  Wish it would stay this way, but we know it won't.  We drove by the exit to Canton, TX, and yes, this weekend was the First Monday for shopping.  Oh, how I would love to go there.  Told Chuck, just not on the bike.  I need room to buy "stuff"!! 

We find another Honda shop and when we stopped, the humidity and heat just hit you like a ton of bricks.  Just thought it was hot in Dallas.  They were cooking burgers and hot dogs, and we decided we needed to eat some of them.  First we shopped.  Chuck & I both found a mesh jacket.  Mine is a white "Joe Rocket", and I think it is awesome.  Chuck got a black "first gear" one. 

Burgers and dogs were good, and the 3 guys that sat down at the table next to us, were even better.  We sat and laughed at their stories.  You know all us bikers have "our" stories.  Listening to their Louisiana drawl was really funny.  Maybe this "winger" world is going to be an OK world to be in.  Time will tell.  :)

We find our way to the motel that Diana & I booked the night before.  Check in is supposed to be 3pm, and we are there around 1:30.  The girl tells us it will be a few minutes, and we can have 2 rooms on the bottom floor.  We chill in the waiting room, and really glad we got there and got our name in the pot when we did.  They got really busy, and I think our rooms would have been upstairs if we had waited.  When you ride a motorcycle, it is really nice to have your bike right outside the room.  Just makes life a little easier, and you can keep an eye on the bike. 

Inside the Horseshoe Casino Shopping area
Motorcycle parking is so wonderful! 
We are checked in, and have freshened up, and heading towards the Horseshoe Casino.  Think it is very interesting how in Louisiana the gambling has to be on the water.  So every Casino has a boat docked.  You walk over a platform into the boat.  If you had no idea you were on the water, you wouldn't be able to tell.  Just opens up to a big room with machines and tables.  It is pretty busy today.  Diana & I make our deposits into the machines....we are Losers again.  I am getting tired of this losing thing.  I have never had much luck, but you would think just once, I could hit it big.  I guess that is what all the other people think.  

We decide to head out and find some food.  We are in the elevator with a "local" lady, and we are talking about food.  I was saying seafood sounds good, and she piped in and told us of a local place to eat.  It is called Ralph & Kacoo's.  Diana had seen something about it in one of the books back at the motel.  Chuck plugs it into the new "Loopie", and we are only about 2 miles away.  Perfect to say the least. 

Ralph & Kacoo's 
We are seated, and get the best waitress we could ask for.  Her name was Denise, and she was a very jolly and helpful waitress.  I showed her a picture of a plate they show on the Internet, and she informs us that it is not available at this time.  Plan B....we order something else.  They have a twice baked potato and it was totally wonderful.  The food was really delicious, and Denise was even better.  She told us that the restaurant was owned by this Ralph and Kacoo, and they owned it for 26 yrs...and sold it a few years ago for 26 Million.  Another "factoid" is that the ladies name was Katheryn, and Kacoo was her nickname.  I would go back for a second time that is for sure. 

We head to the Louisiana Boardwalk which is right by the Horseshoe Casino.  We park in a covered parking, and start walking around.  There is a Bass Pro Shop in the area, and all types of other stores.  It is really a nice looking area.  You can walk along the back of the center and it runs right along with the Mississippi River.  There are storms brewing in the area and we only get a few drops and it is over.  There was an announcement over the PA system at 8pm, enforcing a law they have in Louisiana...If you are under the age of 18 and are not with an adult (over 21) it is time for you to pack up and leave.  One of the stores Diana & I went to had the DaVinci beads like the ones we bought in Eureka Springs in July.  They had a few cute ones, so we had to make a purchase.  :)

Oh my hair and the humidity :(  

We find an frozen yogurt place, and we get some, and find a seat outside and do some people watching.  We sit there till close to 10pm, and the movie has let out, so we think it is time to head back to our rooms.

 The covered parking garage was a mess.  There were cars everywhere trying to leave, and they were going no where fast.  Not sure what was going on, but the traffic lights were not helping with the traffic mess.  After watching the traffic, we come up with an idea to get out of the place.  Diana & I walk down to the lower level and meet the guys on the bikes in no time.  We were carrying the guys helmets, and Chuck said the police officer that was now directing traffic ask where his helmet was at.  You know we are in a "helmet" state. 

Out of the mayhem and finally breathing some cooler air, the short ride back to the motel was really nice.  We will get up in the morning and head back towards home.  Will be making some interesting stops along the way.  Night world.